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Falling In Love After Divorce: Read The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife Online Free

Just how much could any lawful woman endure from her unloving husband? Nora tried and hoped for three years that her spouse would fall in love with her, but he never showed even an ounce of affection towards her.

Seeing the man with his mistress and how he doted on her changed something within Nora, who takes a leap of faith and gets a divorce, hoping to find happiness. The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife is an intriguing, captivating late love story who gets a second chance.

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Part 1: Nora’s Journey In The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife

The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife novel centers around a beautiful romance story of two people who are forced to get married and only truly realize what they mean to each other when they get divorced.

As Nora curls up on the bed, she wishes that her husband was there to hold her in his arms and warm her body. She misses him, although she knows he must be with his mistress right now. Tears keep flooding from her eyes, soaking her pillow.

For the past three years she has loved her husband, yet he only looked at her with disgust, except for those nights when he came to claim her body. His family expected her to carry his child, but Daniel only made love to her in the days he knew she wouldn’t conceive.

Before she drifts off to sleep, strong arms caress her body. Daniel came back, desperate to possess her body. He always got angry when Nora denied his marital rights, so she just gave in.

Seeing her wear a sexy lace lingerie sparks up the man’s interest even more. He knows just how much Nora loves him and his ego boosts knowing she is willing to go through anything to make him interested in her.

As he kisses her lips though, Dan is surprised that Nora doesn’t reciprocate his desire. Frustrated, he scolds her, invoking her duty as his wife to please him. Nora knows it’s the last time she spends the night with him, so she unleashes her passion.

The CEO's Irresistible Ex-Wife Billionaire Romance

Dan and Nora make love all night, the man acting like a gentle and loving husband. The woman knows though that, the minute the sun will rise, her husband will go back to his cold self.

Just like she already knew, Dan is emotionless in the morning. Gathering her courage, she uttered the words she never wanted to say but she knew she had to. Nora asked for divorce while pulling out the documents she already signed.

Her husband is stunned by her request, but he agrees. He knows her family has financial problems, so it won’t be long before Nora herself would be beginning him to take her back. What he didn’t know is that the woman was adamant in carrying on with her life now.

It took a while before she made the decision to get the divorce, but the images of her husband and his mistress were haunting her. One day, she had been out shopping when she spotted the two of them together.

Nora followed her spouse and Aria to the woman’s hotel room, knocked on the door and a nonchalant Daniel answered pretending she was a nobody. Dumbfounded and spotting an almost naked Aria, Nora apologized for interrupting and went her way.

Now, finally deciding to move on, she could go back to her job. She was a great cardiologist, who even saved Lucy’s life. The old woman and Dan, her grandson, kept searching for the doctor who helped them for years, to no avail though.

Nora wanted to remain anonymous, tending to Lucy and treating her like family. Finding out she’s pregnant with Dan’s babies will make her find shelter until birth, but, unfortunately, she loses her newborns.

Years later, Dan lives with Aria and their triplets as he stumbles upon the famous cardiologist who saved his grandmother and who can save one of his children with a heart condition.

Seeing Nora after all this time and learning about her true identity determines Daniel to pursue his ex-wife, who looked more beautiful than ever. He doesn’t love Aria anymore, maybe he never did, but his feelings for Nora are intense and consuming.

Things get a bit more mysterious as the triplets are fonder of Nora than they are of Aria, calling the beautiful cardiologist ‘mommy’. Will Daniel, Nora and the triplets form a family of their own? Will Aria allow Nora to get back together with her former husband?

Part 2: The Undercover Sexy Doctor And The Handsome Billionaire In The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife

The CEO's Irresistible Ex-Wife Story

If you were to choose between staying in a loveless marriage with the man you secretly adore but seeing him every day and being single and watching your crush with his loved one, what would you pick?

The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife novel centers Nora’s struggle between choosing to let go of her marriage and keep silently suffering knowing Daniel cheated on her with Aria.

Of course that any person’s immediate reaction would be to tear the man apart and divorce him, and this is exactly what Nora will do eventually. She loves Daniel, she likes taking care of him and she’s always at the man’s disposal, ready to fulfil his demands.

Even when she decides to part ways with him, her body betrays her, eagerly reacting to the man’s touch. When she can’t help herself, she gives in and makes the most of the time she spends with the handsome billionaire.

Daniel is no saint on the other hand. He seems to take pleasure in toying with both his wife and his mistress. Aria may seem that she dominates him, yet Daniel only leaves a false impression of doting on his mistress.

The truth is that he is a bit self-centered. He only cares about his pleasure, demanding that Nora fulfils her marital duties, when he also seeks pleasure from Aria. When Nora leaves him, I believe he finally gets a taste of his own medicine, as the woman becomes cold towards him.

He hates her lack of interest, thus gaining his attention more and more.

The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife Nora’s character is strong and, as you dive into the story, you’ll learn exactly how wonderful she truly is.

Discovering the fact that his ex-wife is a famous cardiologist who saved his grandmother, Lucy and the fact that she personally took care of the woman after her life-saving intervention will make Daniel dote on Nora beyond words.

He is even willing to marry her again before even recognizing his feelings towards her.

Part 3: A Similar Book To The CEO’s Irresistible Ex-Wife

The CEO's Irresistible Ex-Wife Nora

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Suddenly, Matthew finds her, wanting to win his wife back. Who will Ayla choose?

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