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Best 10 Boxing Novels About Power And Beauty

When it comes to brutality in the name of victory, boxing is one of those sports that come to mind. It’s a sport that has caught the attention of many writers to create novels. Most boxing novels involve a boxer and his opponent, alongside the struggles and traumas, the boxer has to face to make it through life.

Typical boxing romance novels have a storyline where the boxers try to conquer their fear and also balance their love and relationship life. If you’re a fan of fiction boxing books then you’ll love this list.

Here’s a list of the ten best boxing novels about power and beauty. Read below!

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Part 1: Best 10 Boxing Novels

The Contender Boxing Book 1: The Alpha’s Guardian

Books About Boxing Fiction (The Alpha's Guardian)

Score: 8/10


This story starts with Ana. She’s a wolf shifter and also the guardian of her pack of wolves. Ana and her pack have been forced continuously to go into the wilderness and hide as they try to escape the humans.

The humans kept expanding into their area and there was nothing they could do. Ana couldn’t take the way things were moving for her packs. She decided to do things another way, that’s involving the court.

To get things done right, Ana started going to law school to get the knowledge to carry this out. Unexpectedly, things began to take a different turn.

Ana’s roommate disappeared and the people in her life seemed obvious suspects. What will be Ana’s fate? Will she be the next person to go missing or even worse hurt? Find out!


The Contender Boxing Book 2: Saved By The Firefighter

Books About Boxing Fiction (Saved By The Firefighter)

Score: 7/10


Have you seen any lovely fiction boxing books with three romance stories? Well, here’s one for you to check out!

In this novel, the first characters are Ben Bishop and Lucy Dixon. Ben is a young firefighter disturbed by the traumas of his past. But after encountering a fire victim, Lucy, whom he saved, he finds himself drawn to her.

The next characters are Davey Brennan and Kathline Brown. While Davey is a man who hates kids and prefers never associating with them, Kathline is the mother to a 6-year-old boy.

Back in high school, Kathline was their girlfriend of Davey and things were going smoothly until Kathline was nowhere to be found. What went wrong? Why did such a lovey relationship end?

The last characters here involve Josie Edwards and the arrogant CEO, Anders Maxwell. Josie was known for her kindness and wonderful personality. She hates those who disregard the fire safety laws but her hate is about to get fueled.

Here comes, Anders, the CEO who doesn’t give a damn about anything including the fire safety laws. Well, he’s about to meet his match. Lol…

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The Contender Boxing Book 3: Falling in Love With A One-Night Stand

Books About Boxing Fiction (Falling In Love With A One-Night Stand)

Score: 9/10


Another one of the amazing boxing novels right here is the novel titled Falling in love with a one-night stand’. Anna, a lovely girl, was engaged and set to get married.

One night, she found herself in the arms of another man who she had thought was her fiancé, but he wasn’t. He’s the man whom Anna’s step-sister had set up to sleep with Anna.

When Anna discovered he wasn’t her fiancé, she fled their shared room. On her way home, she got a call from her stepsister. She revealed that she had set Anna up and also slept with Anna’s fiancé.

Things would have ended if only Anna had not gotten pregnant with twins for her mysterious one-night stand. What will become of Anna now?


The Contender Boxing Book 4: Bonds of Another Kind Part Two

Fiction Boxing Books (Bonds Of Another Kind Part Two)

Score: 7/10


Bonds of another kind’ is one of those hot spicy books about boxing fiction you’ll like to read. This awesome piece revolves around Jack, Brandon, and Toby, and their love interests.

One is afraid to tell a girl how he feels, another is dying over another man’s girl and he hates how the man sometimes treats her and the other is so tired of listening to his friends talk about their love life.

Whew! Watch out for this one.

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The Contender Boxing Book 5: A Boxer Billionaire’s Chosen Lover

Fiction Boxing Books (A Boxer Billionaire's Chosen Lover)

Score: 9/10


This is yet another one of the amazing books about boxing fiction you should read. After many years of failed relationships, Leo, a bare-knuckle fighter decides to hide his identity and find real love.

On his way to his championship title match, Leo met Marilyn, a woman he described as the one for him. She fell for him. She loved him and considered him the best.

Then, there came a surprise engagement from Leo to Marilyn alongside the truth behind Leo’s identity.

How will Marilyn take this reveal? Will she use and dump Leo like other of his failed relationships?


The Contender Boxing Book 6: Boxer’s Baby

Fiction Boxing Books (Boxer's Baby)

Score: 9/10


This is one of my best-fiction boxing books. Here, Rosalind is the assistant to the three major heavyweight champions, Aleixo Fury. She was just his assistant but one day, Alexio followed Rosalind’s private page.

On this page, she posts her faceless nudes to her many online fans. Now that Alexio is on her page and also sending texts to her, their relationship began to change.

Rosalind finds herself falling for the man she never knew had a sweet side of him. Alexio finds himself giving in to her but guess what? He never knew who she was.

Things don’t normally go as lovely as planned even in fiction boxing books. Alexio was known to detest liars and the acts of Rosalind have made her one.


The Contender Boxing Book 7: 365 Nights of Love!

Fiction Boxing Books (365 Nights of Love!)

Score: 8/10


Kiara is a writer, CFO of a big multinational company, and also the only heir and daughter of a multimillionaire. In her family, most marriages occur for business purposes but Kiara has fallen in love with VAN.

VAN is a five times world champion boxer. He’s known to be the king of the ring because of his ruthless fighting methods and arrogance. Kiara knows she can never marry VAN because of the kind of family she has. But she can’t deny that she’s stunned by him.

This is surely not one of your regular fiction boxing books or boxing romance novels. It’s one awesome piece you have to read.


The Contender Boxing Book 8: Sensation

Boxing Fiction (Sensation)

Score: 7/10


After being assaulted one night, Alexis decides it is time she turned up strong for herself. She’s determined to go all in and get the strength and ability she needs to defend herself from any assault.

Alexis joined a boxing gym to begin her training. But that’s not the only thing the gym will bring to her, there’s love also. She met Damien, the boxing gym bad boy who turns her time in the gym upside down.

Wow! This is indeed one of the lovey-dovey boxing romance novels I enjoyed.


The Contender Boxing Book 9: Sugary Goodness (Book 3)

Boxing Fiction (Sugary Goodness)

Score: 7/10


Gary was one of those struggling young men with a strong drive. By day, he was an administrator but at night, he was a boxer who didn’t give a damn.

Gary didn’t have enough money and was always on a budget. But suddenly, a situation comes and Gary finds himself in debt and in need of more money. With no choice on where to get the money, he decides to accept the long-awaited offer presented to him by Adriana to be a sugar baby boy.

Here comes the new baby boy in town and his first client happens to be Megan. Megan is a well-known and respected businesswoman. She was raised the hard way and had to show herself the stairs to the top.

Now, she’s rich and doesn’t want any man clinging to her for her money in the name of a relationship. With Gary in the picture, what will this story unfold?

Add this novel to your list of the best boxing romance novels and don’t forget to read it.

The Contender Boxing Book 10: Dealing With Trouble

Books About Boxing Fiction :Dealing With Trouble

Score: 9/10


Megan has a toxic father with a dangerous personality. She decided to move to Los Angeles to keep things okay with her. Also, she felt the need to protect herself and those she loves from any trouble.

To do that, she had to get a private boxing instructor. She met Jeremiah who agreed to be her instructor. Their relationship began to brew something spicy…romance and love!

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