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Deepest Regret | Werewolf Book Review

Deepest Regret book is a werewolf fantasy romance by Valerie Irene. The story revolves around an average teenage werewolf girl naked Maqlynn. What seemed to be a perfect life for Maqlynn turned out to be something different after a tragic accident.

After being forced to leave the pack and after having her mate reject her what will Maqlynn do? How will she make things right in her life?

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Part 1: Storyline of Deepest Regret

 Best werewolf romance: Deepest Regret book

Deepest regret book revolves around Maqlynn who is a teenage girl who was fourteen years old, a simple average werewolf who was the daughter of the beta. With her twin brother and best friend who happened to be the alpha’s daughter, everything seemed perfect and fantastic for Maqlynn other than a long-term crush which she was too shy to act on.

Her life was simple she was popular in school and had friends who had her back. But one night changed it all for Maqlynn.

Maqlynn and her mother Grace along with the Luna and Luna’s daughter, Maqlynn’s best friend were at a park having a typical girl’s day with having planned to go shopping and to have a spa day. The sudden rogue attack not only killed Luna but also Grace, Maqlynn had gone numb with a fear that she couldn’t even move herself to help her dying mother. As she met her mother’s pleading eye Maqlynn fell to the ground.

When the alpha questioned Maqlynn, Blair the alpha’s daughter accused Maqlynn of not helping their mothers and failing to protect them resulting in their death as Maqlynn was not injured at all.

After the tragic incident, Maqlynn not only lost all her friends but also went into a deep depression which resulted in her weight gain, yet her icy blue eyes made her look pretty.

Deepest Regret hot romance book

Now she’s been treated as a slave to the pack, everyone throwing dirt in her direction including her own twin brother. And her crush Dae, whom Maqlynn secretly admired started to treat her badly, abusing her after the accident.

On her sixteen birthday, Maqlynn didn’t shift. The next morning her father accused her of being a whore. To make her life worse she was called to the pack meeting where Dae was announced as the next alpha and Maqlynn’s brother as the future beta.

And the first decision of the future alpha Dae was to send away the weak member of the pack away which happened to be Maqlynn whom they considered a human since she was wolf less.

Maqlynn was sent to a new school away, and everybody in the pack screamed like they had won a lottery.

As she restarts her life away from her pack, Maqlynn meets new friends and joins a new pack where gains a new sense of self-worth and also becomes the packs greatest warrior.

But one phone call was all it took for Maqlynn’s world to turn back into Chaos.

 Deepest Regret fantasy book

After all, being abused and rejected by her mate, what was Maqlynn supposed to do?

But Maqlynn was no ordinary girl. She was something special.

Will Dae realize his mistake before it’s too late?

Deepest Regret is one of the best werewolf fantasy fiction which showcases a strong female lead who overcomes all the abuse and torture to become a stronger version of herself and goes on to meet people who really support her and love her.

The journey of Maqlynn in Deepest Regret book is inspiring and heart-wrenching to see how life can get cruel at times. But our destiny always lies in our own hands. Our life is ours to build and that’s exactly what Maqlynn does.

Part 2: Characters of Deepest Regret

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Deepest regret book holds some of the strong characters. Maqlynn is one of the strongest female leads. Deepest Regret is the story that revolves around Maqlynn and her journey through life how after being hated by all she goes on to find her true self and turns out to be stronger in the end.

The best feature of Maqlynn is that she holds her own ground, she’s simple and kind but determined. She knows she’s not at fault for the death of her mother and Luna. But even when the whole pack turns against her, she tries hard to survive without giving up.

And when she’s sent away which should have been a punishment by the future alpha Dae, it turns out a blessing in disguise for Maqlynn as she goes on to find new sense and new abilities.

With her strong will, Maqlynn returns back stronger and more confident as one of the strongest female werewolves to the pack who once treated her as weak and a slave.

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Daedon is the alpha’s son, the future alpha. When his father gives him the power of the alpha the first thing Daedon does is send away Maqlynn whom he considers to be weak as she had not shifted yet.

But for the alpha who should have their packs back, Daedon fails. However Daedon is just another typical alpha who doesn’t see the true self of Maqlynn, he treats her badly thinking she is responsible for his mother, the Luna’s death.

But Maqlynn always had a crush on Dae, will he realize who Maqlynn really is before it’s too late?

Or will it be too late as he rejects her as his mate?

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Blair is the alpha’s daughter and also a best friend of Maqlynn. But Blair goes on to blame Maqlynn for their mother’s death. Even though Blair should have emphasized her friend ;s trauma, she makes it clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with Maqlynn after she cuts all the ties.

Gage Conner is Maqlynn’s brother, the Beta’s son. After the tragic accident, he turns against his own twin sister Maqlynn. He accuses her of their death and treats her badly considering her weak and worthless. But will Gage realize who his sister actually is?

All the characters in Deepest regret book are crafted with their own unique traits and personalities the author makes no difference in showcasing to the readers how each of them plays a vital part as the story progresses. The unique love story between Dae and Maqlynn is not to miss.

Part 3: The charm of Deepest Regret

Deepest Regret book to read online

The unique charm of Deepest Regret is the perfect pacing of the story that holds true to its plotline and the twists are unexpected as each event leads to the story ;s progress. The other selling point of the story is the strong showcase of the female lead who was initially loved by all and treated well.

But after losing it all along with her mother, she was treated badly and everyone starts to abuse her. The pleasant atmosphere around her soon started to become toxic for her as she hits into depression and feels unloved.

But when she’s sent away, she goes on to find her true self as she is not just any ordinary wolf.

However, it took a lot of abuse, a painful rejection, and an outcaste by her pack for Maqlynn to find her true self. Deepest regret book holds the connects the readers with experiences of the characters and makes it feel like it’s their own. The idea of getting stronger after all the pain and suffering makes the readers root for the female lead more in the Deepest Regret book.

Part 4: Read Deepest Regret Now!

Best pick on Dreame: Deepest Regret book

Deepest Regret by Valerie Irene is a fiction romance that’s set in the background of werewolf packs and its greatest warrior.

Maqlynn is treated badly as everyone blames her for the death of the Luna of the pack and her mother. When she fails to shift after her sixteenth birthday, the future alpha, her crush Dae sends her away considering her a human, a weak link in the pack.

But with the ultimate rejection, her life actually begins. She goes to find her true self who will not be just another ordinary wolf but someone strong. With her new senses and new strength, she starts to rebuild her life with the people who care for and trust her in a new pack.

Deepest Regret is one of the most loved stories which holds the strongest female characters and a werewolf world that feels like fresh air among fantasy books.

Deepest Regret book by Valerie Irene

Deepest Regret should definitely be your next pick as it holds a crisp plotline with twists and suspense with a Romance that leaves no gaps to fill.

The final overall rating for Deepest Regret: 4.5 stars out of 5

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