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[Fresh] A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s

Every young girl in Hari Yoo’s shoes would have been as high-handed as Hari Yoo if not more than her. Owning one of the most sought properties in the city is a major flex, and Hari Yoo flexed her property-owner muscle at every turn as far as the Tiffany building was concerned. The Tiffany building, as it was fondly called in A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s Novel, attracted different sorts of customers.

As the owner of the building, Hari was in full control of everyone, including the handsome coffee seller on the sixth floor.

However, while Hari was basking and bouncing happily all over Cheong Dam as a landlady, she did not know what was coming. Everything that she had ever gained and worked for in whichever way was about to be swept off her feet by the person she never expected the most. Her ex-boyfriend.

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Part 1: Intense Chapters Of A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s

A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s Chapter 1

A Morning Kiss At Tiffany's Chapter 1

In the first chapter of A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s, Hari Yoo is in her element as the owner of the Tiffany building. The book started off with a subtle tensed-up drama between a customer and the young man that owned the coffee shop on the sixth floor.

A rude customer was bullying the coffee store owner, and Hari Yoon happened to witness it. The store owner was a handsome young man, so Hari had decided that she would do anything for him, including never raising his rent, which she said to him directly.

Hari Yoon helped to chase off the rude customer, declaring her sovereignty over the place as the owner of the entire building. She did not know what was coming for her. If only she would not show off the way she did, now she had enemies, and having her lose her building and coming down to everyone’s level would not be funny for her.

A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s Chapter 37

A Morning Kiss At Tiffany's Chapter 37

”You win again Hari…”

”I can’t help but love you…”

Eunho must have somehow lost a grip of himself in this chapter of A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s. The statements above were made by him to Hari, and what followed those statements was a passionate kiss from him to Hari, who was surprised, and showed it.

I wonder why he did that because he woke up later and did not understand what had happened to him. Had he been drugged? Remembering the affection that he showed for Hari Yoo, Eunho regretted it. So, what made him kiss her so passionately, and declare his undying love for her?

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Part 2: Main Plot Of A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s

A Morning Kiss At Tiffany's Novel

Hari Yoo was living the life. She had everything a single lady can ever ask for: good looks, money, and to be honest, some form of power. Owning the Tiffany building in Cheong Dam was a big deal. The Tiffany building was one of the ones that everyone had their eyes on, both customers and business owners wanted to do whatever business there was at the Tiffany Building.

According to A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s, Hari Yoo had inherited that building from her grandfather, and signed some sort of frontier with her mother, so somehow, Hari Yoo’s mother had authority over the building, the woman was chasing happiness desperately, talking about she wanted to go on some sort of vacation with her Italian love interest, and that was how an un-assuming Hari Yoo gave custody of her building to her mother.

One day, Hari suddenly met her ex, one that she had not seen for a long time. Nothing prepared her for what was going to come out of his mouth. While Hari was up and about the city of Cheong Dam, she did not know that her mother, who had access to her signature, had sold the Tiffany building to Eunho her ex-lover.

In A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s, Eunho swung into action immediately. Of course, everyone knows how ruthless exes are, and Eunho was not an exception. No matter what Hari Yoo told him, he did not budge, as he was bent on taking that house from her and her family, which he did.

Hari Yoo was devastated of course, and according to A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s, she had to opt for the lowest status so as to have a roof over her head at least. She became a live-in housekeeper on her own property. Ridiculous.

Part 3: Evaluation Of A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s

A Morning Kiss At Tiffany's Spoiler

A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s is an elegant manga book. I fell in love with the setting, and the characters as soon as I opened the book to read it. Also, coming across a book that is slightly different from the regular web novels is a breath of fresh air any time and any day, and A Morning Kiss At Tiffany’s gave me that rare feeling of a breath of fresh air, and I could not put down the book as soon as I started it.

A book with such a decent pace can never go unnoticed. From the first word, sentence and chapter of the book, the action and suspense the book carries were mind-blowing. I guarantee that everyone that reads the book will be glued to it from start to finish. The author did an impeccable job.

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