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Top 20 Inspiring Forbidden Romance Book To Uplift Your Adventurous Sides

“Forbidden romance” is a term to use for any romantic relationship that “shouldn’t be there”. Second-chance mates in the werewolf verse are yet some other examples.

Here, I show you my top 20 lists of forbidden romance books to awaken your adventurous side and inspire you to believe you can find love everywhere.

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Top 20 Inspiring Forbidden Romance Book

In the Dreame platform, you can search for the keyword “forbidden” to seek your favorite forbidden romance book. Or, you can also use similar words and phrases. These are my top 10:

1. The Alpha’s Forbidden Bride


Forbidden Romance Book The Alpha's Forbidden Bride

In this forbidden romance book, Eden Cross, the female MC, has no choice but to marry a man in the forbidden Black Council. Meanwhile, Alpha Prince James Lance Vinci doesn’t care about “losing it all” to get his mate, even though his mate is already promised another Alpha.

2. CEO’s Unwanted Bride


Forbidden Romance Book CEO's Unwanted Bride

Being forced to marry a man she hates is one of the story elements in this forbidden romance book. Anna Leonardi, the female MC, is not only “coming from an entirely different world” from the Playboy CEO, Matteo Romano. She is also not ready to forgive him, and he also feels the same.

3. The Hybrid King’s Hidden Mate


Forbidden Romance Book The Hybrid King's Hidden Mate

Becoming a king of the fantasy world doesn’t only mean power. When the king is the last among his creatures, any romances with the king will be considered forbidden, particularly when the king is a hybrid. What’s more, the king’s mate in this forbidden romance book is not a submissive person.

4. His Stolen Luna


Forbidden Romance Book His Stolen Luna

What happens when an arrogant and cursed Demon Alpha meets a broken Luna with abusive parent background? You will find such dynamics in this forbidden romance book! Any female mating with Alpha John-Paul will die, but Lark, the she-wolf prophesied as the mother of a white wolf, is different.

5. Stolen By My Step-Brother

Forbidden Romance Book Stolen By My Step-Brother

The book cover and title speak loud enough volumes of why would a person categorize this book as a forbidden romance book. So, is your definition of a forbidden romance book including some incest elements? Read this book – you will find the Hawks brothers raping the female MC while dealing with illegal substances.

6. The Assumed Fake Spell


Forbidden Romance Book The Assumed Fake Spell

The stories of forbidden romance become even more intense with the love spell (or charm) elements in this forbidden romance book! Andrea, the she-wolf from The Forest Pack, eventually gets mated with the playboy Beta male werewolf from the Twisted Moon pack… And it’s all because of the spell.

7. Fake Dating My Beta Mate


Forbidden Romance Book Fake Dating My Beta Mate

This forbidden romance book on the Dreame platform is all about Monica King, a pregnant rogue werewolf who has escaped from death multiple times, and now, she is undressed in the middle of the town square. The short-tempered but already taken Beta Tyson Ryder is the one who finds… And torture her.




Nothing is more steamy than the attempts to break off friendships by stealing the fianc’ of the dearest-friend-now-billionairess… Yet, it is the main point of this forbidden romance book. It all starts with a blind date, then, one of the female MCs retaliates by sleeping with her best friend’s husband.

9. His Mate And His Mistress


Forbidden Romance Book His Mate And His Mistress

Alpha Demitrey Jackson of one of the largest wolf packs in North America never wants a mate; he is content with having a relationship with his beautiful mistress. Even though Adelina Veraso is only his mistress, why is he jealous of other male werewolves? So, this one’s a must-read forbidden romance book!

10. Bad Sex: His Uncle’s Mistress


Forbidden Romance Book Bad Sex: His Uncle's Mistress

No significant others are as cruel and heartless as Alessa’s fianc’! He has the nerve to send her to his uncle’s bed… Having some s*x with him. Alessa’s escaping attempts are the interesting points of this forbidden romance book… Will she be able to get out and find her savior?

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The online platforms are full of forbidden romance book collections that will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone! Here, I’ve picked up my top 10 as follows:

11. The Unrequited

Forbidden Romance Book The Unrequited

Thomas Abrams may be rude, arrogant, and brooding, yet, he is already married and he has kissed one of his female students who are (obviously) not his wife. These whole things drive Layla, the female student, obsessive with her stalking habits. Now, that’s the story of this forbidden romance book!

12. Slammed

Forbidden Romance Book Slammed

Love poems are great ways to express love, and this forbidden romance book has proved it all! Will’s attractive physical features aren’t the only things that make Layken falls in love – his presence in the poem shows does! Their feelings and relationships may have gone, yet, the poems between them are still “singing”!

13. Stepbrother Dearest

Forbidden Romance Book Stepbrother Dearest

Getting in love with the female MC’s stepbrother (name: Elec) and having some 18+ only scenes are some of the scenes in this forbidden romance book. Not only that the two siblings have transformed from teenagers to young adults, but Greta, the female MC, should be prepared for her broken-heartedness.

14. Lessons In Corruption

Forbidden Romance Book Lessons In Corruption

Cressida Irons, a currently-divorced teacher, isn’t only older than King Garro, one of her students. King is also the heir of a famous criminal gang leader named Zeus Garro. So, you will satisfy your triple-sized “forbidden fruits” in this forbidden romance book… And watch as the angel falls from her grace…

15. Scoring Wilder

Forbidden Romance Book Scoring Wilder

Scoring Wilder is yet another forbidden romance book with fun and sexy romantic dynamics between the female MC and her Olympic sports coach. Liam Wilder, the sports coach, is not only breathtakingly-handsome; others have also warned Kinsley Bryant, the female MC, that scoring with the Coach will send her out from the team.

16. Loving Mr. Daniels

Forbidden Romance Book Loving Mr. Daniels

Ashlyn Jennings’ arrival in Wisconsin marks the start of the stories in this forbidden romance book. Wisconsin is the place where she meets Mr. Daniels, a man who becomes her teacher when she started her senior year at school. Even when Ashlyn realizes he is her teacher, she doesn’t regret her loving feelings for him!

17. The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

Forbidden Romance Book The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo is a unique forbidden romance book. First, Evelyn Hugo is a made-up persona from Hollywood actresses through different periods. Second, having seven husbands is already considered “forbidden”. Third, the husbands are not seven – they are eight, and the last one is a… Well, read the book!

18. 53 Letters For My Lover

Forbidden Romance Book 53 Letters For My Lover

Shayda Hijazi of this forbidden romance book has perfection in every possible area of her life: A perfect wife, mother, and daughter material… For 33 years, except that she never feels the love from Troy Heathgate, an untamed and dangerous man who does as he pleases. So, she writes love letters from three different decades.

19. Slave To Sensation

Forbidden Romance Book Slave To Sensation

Feelings are forbidden things in this forbidden romance book, which intensifies the fantasy sub-themes that the Slave To Sensation novel has. This novel is all about a male human-animal Changeling named Lucas Hunter who is into an icy-cold woman named Sascha. In the end, they must remain in their bonds.

20. Twisted Games

Forbidden Romance Book Twisted Games

Freedom is what Princess Bridget von Aschenberg is after in this forbidden romance book. Like any forbidden romance dynamics, Bridget’s pursuit of freedom leads her to a stoic and arrogant elite bodyguard named Rhys Larsen. Rhys soon defies his self-made rules in conducting his missions: Remove any kinds of feelings involved.

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Part 2: Conclusion

Teacher-student romance, loving an already-taken man, loving the enemy… You name it – all decent forbidden romance book collections have them. Bookmark this page to find out more about your favorite books!!

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