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Fled With Ceo’s Twin Babies Read Novel Online

Smith and Mia White engaged in an intimate encounter, which was suddenly interrupted when a lamp fell, illuminating the room. Joe accuses Mia of drugging him, and she tearfully denies it. Their physical encounter continues, but Mia eventually reveals she is pregnant. Now she fled with the CEO’s twin babies which was contrary to their prior agreement not to have children

Smith and Mia’s encounter has been a complicated romance. She asked for a divorce, surprising Joe, who initially assumes it’s a ploy for money. Mia insists she only wants a divorce and no ulterior motives. Joe signs the divorce agreement but is later confronted by his grandfather, Sir Smith, about a scandal involving him and actress Wendy Swan.

Joe’s relationship with Wendy is misunderstood as romantic, leading to family and reputation concerns. Despite this, Joe returns home and mistakes another woman for Mia, leaving the situation uncertain.

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Part 1: Main Story of Fled with CEO’s Twin Babies

Fled with CEO's Twin Babies You Alone

Mia pleaded in the dimly lit room, gripping his strong back. Her moans of pleasure only fueled his eagerness as he moved back and forth with intensity. Their heavy breaths mingled together, igniting a fiercer passion within each other.

At first, Smith believed Mia was desperate. Drugged him just to get him to touch her and then fled with the CEO’s twin babies. So when he did, he felt she was satisfied now. He continued with his hard thrusts, taking her pleasure to new heights.

His eyes darkened upon seeing her cry, pushing him to move even faster, and with a few more thrusts they both reached climax. Joe released Mia, she was still shaking from aftershocks, lost in a daze. He headed towards the bathroom, leaving her to lie motionless on the bed. It took her some time to gather her strength and slowly dress herself.

Three years ago, when the White Group was facing a financial crisis, her parents drugged her and sent her to Joe’s bed to secure an alliance with the Smith family. Joe believed that it was all Mia’s scheme to get closer to him, and despised her from the start. And more than that, he never loved her because he treasured someone else.

Fled with CEO's Twin Babies Pretty lady

That other lady he treasured was Wendy Swan. Wendy had saved his life, in fled with CEO’s twin babies. He was incredibly grateful, and wanted to marry her. But due to certain family obligations and business contracts, he was forced to marry Mia instead.

Despite his hatred, Mia cared and loved him in every way, even though the high society of Atlanta all mocked and looked down on her for it.

But she didn’t care about their opinions. She never complained once, he continued to tolerate everything Joe did proving how much he hated her. But one day, she decided she couldn’t take it anymore but then she was pregnant. Joe and Mia had made a deal not to have children. Even more, Joe didn’t want her to have his child.

Whenever they had sex, Joe would toss a small box of pills to Mia but this time Mia threw the pills aside, her expression devoid of emotion. To her, she doesn’t need them. She made Joe believe she won’t get pregnant.

Fled with CEO's Twin Babies Angry Man

Despite his coldness to her, Joe couldn’t deny the pang in his chest, seeing her tears. But he pushed the strange feeling aside. When he saw the paper in her hand, he thought of how much she needed this time but to his disbelief, she was tired and needle a divorce.

Anxiety washed over him, and he clenched his fists tight. Joe couldn’t understand why Mia was playing hard to get, he thought this was all a plan with her family this time, in fled with CEO’s twin babies.

Mia pushed the document towards him, the two-centimeter scar on her slender arm standing out. Her expression remained terrifyingly calm. Joe nonchalantly picked up the document. Now he wants her to realize the White family finally realized she was useless. They must be planning to exchange you for money.

Part 2: Free Chapters of Fled with CEO’s Twin Babies

Chapter 2 of Mated to Fled with CEO’s Twin Babies

Fled with CEO's Twin Babies Divorce

Joe tossed the divorce agreement onto the table in chapter 2 of fled with Ceo’s twin babies. He lit a cigarette and blew smoke toward Mia’s face, staring at her through the haze. He felt she had taken her little game too far. It didn’t make sense to him that she would settle for just a clean split and nothing else. He thought this agreement was just a game to threaten him.

He knew Mia loved him. She would never leave him. Plus, her family’s company would never let her go through with a divorce. Mia spoke slowly and firmly, that she only wanted a divorce and she not plotting anything. She made it clear to him that she didn’t love him anymore.

Her words were a mixture of sadness and determination. She didn’t explicitly say it, but Joe somehow knew the hidden meaning underneath. After it was signed, he tossed the divorce agreement to the floor. Then he pulled a card from his wallet and threw it at Mia. It was the compensation for her. The bedroom fell into complete silence. Mia clutched the card with trembling hands, her eyes turning red.

Fled with CEO's Twin Babies Angry Lady

The pain in her heart was unbearable in chapter 2 of fled with Ceo’s twin babies. She gathered her strength, packed a few clothes, and booked a flight to farmland for the next day. She had loved Joe for three years. Sometimes hated him. But now, it was all over.

That night, Joe stayed in an apartment near his company. The next day, he drove to Sun House after finishing work. The day he and Mia were supposed to visit Joe’s grandpa, Sir Smith. He arrived at the Sun House, he couldn’t find her anywhere.

Joe had already pushed the divorce agreement out of his mind. In Sir Smith’s eyes, he knew that it had to be his idiot grandson’s fault that Mia, who usually arrived early with bundles of carefully prepared gifts, hadn’t appeared. Sir Smith made him understand she was the reason for that scandal.

The photo that came with the news showed Joe and Wendy dining together a few days ago. The paparazzi managed to capture them at an angle that made it seem like they were kissing passionately. But in fact, Joe had only been helping her keep her balance.

Chapter 3 of Fled with CEO’s Twin Babies

Fled with CEO's Twin Babies Her Home

Joe wasn’t expecting Wendy to be at his home in chapter 3 of fled with Ceo’s twin babies. The white strapless dress didn’t fit Wendy’s curvy figure, and her breasts were spilling out the top. But she hugged Joe as if she didn’t notice it at all. Joe was surprise to see Wendy wear Mia clothes. Wendy’s smile faltered for a moment. But she quickly composed herself and played coy.

The maid Emma let her in. she accidentally spilled coffee on herself when she got here. She was just borrowing one of Mia’s dresses. Back when Joe accidentally brought Wendy’s lipsticks back home, Mia was furious and even told Sir Smith about it. So, Joe found it hard to believe that Mia would lend her dress to Wendy.

Her eyes lowered slightly as she continued to move closer to Joe and lean in to kiss him. An image of Mia wearing the same dress flashed in Joe’s mind, and he avoided Wendy’s hand. Wendy wanted to say something else, but he cut her off. He wanted her to just go home now. Wendy was surprised that Joe would remain still even when she seduced him that way.

The strong scent of Wendy’s perfume filled the villa, overpowering the air. Joe’s face slightly darkened as he headed upstairs. He noticed that the wardrobe was packed full. Mia’s clothes were still there. Wendy had just taken one of her dresses.

Part 3: Conclusion of Fled with CEO’s Twin Babies

Fled with CEO's Twin Babies Her Only

Smith and Mia White’s intimate encounter was full of ups and downs but Mia was a loving soul who wanted the best family in fled with the CEO’s twin babies. Joe’s relationship with Wendy is misunderstood as romantic because he loves Wendy but Joe returns home and mistakes another woman for Mia.

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