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Hot Chapters From Divorcing Her Mafia Family

Divorcing Her Mafia Family is one of the popular Mafia-themed, arranged marriage books on Dreame. This tells the story of a once-naive girl who at first, finds her love unreciprocated until she gets a divorce, but then her husband wanted to keep her then.

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Divorcing Her Mafia Family is a sexy romance story that revolves around the arranged marriage between a Mafia Princess, and a Mafia heir.

Part 1: Divorcing Her Mafia Family Story

Dimitra in Divorcing Her Mafia Family was raised by her mafia father to rule their family empire. She wasn’t the weak kind of girl. No matter how protected she was, she was trained to hold a gun and was exposed to rule her family’s business later on.

She grows up as what her father molded her to be yet being in love and broken by a man of her childhood crush was something she was never trained of. At eighteen, she was arranged to marry Miklos Laskaris, the heir of the other mafia family, the son of his father’s best friend.

The purpose of the marriage was to make ties between the two Mafia families stronger and to maintain power and influence. Being so naive at that time, the marriage arrangement was no problem for Dimitra.

But since then, Miklos never had looked at her as a wife, so she left home and studied, outside her Mafia family, she grew and found her world, and so after many years she went home and decided one thing – she was Divorcing Her Mafia Family.

Divorcing Her Mafia Family Story

Miklos Laskaris in Divorcing Her Mafia Family was a womanizer. He had been Dimitra’s protector since she was a kid. He never sees her as a wife, for him, even though he agreed to the marriage years ago, Dimitra was just a brat little sister. That’s how he sees him until she comes home years after, totally changed, seductive, and strong-willed.

Now, the woman he married years ago was far from the little girl he had known. She was disturbing her heart, but the least she expected of her was to ask for a divorce. Now, Dimitra is back lashing out that she wanted a way out from him, and their Mafia families, that she wanted a different life outside of their empire, and so she was Divorcing Her Mafia Family.

Part 2: Divorcing Her Mafia Family Hot Chapters

Divorcing Her Mafia Family tells how a mainly platonic relationship grows into a romantic one. This is a tale of two childhood friends who eventually become lovers in the end.

If you haven’t read Divorcing Her Mafia Family, here is a glimpse of its hot chapters.

Divorcing Her Mafia Family Chapter 2 – I Am A Woman

Divorcing Her Mafia Family Dimitra

I love how Dimitra was a force to reckon with in this chapter of Divorcing Her Mafia Family. So, now she comes back to their marital home after many years. The scene where she was cooking pancakes while arousing Miklos is catching.

This is satisfying to know the truth that Miklos was never attracted to her, for he had just seen her as a brat little sister, but at this point, Dimitra was surprisingly at home with a new different image.

The scene where she was singing with headphones while cooking is fresh, and in this chapter of Divorcing Her Mafia Family, we get to see Dimitra’s fierce and talkative personality. She always talks back to Miklos, is always in an argument, and never backs down.

And here we saw how firm she was to get a divorce. Another interesting scene in this chapter of Divorcing Her Mafia Family is Dimitra’s argument with Eve. It turns out that when she gets home unannounced, Dimitra heard her husband making out with Eve, she ignored it but then lashes out in the morning.

Divorcing Her Mafia Family Chapter 3 – Heat And Hives

Divorcing Her Mafia Family Miklos

At this point of Divorcing Her Mafia Family, Dimitra is determined to get a divorce and put on a show while their families are attending church. She wore a black dress and her family had the impression that she was attending a funeral.

But she actually did it purposely, and there she made herself pitiful so Miklos would look bad in front of her parents. On the other hand, Miklos was petrified, and so they were arguing when they got into the car.

Dimitra was in her talkative mode, but then the argument scene suddenly turned into a passionate one. Miklos kissed her and pleaded not to pursue the divorce, saying that they should give their marriage a try.

However, Dimitra was firm to divorce him. The argument scene in this chapter of Divorcing Her Mafia Family was cute and romantic, plus the gloom that secretly overwhelmed Miklos in the end when Dimitra held firm on divorcing him, was emotional and intriguing.

Divorcing Her Mafia Family Chapter 6 – Bonfire Or Funeral Pyre

Divorcing Her Mafia Family Bonfire Pyre

This is an intense chapter of Divorcing Her Mafia Family. Dimitra was furious about the women whom Miklos brought into their bedroom, and so she planned on redecorating the room. But it wasn’t just simple redecorating, instead, she burned all the furniture in the room, and replaced it with the colors she liked.

What’s appealing in this chapter of Divorcing Her Mafia Family was the fire scene, Dimitra’s character was shown as sexy and fierce, while she was drunk, holding a gun in her bikini.

This was the side of her whom Miklos had never seen and at this moment, he realized that Dimitra had become a woman that’s difficult to tame.

They had a series of arguments until they went upstairs, much more when Miklos noticed their entire bedroom had changed, but though they were arguing, romance and sexual tension are noticeable, as clearly Dimitra and Miklos are just unaware of their attraction to each other.

Another exciting thing to root for in this chapter of Divorcing Her Mafia Family is that Dimitra’s father is demanding to have a grandchild, and so he’s pressuring Miklos to get her daughter pregnant by the end of the year, knowing Dimitra’s father, the Mafia head, it would be impossible not to give his request.

Divorcing Her Mafia Family is a thrilling love story of a girl who had fallen madly with her childhood crush and protector but was not loved back in return even after their marriage.

And just when she decides to have a divorce, that’s when she receives the love she was longing for, but then this time does his husband’s change of heart guarantee a happy ever after? Find it out then, read Divorcing Her Mafia Family in Dreame app.

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