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Read The Untouchable Ex-wife Novel Online

This is a story of a divorced Stefan who never expected that his boring ex-wife would move on overnight, and be living her best life that she became the untouchable ex-wife. Not only did a young heir of an influential family claim to be her underling, but a celebrity confessed to being her fan as well. Even one of the wealthiest people in the country referred to her as their senior.

Stefan didn’t care how strong Renee Everheart background was, he was going to make sure to tear down her walls. He was an almighty CEO during the day, but come nighttime, he was sobbing on his knees, hoping to win Renee’s heart back.

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Part 1: Main Story of The Untouchable Ex-wife free online

the untouchable ex-wife free online shy lady

Renee Everheart, a shy and indecisive woman, becomes The Untouchable Ex-Wife after her ex-husband, Stefan Hunt, divorces her and kicks her out of the house they previously shared. Renee now lives alone in a little apartment. There, she rekindles her relationship with Liam, one of the Beach City’s Four Princes. It all starts with her quest to learn more about her relationships.

Long before the main plot of The Untouchable Ex-Wife began, Renee’s grandfather and Stefan’s grandfather were inseparable best friends. Renee’s grandfather’s final wish before passing away was for Renee to marry Stefan. Renee and Stefan’s marriage is far from love-based, as is typical in planned marriages.

Even though they haven’t married, Renee has attempted to be the perfect wife to the man she loves. Renee tries her hardest, but Stefan’s heart isn’t there. Renee described her spouse as being at the very top of a tall skyscraper that no one dares to climb.

the untouchable ex-wife free online court room

Renee foresees the worst-case scenario, which involves a divorce letter. When we view the first parts of The Untouchable Ex-Wife novel, we know she is correct. That’s why Renee was able to remain cool when signing the divorce document provided to her by Stefan while she was cooking her supper. Even after Stefan tosses her out of the house and Briar Desrosiers, Stefan’s new girlfriend, mocks her, she maintains her cool.

Renee receives a phone call from Liam, one of the Beach City’s Four Princes and also one of her subordinates, as she packs her belongings and prepares for her independent life. The two quickly plan the best ways to make Renee’s position more advantageous.

Regrettably, Renee’s fever strikes when the divorce proceedings in the courtroom are still ongoing. What else awaits Stefan and Renee in The Untouchable Ex-Wife? Will any of these events bring the two ex-couples back together?

Part 2: Free Chapters of The Untouchable Ex-wife free online

Chapter 1 of The Untouchable Ex-wife free online

the untouchable ex-wife free online sign it

Renee’s husband, Stefan Hunt, filed for divorce when she was grilling steaks in Untouchable Ex-Wife chapter 1. Renee had foreseen such an absurd request because the arranged marriage between her family and the Hunts is never founded on mutual love.

Renee can foresee the outcome. That’s why she maintains her composure when signing the divorce papers. Such poise astounds Stefan, who knows Renee Everheart is nothing more than a frightened and defenseless little bunny. However, at this point in The Untouchable Ex-Wife Chapter 1, Stefan has nothing to lose because he has already found a new girlfriend in Briar Desrosiers.

The man’s cold voice sounded from behind while Renee Everheart was in the middle of searing steaks. After hearing those words, she became seemingly numb to the hot oil splattering on her cheeks from the lightly sizzling pan. He made her understand they are only husband and wife on paper. Now that four years have passed, it’s time to end this.

the untouchable ex-wife free online sad times

Her family was declared bankrupt four years ago. Her parents, unable to endure the stress of financial hardship, took their lives together, leaving young Renee to handle the mess alone.

In the past, Renee’s grandfather fought alongside Stefan’s grandfather on the battlefield and he even saved the latter’s life once. In his dying moments, he voiced out to his old pal his concern for his granddaughter and left Renée under his care. And so, a marriage of convenience was arranged between Stefan and Renee to put the old man’s concerns to rest.

As time passed, Renee found herself falling in love with the man she married in the untouchable ex-wife. She thought that as long as she played the role of a good wife, he would reciprocate her feelings one day. However, what transpired was the complete opposite of what she had hoped for. He offered her 40 million dollars and a penthouse at Long Beach so she can sign the divorce papers.

Chapter 2 of read The Untouchable Ex-wife free online

the untouchable ex-wife free online man inlove

In chapter 2 of the untouchable ex-wife Stefan wanted her out by tonight. He had another woman he wanted to play house with, to think that she let that man affect her emotions was a misery. Renee was once again left alone outside. Mixed emotions welled up in her chest as she gazed upon the tall building. It felt ironic that she would return to the streets after four years of living with him.

She felt liberated as soon as she lost her title as the missus of the Hunt family. She was free to do anything she wanted and was no longer the caged bird she used to be. Renee took her phone out and dialed a number she blocked for four years.

This person was none other than Liam Osborne, also known as one of the Four Princes of Beach City. Despite his rebellious and unpredictable nature, he made himself sound like an underling when speaking to Renee.

Chapter 3 of Read The Untouchable Ex-wife free online

the untouchable ex-wife free online betrayal

Renee showed up at the courthouse at 8:30 am in chapter 3 of the untouchable ex-wife, even though they agreed to meet at nine. Not only did she arrive early, but she also made sure to put on heavy makeup and her favorite outfit. Unfortunately, she had caught a cold the night before. Her body was

The Renee from before was always very lenient as if she didn’t even have her own opinions. The closer they got to the divorce, the more sharp and spiteful her words became. Briar was wearing a white sundress, her gaze filled with a tinge of sadness.

She looked like a dandelion that would crumple apart at the slightest breeze. There wasn’t a single shred of arrogance left on her face, unlike the other night when they initially met. Besides that, Renee had also noticed a slight bump on her belly. Seeing the two, Renee couldn’t help but feel betrayed. Deep down in her heart, she felt extremely aggrieved.

Part 3: Read a novel similar to The Untouchable Ex-Wife.

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The Untouchable Ex-Wife has many moments of internal struggles in the chapters. We see a prince charming of many unique characteristics saving his damsel-in-distress. There is a similar Dreame novel, just like The Untouchable Ex-Wife, with a brainy character who gets used to her calmness and composure like Renee Everheart in The Untouchable Ex-Wife.

Aaron Astor, a billionaire, was asked for a favor by his sister. That was to take care of her daughter. His sister went with her husband for a business trip during the summer. After several failed attempts to hire a nanny for his niece, he finally found Calista, his subordinate’s daughter. Would finding Calista be also finding the one?

Calista Morris was a college student hired to babysit Aaron’s niece. Upon seeing Aaron, she fell in love at first sight with her Mom’s boss. Would there be a chance for Calista to capture Aaron’s heart?

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