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Melian Carter was abused by her brothers and father. She dreams of the day she turns 18 and can escape mystic shadows, Been their bullied and broken mate, hours before Melian turns 18, she is brutally attacked again but her Brother Jason is determined to get her and his family away from their cruelty.

Melian Carter is the only daughter of the Beta of Mystic Shadows pack. She has 5 older brothers and is only an object to beat on to her parents and siblings. She is bullied by the Elite group in school for being a “useless nerd”, and abused by her brothers and father. Her mother passed when she was 5, and her stepmother is just as much a monster as her father and brothers.

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Part 1: Core Story of Their Bullied and Broken Mate

Their Bullied and Broken Mate Protect Her

Seventeen years old, Melian Carter is a member of the Mystic Shadows pack and the Beta’s only daughter in their bullied and broken mate 5 older brothers. Thomas, Jason, Eric, Michael, and Todd are not only her brothers but her abusers. Their mother passed away when she was only 5 years old, and once she was gone, she became the punching bag for all of their anger. She wasn’t safe from anyone anymore, including her father.

When her brother Jason, started to try and protect her from her brother’s wrath. He would try to defuse the situation before it escalated, but most times they would fight him too. She didn’t know what she ever did to deserve the abuse, but she hoped when she turned 18 she would be leaving the goddess-forsaken pack.

They yelled at her every day and most times refused to take her to school. Her stepmother Constance was a short round woman and her voice was like nails on a chalkboard. She was her father’s second-chance mate, and she didn’t even think he liked her much. He was never home and left her to care for them alone.

Their Bullied and Broken Mate Odour

Along with her loudness, she had a distinct smell of pickles. Melian didn’t understand why it was that awful scent that drew her dad to her. She felt sorry for her Dad and she felt sorrow and hatred for all of her family. The word love wasn’t in her vocabulary where they were concerned anymore because she was their bullied and broken mate. Her stepmom orders her like a slave in her own pack and father’s house. She used to think things would change with time when her Dad first got married to her but it hasn’t.

One thing Melian was sure of was that one day all their sorrows would begin when they eventually kill her. Her chore list was always on the counter. Because she knew what was best for her, she, made sure they were done before her stepmom got home every day. Constance usually tore out of the parking lot like she was late for her own funeral. She had no concern for the safety of the students walking through the parking lot.

Melian went to the library every morning before her first class to avoid the Elite. The Elite consists of Lisa and Kyle Montana and their group of lemmings. Lisa has been her bully since 3rd grade, and to be honest, she has no idea what her deal is with her.

Their Bullied and Broken Mate Crushing

Melian knew Lisa had crushes on all of her brothers, but they wouldn’t give her the time of day. Her brother, Thomas, even rejected Lisa’s best friend Morgan when he found out they were mates, she is almost 19 and still a senior in high school. Her parents held her back in the ninth grade because her grades were so horrible, in their bullied and broken mate.

She could remember her mom coming to her to see if she would tutor her in science and math. She had to laugh at her for even suggesting it. She didn’t care how much she wanted to pay her. Once she got home, it was chores and cooking dinner. Then clean up after dinner and do more chores.

She threw her on the ground, and she and Jasmine started to kick her over and over in the ribs. She tried to cry out but the words wouldn’t leave her mouth. They would her that if she think about tattling on them, she will regret it. Her life was full of abuse and beaten at any given chance.

Part 2: Free Chapters of Their Bullied and Broken Mate

Chapter 2 of Their bullied and Broken Mate

Their Bullied and Broken Mate Run

She hid out in the forest surrounding the school grounds in chapter 2 their bullied and broken mate. There was an old evergreen tree with a hollowed-out trunk that became her secret sanctuary, when the days were bad, she went there to find solace.

She couldn’t face the others in her classes while covered in her own blood. She could hear the school bells in the distance and she picked up her phone to check the time. She needed to make sure she attended, so she picked herself up off the ground and started to head back to school. She was a hot mess with the matted blood on the pink side of her hair and dried blood on her face.

She didn’t even waste time cleaning up, she was too focused on getting out of there when she was attacked by Lisa and Jasmin. It hurt to move, but she wasn’t hanging around to let them hurt her more. She knew it was against the rules to leave school grounds at any time. She prayed to the goddess above that he wouldn’t call my dad or stepmom. That would be a final nail in her coffin if he did.

Their Bullied and Broken Mate Talks

She entered his office and he pointed to the chair across from his desk and nodded for me to sit in chapter 2 their bullied and broken mate. He left the room briefly and when he returned he had a wet washcloth and a bottle of water. He handed them both to her and softly told her to clean herself and drink the water.

She was softly crying at this point, and he sat in his chair behind his desk. She didn’t want to talk about it, but he said that if she didn’t he can’t her, and he would call her parents and bring them in for a meeting. The tears started to fall harder than before, and she told him everything that had been going on at school for years.

After she finished, he sat back in his chair and let out a deep sigh. He was sad to know why she hadn’t come to her when this all started. They are truly relentless when it comes to their bullying. She had to start begging him not to confront them.

Chapter 3 of Their Bullied and Broken Mate

Their Bullied and Broken Mate Family Meeting

Her Dad had all of them sit in on official meetings involving the pack in chapter 3 their bullied and broken mate, either Thomas or Eric will be the future Beta.

She used to dream of one day becoming one of the Elite warriors of the Mystic Shadows pack, but now things have changed. The only thing she can concentrate on right now is getting her and my family out of Mystic Shadows, including her baby sister.

Her Dad had syphilis, so he was given an ultimatum, to give her the name of the woman whom he contacted it from or she will have to strip him of his title. Plus, they are going to arrange for his sweet daughter to go away with him this weekend. She doesn’t think she have ever heard Alpha Scott this pissed off, and she don’t understand why her dad is being so secretive. Beating her is one thing, but giving your minor daughter to a grown-ass man for his perversion is something else.

Part 3: Conclusion of Their Bullied and Broken Mate

Their Bullied and Broken Mate New Lovers

Melian Carter twin brothers, Loki and Liam became the pack Alpha’s. Melian is coming with them, no matter what. Once Rebecca and Jason show up with Melian, the twins instantly discover she is their mate. Even though it takes Loki more time to adjust to sharing a mate with his brother Liam, he vows to avenge her and make her.

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