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Marriage on the Flipside: Loving You in Secret

I love the two main characters of this piece. Well, I also want to throttle them, but that’s beside the point. In Loving You in Secret, these two awkward weirdos have so many qualities that make them the most stubborn and easily misunderstood characters of all time. Entertainment baby.

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Part 1: Main Character of Loving You in Secret


Loving You in Secret: Vicky

In Loving You in Secret, Vicky is a woman of force and power. Her stubborn personality leads one to fall in love with her. Vicky’s life could never be called simple. It was not simple before she married Tyler and it wasn’t simple afterwards. She practically had to change herself just to accommodate a man who loved someone else. Vicky was never one to run away from problems and this was plainly obvious to anyone who dealt personally with her.

The woman clearly didn’t have many expectations of the marriage she entered into for convenience, however, she was hard-pressed to find a solution to ensure the longevity of her marriage. Maybe she deeply held fantasies of the type of marriage she wanted with the man she loved. Nevertheless, all the reluctance that surrounded her, completely faded along with her memory.

Vicky was willing to give the man what he wanted, a divorce. There was nothing holding her back. However, it seems that when your desires are handed to you, you feel unsure of whether the decision is the right one or not. This was what seemed to happen with Tyler. He got what he wanted and did not want it after all.

Loving You in Secret sees Vicky, who has no support except for her assistant, and must figure out her life without memories to point her in the right direction. Tyler keeps making things difficult, seemingly enjoying the new Vicky who seemed like a completely blank canvass. Can these two make their marriage survive or was it doomed for always?

Part 2: Story of Loving You in Secret

Loving You in Secret: Tyler

The story basically follows an unlucky marriage between two people who were thrown together suddenly and without any sort of feelings between them. Well, if you don’t consider ‘hate’ a necessary feeling that is.

It almost feels like a sort of game between the couple. When one pushes, the other pulls and they kind of take turns doing it. It’s a frustrating dance and there is honestly no result in the end.

We see Vicky stuck in a loveless marriage but doing everything she can to stay even if everyone hates her for it. They barely regard her as anything. Only the last name which she took from her husband really gives her any sort of respect.

Vicky doesn’t hold back from trying every possible way to make sure that her husband stays. She even became notorious for her antics. Finally, after an accident, she loses her memories. This time it’s real and not a trick. It turns out that Vicky without her memories is Vicky unstoppable.

Honestly, memories or just knowledge in general, can have a way of holding you back. Sentimentality or instinct, both of these factors hinder people from reaching their full potential. Take them from someone like Vicky and you will see the most direct and decisive woman in front of you.

Her character growth is so total and unexpectedly perfect.

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Part 3: Critical Thoughts on Loving You in Secret

Loving You in Secret: A Romance

It’s the ridiculous tension for me. Can you pick a side already, do you love, or do you fear this person? Or do you just want to feast on them? *Smiles mischievously*

Let’s be clear here, the author does cool work with this nearly misogynist type of relationship, but I feel like something is missing. Maybe it’s the fact that the female lead is not what you’d expect at first glance or first read if you will, but I’m slightly dissatisfied with the chemistry between the couple.

However, in Loving You in Secret, where the chemistry makes me groan, I look up to the plot and I can smile. It’s a zigzag sort of complexity that explores more than enough of the crazy world of marriage. The characters at play in the piece are so random and sort of unpredictable.

Truly, some may complain that the story’s original qualities are overshadowed by classic cliches and stereotypes of relationships between a couple. Nevertheless, the author unashamedly explores the themes of love and marriage without holding anything back.

In Loving You in Secret, there’s no basic law of romance or rules of relationship, but I feel like the connection between the two main characters does hit the benchmark, swiftly covering any sorts of inconsistencies.

Part 4: Cool Chapter from Loving You in Secret

Chapter Six

Loving You in Secret: Vicky and Tyler

Tyler coldly warned Vicky, but the woman scoffed and walked away proudly.

She had only walked out of the elevator when red wine was spilled onto her evening gown by a waitress who seemed not to have noticed her.

Vicky saw the waitress close to tears and simply dismissed the whole thing, going back towards the elevator that would take her upstairs to change.

However, when the elevator opened its doors, Tyler walked out and spotted the stain. He didn’t hold back his gloating and sarcastic smile.

The two people threw biting words at each other before Vicky went into the Elevator. She was about to divorce the bastard and thought they could end without any problems, but the man would not stop irritating her.

The elevator doors closed, and Tyler was left standing beside the waitress. He simply told her ‘Well done’.

Vicky stood in front of the mirror, changed into an outfit that was not even her taste. She looked at the options and immediately realized that she had been set up by Tyler.

Before she could completely get mad, her assistant, Cece, called with a frantic tone in her voice.

Vicky rushed out to see a bloody scene. Quickly checking the man’s pulse to make sure he was alive, Vicky dialed 911 soon after. Cece told her what happened, and it was clear someone had set her assistant up. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who. Vicky looked at Sasha who wore her guilt on her face.

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