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Worthy-To-Read Chapters Of I Am The Luna Novel

“I Am The Luna” tells stories about the crushed Zaia Toussaint, whose husband divorces her and kicks her out of the pack due to his ex-girlfriend’s return. She leaves the pack with one little dark secret: Her pregnancy.

Sebastian King, Zaia’s handsome and multi-millionaire Alpha husband, figures out about Zaia’s pregnancy a little too late. As a result, he casts her out.

Still, will Sebastian change his mind once he learns more about Zaia’s pregnancy?

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Part 1: The Core Story Of “I Am The Luna” Novel

I Am The Luna Novel

The core story of “I Am The Luna” novel involves Zaia Toussaint, the daughter of Alpha Hugh Toussaint, from a pack known for its social status and influence. Every attractive young man wanted to date Zaia back then. After all, Zaia was not only a stunning beauty; she was also a woman with a brain and hefty amounts of accomplishments.

Zaia’s long flaming orange tails of braids are among her attractive body features. Even Zaia admires it so much. What’s more, is that Sebastian King, the Alpha of the Dark Hollow Falls pack, and also her childhood crush since she was only 11, adores this feature of her so much.

Since Zaia loves Sebastian so much, her marriage with her beloved Sebastian also becomes one of the things that brings her joy. Unfortunately, Zaia misses one thing, and that one thing is her resemblance with Annalise, her half-sister.

Sebastian had dated Annalise for a while before he dated and married Zaia. Now that Annalise returned, Sebastian uses Zaia’s infertility as an excuse to throw the piles of divorce agreement letters to Zaia. Furthermore, “I Am The Luna” novel also emphasizes Sebastian’s disgusted feelings toward Zaia, by saying that he no longer wants her presence.

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That time is when Zaia receives a shocking piece of news from her ob-gyn team about her pregnancy. Valerie a.k.a. “Val”, the head ob-gyn, follows up with Zaia shortly after Zaia heavyheartedly signs the divorce letter, telling the already-banished Luna that she is pregnant with twins in an unhealthy physical condition.

In “I Am The Luna” novel, Valerie also warns Zaia of the possibility of Zaia never being able to carry other children. Disheartened as she might be, Zaia should continue her life. This time, she takes over the control by raising her children alone.

Even so, Sebastian and Annalise can return at any time. So, when Sebastian learns about Zaia’s pregnancy, will he change his mind about Zaia and kick Annalise instead of his previously legal wife?

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Part 2: The Amazing Chapters Of I Am The Luna Novel

Chapter 5

I Am The Luna Chapter 5

Sebastian’s broken home condition tears down his beliefs in what the Moon Goddess has to offer him and distorts his perspectives about a mating bond. I Am The Luna Chapter 5 tells more than just Sebastian’s mother not being a legal wife to his father, like in the previous chapters. Instead, I Am The Luna Chapter 5 also tells flashbacks of Sebastian’s dating times with Annalise.

Back then, Sebastian’s father pressed him to marry Zaia. Then, Annalise shocked Sebastian by telling Zaia that she had held her captivate through an obscure-looking bank account. Now that Beta Jai, Sebastian’s Beta, has arrived with Valerie and delivered Zaia’s positive and dangerous pregnancy result, will these written notices move his heart? Does it mean Sebastian can no longer use Zaia’s infertility as a ground for his rejection?

Chapter 8

I Am The Luna Chapter 8

I Am The Luna Chapter 8 describes Valerie’s worry as Zaia’s ob-gyn that her patient’s conditions worsen even after the rejection has long gone. Valerie receives this breaking news after Zaia rings her phone due to Zaia’s mother’s orders.

Then, Valerie’s remarks about her wish to consult Jai about Zaia’s condition trigger Zaia’s memories when she was still married to Sebastian. After all, Beta Jai is Sebastian’s best friend, and Jai doesn’t get along with Valerie. However, Jai’s greetings near the end of I Am The Luna Chapter 8 catch Zaia off guard. For the first time in her life, Zaia feels safe because Jai supports Zaia’s decision to raise her son away from her ex-husband.

Part 3: Some Thoughts About I Am The Luna Novel

The Dark Hollow Falls pack of I Am The Luna novel is a werewolf pack well-known for its tremendous levels of power and control over other packs. Meanwhile, Zaia’s pack before she married Sebastian is a pack well-known for its social influence.

Such a power-versus-power dynamic is not surprising for an arranged marriage novel like I Am The Luna. This novel also has several classical themes, such as the childhood crush and the returning ex-girlfriend.

Sebastian’s father’s threats spice I Am The Luna quite a bit. I guess Sebastian’s father could have had more exposure to the appearances. The flashback parts that involve Sebastian’s life while he still dated Annalise and wasn’t married to Zaia are lengthy and dramatic, which build the strengths of I Am The Luna novel. Yet, the back-and-forth parts in the flashback could improve.

Moonlight Muse, the author of I Am The Luna novel, describes Zaia’s feelings thoroughly through the flashbacks, which make the feeling impressions powerful and influential enough for the readers. Even so, I can see the potential for fewer repetitions while keeping the story’s intensity level going as it should be.

Another strong point I see upon reading the I Am The Luna novel lies in Beta Jai’s characteristics. He doesn’t use his Beta status to normalize or enable his Alpha’s wayward nature. Instead, he becomes Sebastian’s catalyst in realizing all about Zaia. Denials and threats of being a rogue don’t faze Jai; Jai stays true to his characters until Sebastian, the Alpha, and his best friend, becomes a much better individual.

Part 4: An Alternative Novel To I Am The Luna

I Am The Luna is a delightful novel that emphasizes Zaia’s struggles in moving on from her past. It could improve in many ways, and the flashback moments that Moonlight Muse can make them neater are some of the possible areas for improvement.

Speaking about Moonlight Muse, you might have heard about the author’s presence. Well, if you loved Moonlight Muse’s writing piece, why don’t you check out the alternative novel to I Am The Luna?

The title is “His Dark Obsession”. It is a novel that tells stories about an Omega orphan named Evangeline Rose living in the Silver Mountain pack. Evangeline’s Omega status makes her the lowest food chain in her pack. She could only dream when she encountered the Alpha Prince.


Evangeline Rose doesn’t have any memories left about her childhood before the Alpha of the Silver Mountain pack took her under his care. Since then, she has felt trapped in a hyper-rank-focused werewolf society that regards her as a mere Omega.

In “His Dark Obsession” novel, Evangeline has attempted several times to run away from the pack. However, she is never a match for the Alpha Prince. It all starts with a recurring episode of nightmare. Then, a force greater than any werewolf in “His Dark Obsession” novel universe engages Evangeline in a game full of love, passion, and hatred with the Alpha Prince. Can the MCs from two different universes and perspectives reunite?

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