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Time To Explode: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

In Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, we’re all helpless as humans, to the winds of fate and the tides of the world. Some of us even more so than others.

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing gives a glimpse into a dark world. It’s a world that is enticing and vulgar but has special appeal. You can count on this to be a page-turner. It even reminds me of a similarly good title.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing


Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Laika

She is a young woman who simply has had a difficult life. It was beyond her control that her transformation happened at the age of three. Yes, I know, three is pretty young. But like I said, she could not control it. Neither did she choose a life without parents or even a Mate who was only too happy to treat her like a scourge.

In Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, Laika, despite everything that happened in her very painful existence, does not lose her spirit or will. Clearly, she got used to being looked down on all the time. Laika does not even flinch at insults. She does not bat a lash at rebuke. Only the pain of the whip seems able to force a reaction out of her.

Honestly, I feel it is abundantly clear why Laika can never get a moment’s rest from being beaten or threatened. This is a woman whose beauty must be shrouded and masked for other women to even breathe easy.

Alpha Karim

There’s a lot that could be said about the dominant Alpha of the Lycan pack. He is fearsome and commands respect wherever he goes. Not to mention the fact that he has she-wolfs falling over themselves to get into his bed. However, he never expected that a daring slave would be the first to reject him. Well, are the good days here to stay? You have to read Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing in order to find out. While you’re at it, don’t forget to see a great recommendation I found.

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Part 2: The Story of Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Simple Laika

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing follows Laika, a young woman who lives a hard life. Her existence is so uncertain and fragile that we can’t help but feel on edge all the time.

Laika grew up in a proper wolf pack, but without any parents to care for her. This was one of the points of ridicule that the world didn’t seem to want her to escape. With no one to care for or defend a young girl in an unlivable situation, there was only suffering that awaited her.

She transformed at a very young age, and this dubbed her a freak and a curse. It made her the walking jinx of her pack. Not to mention her Mate. We don’t have much to say about the crazy bastard that tortured her.

It literally feels like Karmic retribution when the pack is finally raided by a Lycan pack. The whole place is in chaos and Laika is caught up in it. She is unable to escape from her stronger, more ruthless captives. And just like that, her life is transformed into an even more terrible hell on earth.

Yes, it seems bad, but things do get better. This time Laika really hit it big. If you’re interested in something just as enticing, just read His Possession.

Part 3: Thoughts on Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: The Omega

There is little that can be said about the way life moves with its unpredictable manner of shoving crap in faces of literally everyone. Take Laika for example. She lives at the bottom of the bottom. Did she do anything to deserve a life of pain and humiliation? Absolutely not. She is an innocent young woman who simply got caught up in a very wrong group.

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing is not some complex, entangled tale that shocks the literary world, but it still found a way to push all the right buttons.

So, Laika is beaten senseless by her Mate who is supposed to love and cherish her. Meanwhile, the pack only watches on the sidelines. This is what I mean when I say that Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing pushes buttons.

So, welcome to the world of the wolves. A place where strength is revered, and weakness is exploited. If you do not have a strong mind, my guess is that this world will chew you up into an unrecognizable mess. Even though she is taken into slavery for the Lycans, she gets a second chance mate. He is not just any mate by the way. No, let’s just hope that he’s not as big of a douchebag as her last Mate.

Part 4: Coolest Chapter from Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Chapter Four

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing: Laika and Karim

Laika ran as fast as she could. Death was right on her heels, and she would not go willingly. She turned around occasionally to see who chased after her, but not once did she catch a glimpse of their figure or outline. There was only the rustling of leaves.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she struggled to see with her already problematic vision, caused by the years of torture. Nevertheless, Laika did not lose heart. She clutched the letter in her palm and ran. Even if death was coming for her, the letter couldn’t be lost.

Unfortunately, after one more glance behind at her pursuer, Laika’s feet got caught in twig and she was thrown off-balance. Unable to catch herself in time, she banged her head on a tree trunk. The impact was so hard she saw multiple stars before falling backwards to her death. Only one thought remained in her mind: she was going to be torn apart by the rogue chasing her.

However, before she faded into unconsciousness, Laika thought she felt two strong arms engulf her.

When Laika woke up, it was to the beckoning of her wolf, Joy. With a pounding ache in her head, she had to blink to clear the haze in her eyes. Then her gaze located the Alpha seated on a chair beside her. They were in his tent. However, this piece of information did not occur to Laika until she heard him speak.

In the face of his wrath, Laika could only care about one thing. People had seen him carry her here. Therefore, she was finished.

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