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Her Triplet Alphas │ Werewolf Book Review

Her Triplet Alphas is a harem fantasy werewolf romance. Harem is such an effective element in a romance book. It’s thrilling to readers to see multiple girls vying for one male lead’s attention. But that’s contrary to Her Triplet Alphas.

Here, instead of girls, it’s three handsome men competing for a simple ordinary girl’s attention. Adapting this premise, Her Triplet Alphas struck the attention of many readers online.

But is the book worth reading? Find it out in this honest review.

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Part 1: Character’s Background of Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplet Alphas Chasity


We have an intriguing female lead here in Her Triplet Alphas. Chasity’s character is well crafted with a goldilocks kind of appearance and a lowly background. She is a poor unpopular she-wolf, left by her addicted parents to work in a pack.

She was bullied and picked on most of the time, particularly by three popular alpha males, only to find out one day that these three alpha males were her mates.

Her Triplet Alphas Characters

The Triplet Alphas – Calix, Felix, Alex

Although they were a natural bully. For Chasity, Calix was the least scary. While Felix was the roughest and most rude, Alex’s character is still a long way to perceive you need to find out more about him in the latter chapters.

But, in Her Triplet Alphas, the three male leads here are bullies, strong, domineering and bossy.

At first read of them in the beginning chapters, you’ll see that there’s nothing likable about their personality, but then at the turning point of the plot where they realized that the girl they always bully was their mate, at this part we’ve got a promising glimpse that tables would turn for Chastity.

Calix, Felix, and Alex in Her Triplet Alphas are a typical picture of alpha werewolves we always read in romance novels, and we hope to see their characters developing throughout the chapters.

Part 2: Main Story Of Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplets Alphas Main Story

Her Triplet Alphas is a harem fantasy werewolf romance. This tells a story of a poor “cinderella type of girl”, except that she’s fat, and her three handsome alpha mates. Chastity always worked sideways. She’s left with house chores, unable to fix herself sometimes, and what’s worse with working in the pack are Her Triple Alphas who always make her day difficult.

There’s not a good thing she heard from Her Triplet Alphas – Alex, Felix, and Calix. They call her poor and fat, and even call her names like “Charity,” instead of Chasity, emphasizing to her how lowly she is. And for these reasons, finding a mate isn’t Chasity’s priority.

Aside from the fact that she has a bad perception of male werewolf mates, she’s too busy surviving life. But on the contrary, the triplets are eager to meet their mates. It was like Chasity, Her Triplet Alphas had been waiting for their mates their whole lives, only to be surprised one day that the girl they were bullying was their mate.

So, now following this storyline of Her Triplet Alphas, the question is whether the triplet’s attitude to Chasity would change or would Chasity accept or reject them.

Nevertheless, this kind of story premise adds excitement to the plot. And since this is a harem romance, we were promised to expect that in the latter chapters we will see the Triplets going crazy then for Chastity’s attention. Now, the tables were turned for the bullied lowly she-wolf.

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Part 3: The Charm Of Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplet Alphas Charm

As I mentioned earlier, harem elements in romance stories are naturally appealing to romance readers. That’s what Her Triplet Alphas have. Harems are striking to readers perhaps because this resonates with our fantasy of being loved by many, of being the beauty that’s most sought after.

Her Triplet Alphas are giving us this kind of satisfaction. Aside from the fact that it’s thrilling that it’s a girl who’s being pursued by many guys here, Her Triplet Alphas have given us a unique plot concept of harem romance.

The romance between the triplets and Chasity is so effective to hook the reader’s attention. To add Chasity’s character is bullied yet ending a pursued she-wolf in the end.

Another thing that makes the story Her Triplet Alphas charming to readers is Chasity’s character too. Imagine an unpopular, bullied, poor and fat she-wolf becoming a Luna, with three handsome guys who were mean to her suddenly going crazy for her attention. This kind of plot concept makes Her Triplet Alphas effective and charming to readers.

Part 4: Hot Chapter of Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 4

Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 4 – Dangerously Cute

At this part of Her Triplet Alphas, Chasity and the triplets already know that Chasity was their mate. The triplets are worried that Chasity might reject them because of the ill-treatment they give to her before finding out that she’s their mate.

The triplets showed different attitudes towards the situation, while the other one seemed worried and hopeless, the others relied on the mate bond’s pull and one was eager to make Chasity submit to them.

on the other hand, Chasity was thinking the same thing as the triplets. She was worried that Her Triplet Alphas might reject her, and what concerns her most is their attitude. She’s scared they would just order her around and treat her badly.

Her Triplet Alphas Worst Memory

Her Triplets Alphas Chapter 21 – The Worst Memory

This chapter of Her Triplet Alphas was more on Calix and Chasity’s moment. Calix’s sweetness and concern for Chasity have been very evident at this time. The pool scene is cute and intense.

But what makes this chapter of Her Triplet Alphas interesting are the revelations. Here, we got to see more of Chasity’s past, more reasons why the other Luna hates her, and how the triplets are connected to her parent’s past.

Her Triplet Alphas Goodnight

Her Triplet Alphas Chapter 6- Goodnight

Things are quickly changing for Chasity. The prior chapters are just turning points, but here in Her Triplet Alphas chapter 5, we are shown how Chasity’s life is changing drastically because of the mate thing. She always wants a nice bedroom, and now the triplets are treating her like a princess, giving her what she wanted much before such a comfortable bedroom.

Yet now that she has the opportunity, she feels reluctant to these positive changes. What makes this chapter interesting is that here in chapter 6 of Her Triplet Alphas you’ve got to see more of the triplet’s nice romantic side.

Part 5: Recommending Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplet Alphas Recommendation

Her Triplet Alphas is a rated 18+ harem love novel. I can say that this type of romance story is particularly loved by readers of the werewolf romance fantasy genre. Yes, I would recommend Her Triplet Alphas to romance book lovers.

Her Triplet Alphas by Joana J has captured the interest of werewolf genre lovers for two reasons: the character build-up, and the harem elements. The author was best at complementing these in the plot. So, with that, I would say that Her Triplet Alphas is a good romance book and is worth your time.

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