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Abandoned by her loved ones, betrayed by the boy of her dreams, and heartbroken. Emerald moved away from her friends and family to attend high school. Emerald returns to see Achilles Valencian, the kid who crushed her heart in the trap of ace, seven years later. He was to up something.

In the trap of ace Book, Ace and Emerald are classmates from high school, but whereas Ace only considered Emerald as a friend, Emerald harbored strong romantic feelings for him. Trying to express her sentiments didn’t go as she had hoped, so she remained silent and died without a word.

Ace will only speak to her like a friend because he didn’t want to break a nine year old’s naive heart. But when Emerald had come of age she didn’t care. She thought it was time to confess her feelings to him but things got messy for her in the trap of Ace novel.

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Part 1: Main Story of the Trap of Ace

The trap of ace lovebirds

A love triangle between two pals is the trap of the ace novel plot. Emerald fell in love with a friend from high school, but he wasn’t in love with her. She had hoped that one day he would propose to her and put the ring on her finger, but years had gone and nothing similar was going to occur because they had graduated from high school and we were separated.

In college, Emerald made another attempt at love and got to know Warner. The narrative in the Ace trap changed course. They had known each other when they enrolled in college and had dated for six months. They had been close friends since the start. Emerald gave up trying to start a relationship with anyone after failing multiple times to stay in a relationship with a guy for longer than a week. She was unable to turn Warner down when he asked her out at a friend’s gathering.

Ace was Emerald’s ideal prince, which is why she was feeling this way about Warner. When he moved into their home with Tobis when she was just seven years old, he instantly became her ideal prince. Though her recollections were foggy, she could still clearly recall the day when he turned into her hero by saving her from some bullies at school. And eventually, in the trap of an ace novel, he turned into her deepest wish.

The trap of ace so sad

She hoped that she and Ace would one day share the same kind of love since she admired the love her parents shared. Her mother was aware. She was aware of her crush on Achilles Valencian, and everyone else was too. However, they were unaware that it went beyond a simple infatuation.

He used to visit her residence each day. However, he no longer visited her home as much following the catastrophe his family experienced. He evolved. In the trap of ace story, the carefree, playful Ace became a lost and perpetually unhappy Ace. However, he was consistently tender with Emerald. Once a month, he would visit her and, of course, play chess with her.

Emerald was dealt a severe blow when she returned from college and found herself in the clutches of an ace novel. She was invited to a party, but as soon as she arrived, she noticed her sister and the boy who had crushed her heart in high school having a romantic relationship. Emerald went cold. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart stopped in her chest. She regarded what she was seeing, her hands trembling at its sides.

Part 2: Main Characters of the Trap of Ace


The trap of ace fine guy

He had always maintained a more neutral and impersonal expression when he saw Emerald in the trap of the Ace Novel; he had never felt anything for her. Emerald tried everything in her power to win his approval and was always happy to see him.

Because Ace enjoyed talking to her sister Tess, Emerald felt that she wasn’t doing everything correctly and chose to imitate her sister in an attempt to get Ace’s attention. She even stole her sister’s favorite perfume from her room, dressed like Tess, and had a makeover similar to her sister’s.


The trap of ace cute girl

When Ace was in the trap of the Ace Novel, he was a kinder guy, but once his father passed away, he became grumpy. Emerald’s family never valued their privacy, and they weren’t particularly close. Thus, nobody was truly aware of his father’s fate. Whatever transpired, Ace was profoundly altered.

And she felt so sorry for him. Every time his storm-grey eyes met hers, she felt something. Regardless of what Ace, like Emerald, did. Ace prefers short hair, so she cut hers short.

Part 3: The Attraction of the Trap of Ace

The trap of ace heartbreak

The captivating aspect of The Trap of Ace lies in the way a young girl handles the heartbreak of being rejected by her love interest. She goes to great lengths to win his approval and win his affection, even if he is blind to her efforts. Emerald’s buddy Warner fell in love with her, but she doesn’t love him the way she loves Ace, all the while she wasn’t lamenting the rejection she received from the person she loves.

In the end, Ace causes Emerald even more suffering by proposing to Tess, Emerald’s sister. Many readers will be interested in learning how Emerald handled the betrayal by her family and the consequences.

Part 4: Free Chapters the Trap of Ace

Chapter 2 the Trap of Ace

The trap of ace yes love

The smile threatened to fall in chapter 2 of Trap of ace, but he managed to keep it on and squeezed his hand in return. The announcement of the flight attendant for every passenger to fasten their seat belts, saved him from another awkward situation.

They’ve been dating for six months now. And known each other since he joined college. They were good friends from the beginning. After her several failures at keeping up on dating a guy for more than a week, she gave up on kindling any kind of relationship with anyone. And when Warner one day asked her out at a friend’s get-together, she couldn’t put him down.

He was everything a girl would want in an ideal boyfriend. Handsome, intelligent, humble, honest. And most importantly, he knew her so well. After all, they’ve been friends for three years now. So when he’d asked her to be his girlfriend, she had said yes.

But even if he’d confessed his feelings for thousands of times before her, she couldn’t just bring herself to reciprocate. It’s not that she didn’t like him, she did. He was a great guy. Maybe it’d take some more time for her to feel that deep for him. And she was waiting for that day.

Chapter 3 the Trap of Ace

The trap of ace family time

Once outside, they found their Mom adjusting Dad’s tie as he grunted something under his breath. His face turned grim, spotting them together in chapter 3 of trap of ace. After Mom gushed about her looks and being proud that she went after her, they all piled in the car.

Though her subtle attempt of asking her if she was feeling good after she left the dinner in the middle, excusing of her jet lag last night. She knew what she wanted to ensure, if she was okay, not physically, but emotionally.

Everyone had avoided talking about the engagement as much as possible before her. They thought it could upset her as they all had an idea of her heartbreak seven years ago. Not all of it though. They weren’t aware of what happened that night. But they didn’t know she wasn’t the fifteen years old Emerald anymore.

She was going to face the man who broke her heart years ago, and see him announce his engagement with her sister before the world. But she was alright. It’s been years since then. She had a boyfriend, she’d moved on.

She still felt the anger and betrayal she felt that night. After knowing everything, how could she come and announce her engagement to her as if nothing happened. She shook herself, not wanting to remember the past. She was stronger now. The past should remain in the past. And she should be happy for her.

Part 5: Find Similar book to the Trap of Ace

The trap of ace rich ceo

Only to marry Lucas, Jessica moved out of state from New York to Los Angeles and from her parents. However, Lucas saves the lady who is his wife instead of her when she is in danger. That’s when she realizes it’s time to go. When Jessica resurfaces, she is a rich CEO rather than the village girl he once believed her to be.

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