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Against the Gods | Fantasy Book Review

From dramatic action movies to the Marvel universe with massive superheroes. The action genre always gives the audience a special kind of emotion that other genres can hardly do. But that’s movies when the vivid and true footage is in front of our eyes, so, can other genres do it?

The answer is yes, which is exactly why I would recommend you against god’s book. A book that brings cinema into literature, when good is not necessarily good and evil is not necessarily evil.

A against the gods belongs to the male student genre that combines the element of death and resurrection. Boy’s story is a genre that is probably still unfamiliar to many people when its theme revolves around the action and fantasy genre.

The story usually revolves around the male protagonist. This character often has an accident, and then dies.

This is also an element of the story of dying and coming back to life, this is the type of story where the character dies and comes back to life and enters another body, determined to remake his life, and change the previous ending.

The character will slowly fight, level up, and get stronger, or rather do the task, destroy the enemy, and protect justice.

Everyone wants to be a strong person, able to protect what they want to protect, able to do what they want to do. That’s exactly what’s so appealing against the gods. Besides, choosing the genre and creating a dramatic plot is also an important factor to bring success to Against the Gods.

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Part 1: The Main Plot of Against the Gods

A against the gods book revolves around a boy named Yu Chen, who holds the Sky Poison Pearl – a treasure sought after by people. Sky Poison Pearl is inherently a poisonous gem, but if you know how to use it, it is a weapon that helps people heal a wound, rejuvenated life, and is also a very powerful killer.

Sky Poison Pearl is inherently a hidden object in his master’s body, thanks to that, he can cure all diseases in the world, he is an extremely talented doctor. During his childhood years with his master, he imparted all his medical knowledge to Yun Che.

But seven years ago, news of the Sky Poison Pearl was leaked, and Yun Che’s master gave him the Sky Poison Pearl and helped him escape. It wasn’t long before Yun Che heard that his master had been killed.

Master is his only relative, Yun Che is very distressed, he no longer practices medicine but absorbs all the poison from the Sky Poison Pearl, revenge becomes his only belief and purpose in life. . After seven years, Yun Che has mastered the poison in his body and he begins to take revenge.

In less than ten days, the poison had not only spread thousands of miles, killing countless people, but also caused panic and terror across the Azure Cloud continent. That’s why Yun Che was hunted down. He was cornered to the end – the cliffs of Mythical Abode Mountain.

At the last moment, Yun Che chose to jump down, thinking that this life was over. Who expected Yun Che to come back alive? However, instead of dying, he wakes up in the body of a boy of the same name in another world!

Against all gods book.

But the most important thing is that he is still holding the Sky Poison Pearl , from here on, Yun Che begins to cultivate the power to fight against heaven and earth, divine god against the heavens, against all gods.

When the gods are no longer on the righteous side when those who talk about good things are using that name to bring disaster to others. How will this battle play out? Can Yun Che defeat the gods – the most powerful people in this world? Will he be able to avenge his master?

And the secrets hidden behind the gods will gradually be revealed. Let’s explore them through against the gods.

Part 2: The Main Character of Against the Gods

For boy’s stories, the main character of the story is of course the male character. Yun Che – the boy who plays the role of knotting and untying the story of being born without parents, was adopted by his master since birth.

The name Yun Che was originally given to him by his master, with the hope that his heart is as clear as a cloud and as clear as water; so that when he grows up, he will inherit the profession of healer saving the dying and treating the wounded with a heart free of corruption.

Yun Che learned all of his master’s medical knowledge. But then an accident came and took everything from him. His master gave him the Sky Poison Pearl and helped him escape.

But not long after, Yun Che heard the news of his master’s death. Yun Che, filled with hatred, decided to absorb all the poison of the Sky Poison Pearl and take revenge.

But he failed, rumored to the end, Yun Che decided to die with Sky Poison Pearl . But he did not die but came back to life in the body of a boy in another world. From here also opened a new life for Yun Che.

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Part 3: Against the Gods Hot Chapter

Sky Poison Pearl

Just as a movie will have the climax that the audience is looking forward to seeing, so is against the god’s book. And the standout chapter against the gods is chapter 12, with the strange girl appearing in the Sky Poison Pearl and drinking Yun Che’s blood.

At the same time, Yun Che also discovered that the girl’s body can withstand the poison. This chapter is also a continuation of Yun Che’s wedding night. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? So are you curious about what happens after Yun Che wakes up with a new identity until chapter 12 and beyond?

How will he improvise with his young maiden girl? Why did he agree to marry another girl? After all, what are the plots in this story? Click and read against the gods book.

Part 4: Review Against the Gods Book

If I were to say the number one action book in my heart, it would be Against the Gods . Assessing the style, as someone who has read a lot of stories by different authors, I think that the old style of Against the gods is just enough, that is, neither too much nor too little, not too long, rambling, just enough to highlight the inner character of the character as well as describe the action scenes very well.

Trust me, against the gods book definitely won’t let you down. Those scenes will not die on paper, but on the other hand, it’s like a live film in front of you.

On the other hand, if the style is said to be the paint of a house, the plot is the foundation and main frame of the house. The plot of against the gods book has made readers curious in each of the first chapters.

Everyone wants to pay, everyone wants to be the strongest, and here is a man against all gods , twelve against the gods . Not stopping there, the emotional breakthrough is also a strong point against the gods . Not only is the feud, not just the intense fighting scenes, against the gods also shows love in a very special aspect.

Against the gods novel.

If you’re looking for a special story, read against the gods. A story will bring images and sounds to your eyes. We will witness the magnificence of the twelve gods, their beautiful and amazing powers.

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