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One of The Best: Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee

Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee falls into the category of a karma ridden story. I mean that everything about Aylin’s world is laced with the obvious signs of karma. Everything you get is proportional to what you give out. Don’t miss this.

The author starts with an intense argument in the first chapter, setting a good tone.

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Part 1: The Main Character of Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee

Aylin Koch

Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee: Aylin

She is a woman with no shortage of enemies. Otherwise, how could she have been put in such a pathetic predicament? Just because he has a pretty face and lots of money, his wife seems to be his personal plaything.

The Koch family was well known. They had wealth and influence and many envious people that wanted to see them fall. It isn’t hard to see the conspiracy that led to their death. Aylin was also very clear on who the actual culprit was. From the explosion she encountered to her parents’ accident, everything was clear to her eyes.

She’d obviously known that her life would be in perpetual danger and made specific plans. Now she just had to push it all into place, box in every single one of those pathetic people. If you give hurt, you should expect it back ten thousand-fold.

Aylin is done playing nice and calm. Her character sees a rapid change in personality so quick that if the reasons didn’t match, we would be left dissatisfied.

It is such a wonderful experience to follow her through this sort of journey and growth. In the story, you can expect a lot of shocking revelations but also a lot of butt-kicking.

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Read Divorced, but Not broken

Part 2: The Story of Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee

Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee: Gavyn

Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee follows Aylin who has been married to a complete bastard for the past three years. This is even and understatement of the relationship between her and the cold man. How did they get here? Simple. Aylin saved his grandfather, and the man was so very impressed with such a nice and attentive girl that he wanted her in his family. Therefore, this resulting unwillingness to be with a woman from the slum should be understood, right?

Wrong. Actually, the most childish and stubborn thing you can do is judge a person so quickly because of their background; Aylin automatically became a gold-digger.

This man who was married to Aylin, treated her like dirt, but he would treat the other woman who was not his wife like some precious chinaware or something. You could hardly reconcile this attitude change.

However, it’s the basic truth of reality; everybody is judged by their background, experiences, assets and connections. It’s a fickle world, but Gavyn Delacruz is a shallow flake with too much self-importance to see what is right in front of him.

As it turns out, Aylin gets thrown harshly by Gavyn and with a blow to her head, the memories she had been missing, came pouring into her mind. What slum? She is clearly an heiress ah.

Gavyn is really going to hate himself for his stupidity. It’s all coming together. First came the divorce.

Part 3: Thoughts on Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee

Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee: Gavyn and Aylin

Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee itself is a blessing to the eyes and mind. I can’t find something more satisfying than karmic retribution. It really couldn’t come fast enough on these sets of people. It’s usually important to keep your hands free of filth in order to assure a good future, nut so many villains don’t care anymore and are just blinded by the temporary glory, success or shine. But the truth which no one wants to say is that all those things easily go away when you have unclean hands.

Everything you attained by foolish means are ready to crumble. You could say that their all just waiting to see you climb to a very great height, just so the fall will be phenomenal. A fall that is guaranteed to leave you shattered, both in body and spirit, respectively.

The villains of Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee, really take things to a good level, making us enjoy the face-slapping that comes just after. Is your desire so great that you can commit the filthiest of acts just to get it? Well, then take the dirtiest of consequences.

She could have done so much better than that blind piece of crap. It should be a crime to be that narcissistic and vile.

A man who can act in such a manner with a woman who has only shown him sincerity, he’s not a man but a dog.

Part 4: Amazing Chapter from Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee

Unveiling the Genius Behind the Divorcee: Holding on

Chapter Seven

Hanson wasn’t completely destroyed by the move Aylin made. He had a back up plan that kept him from fighting this small battle; all these years, despite the glory of the Koch Group on the surface, he’d taken away most of the funds. All that was left was for the financing project in his hands to be over and all the funds of the Koch Group would be transferred oversees by him.

Now, the conference room was quiet. The shareholders glanced at the bodyguards and looked at each other, this time they didn’t dare to speak.

Hanson laughed and stated that he was assured to hand over the company to her. He had no objections.

Aylin tapped on the table as she thanked Hanson, then she handed a USB flash drive to the assistant. She finally stated that since no objections were made, all the financing projects of the Koch Group were suspended.

Hanson’s smile froze. He feigned calm but was angry as he asked her “why?”

Aylin asked if there was a problem, pointing a clear gaze at the conniving bastard. He grew awkward under her stare.

As the other shareholders complained, Aylin had no ripples in her expression. She raised her wrist and with a bang, a cup was smashed on the floor.

She pointed at all of them and told them the current situation: She was the president and foolish talk would not be tolerated.

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Read Divorced, but Not broken

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