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Say No To Being Estranged: The Chapters In “Yearning For Her Return” Novel Read Online Free

Rebecca Brown’s husband, Daniel Winston, finally invites her to go abroad after their three years of marriage.

However, this time is different and sickening, since it’s a part of Daniel’s attempt to divorce her. At the same time, Rebecca’s adoptive mother writes her a disownment agreement, resulting in Rebecca’s necessity to live a poor life.

Alas, it turns out Daniel is the one “Yearning For Her Return”. What happens when Daniel begs Rebecca to remarry?

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Part 1: The Main Story Of Yearning For Her Return Novel

Yearning For Her Return PDF

An earthquake before the stories of Yearning For Her Return causes the nurse to mistake Rebecca for her sister, Jessica. At that time, Rebecca’s biological parents belonged to the Johnson family, while the Brown family was the family who adopted Rebecca. Hence, it explains why Rebecca’s last name is Brown instead of Johnson.

Still, as the adopted daughter, Rebecca enjoys the same privileges as Jessica, including the love of her adoptive parents, her biological brother, and the right to marry a guy. In Yearning For Her Return, the Brown family has a close-knit relationship with the Winston family.

George Winston is the Winston family’s patriarch, which means, everything he says is final, including all about the arranged marriage. The chapters in Yearning For Her Return suggest the Winston family and the Brown family marry each other out of traditions. In other words, it’s not uncommon for them to keep marrying through generations to preserve their son and daughters’ statuses in the family.

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The first chapter of Yearning For Her Return hints at George’s severe sickness. At such times, he urges his grandson, Daniel Winston, to marry a daughter from the Brown family. Daniel’s bride should be Jessica, yet, the mistaken birth status causes Daniel to marry Rebecca instead.

Strangely, Daniel only speaks twice to Rebecca in their three years of marriage. First, he ignores Rebecca’s question about her attractiveness while she is in her pretty wedding gown. He does it by forcefully sending Rebecca abroad.

Daniel’s carelessness doesn’t stop there as he ignores Rebecca who was in her near-death experience while she was abroad. Three years have passed, and Daniel speaks to the returning Rebecca for the second time. This time, he forces Rebecca to sign a divorce paper.

Rebecca’s losses don’t stop there in Yearning For Her Return, as her adoptive mother also sends her a disownment agreement. Her voice tones become more disdainful-sounding when she hears about Rebecca’s divorce from Daniel.

All of a sudden, Daniel returns, and this time, he is “Yearning For Her Return”. So, what makes Daniel want Rebecca’s presence back? Will they be able to reunite?

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Part 2: The Stunning Chapters Of Yearning For Her Return Novel

Chapter 9

Yearning For Her Return Chapter 9

A filthy woman like Karen Brown doesn’t deserve attention! After all, the previous chapters of Yearning For Her Return novel describe vividly how she treats Rebecca. Karen’s disdainful voice tone is one of the proofs of her horrible treatment of Rebecca. Karen and the Brown family members might be Rebecca’s adoptive parents instead of her biological parents. However, a little bit of affection shouldn’t hurt.

At this point of Yearning For Her Return Chapter 9, Rebecca wonders when she will get away from her wishful thinking. Karen never admits her faults, instead, she plays victim by threatening Rebecca of her life, accusing her of having an episode, and denying Rebecca of her past experiences.

Chapter 10

Yearning For Her Return Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of Yearning For Her Return becomes one of the stunning chapters in this novel because of the twists it presents. First, Karen eventually gives up and asks Rebecca to sign the disownment agreement. It is far better than having to undergo meaningless verbal arguments and play along with Karen’s antics.

Second, Rebecca’s ex-husband, Daniel, appears out of nowhere after Rebecca says goodbye to the Browns and is about to pack her things. Daniel grabs Rebecca’s wrist and pleads for her not to leave him. Apparently, in Yearning For Her Return Chapter 10, Daniel can’t let Rebecca go yet. What will happen next? Only by reading this book, you’ll know the answer!

Part 3: Some Impressions Of Yearning For Her Return Novel

Yearning For Her Return Novel Read Online

I see classical themes, such as the arranged marriage, as the openings of Yearning For Her Return novel. In other words, I’ve gotten used to reading romance novels with the sick grandfather as the trigger for an arranged marriage scene between two families.

Another classical theme I witness in Yearning For Her Return includes an ex-husband who blatantly ignores his ex-wife. Yet, he struggles to let her go. It happens for Daniel Winston and his feelings towards Rebecca Brown a.k.a. Johnson.

When I read this part in Yearning For Her Return novel, I got an impression of Daniel’s improved awareness of Jessica’s true personality. Jessica also shows many red flags throughout this novel’s chapters. I can guess being physically beautiful and fit are Jessica’s only strengths, which are nothing compared to her other destructive traits.

The agreement is another highlight I see in Yearning For Her Return. First, the marriage certificate that Rebecca obtained in her first marriage with Daniel didn’t have Daniel physically presenting himself, which comes as one of the unique points in this novel. Second, the disownment agreement is a new term for me in my experiences of reading similar books.

I think of the disownment agreement in Yearning For Her Return as equal to restraining orders. Rebecca should have filed restraining orders for the emotionally manipulative Karen. However, doing it alone can cost her money and many wasted efforts. That’s why Karen’s issuance of the disownment agreement relieves Rebecca’s past painful feelings about the Brown family.

Part 4: An Alternative Novel To Yearning For Her Return

Alternative To Yearning For Her Return

A grandfather’s dying wish in romance novels usually follows an arranged marriage scene, which leads to both MCs’ loveless marriage for years. Eventually, one of the MCs gives up, and the divorce letter comes. The ugly-hearted sister is yet another element we see in such novels, and Yearning For Her Return is no exception.

At some points, such dynamics signify how toxic a wealthy, powerful, and influential family can be. People have the absolute right to move away from their toxic parents and environments, especially when they are at a legal age. So, what about a look-a-like novel to Yearning For Her Return that also emphasizes the toxicity and the aftermath effect on the daughter?

Coastal Love’s Marissa Henderson is forced to engage in a seemingly never-ending mental battle when her father remarries after her mother’s death. Since then, Marissa is no longer the daddy’s girl, for her father never focuses on her. Her sisters also have ugly hearts, which don’t help Marissa recover in her life at all.

Like Rebecca in Yearning For Her Return, Marissa of Coastal Love is a hopeless romantic, and she also has time to think about ending her life. However, Marissa’s life changes after she meets Nate in the beach house where she runs away from her parents.

So, what about the romance stories between Marissa and Nate? Go ahead, and read the Coastal Love novel!

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