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Reborn to revenge on her Alpha Prince husband, Laura was the Luna of Prince Basil. But no matter how she fulfilled her duty, Prince Basil never thought highly of her due to Laura’s low origin and she was not mated to him. Finally, Basil expelled and killed Laura in the returned Luna.

Moon Goddess took pity on her and gave her a second life. Laura was reborn and got into a girl’s body named Laurel. But fate played another joke on her. On the day King Adolph Raymond came back to the kingdom, Laurel found she was mate to the king of the werewolf kingdom and the undefeated god of war: Adolph Raymond and also her father-in-law she’d never met.

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Part 1: Core Story of The Returned Luna

The Returned Luna lady running

Sarah held her skirts and ran through the orchard outside Cynthia Castle to find Laura. Since the king’s wife died years ago, the position of Luna had been vacant in the returned Luna. Prince Basil married Laura to fill that role and help manage the kingdom while King Adolph led the war against the vampires.

Many had been skeptical of Laura due to her origin, but Sarah had remained faithfully in her service since her appointment. In her opinion, marrying Laura was the only thing Prince Basil had ever done right.

She pushed herself to run faster. She had to tell Laura, to warn her somehow and help her prepare. Maybe Laura could figure out a way out of it if she just had enough time.

Sarah skidded and stumbled, barely missing crashing into a tree when she found Laura on a ladder in the orchard overseeing the harvest of fresh fruit.

Laura turned, her grey dress whirling around her as she dashed back towards the castle. Sarah followed hoping to finish her explanation, or at least get her ready to face the nobles. Their king, Basil’s father, was leading his soldiers on the border for their lives and the freedom of every wolf in his kingdom, but Basil was wasting money and precious food on such a lavish banquet.

The Returned Luna handsome

If she had known sooner, she could have stopped it before it began, but the guests had already arrived, and the band was playing. She felt a sting on her pride for being so out of the loop in the returned luna.

A noble turned and sneered at her, freezing Laura in place and reminding her of what her life had once been as a part of the Emerald Twilight pack as little more than one of the many. It made her think of Basil’s disregard for her and her efforts too. She was luna, yet even the nobility did not respect her.

She was the luna of the kingdom. She couldn’t be seen at a noble event dressed like a peasant! Quickly, she turned to escape before anyone could see or recognize her, but she was stopped by a familiar, cold voice.

Basil was as handsome as his father was and young. His dark eyes were cold in his face, yet they only highlighted his rugged features. They looked so lovely together, and Laura had never felt so out of place. She didn’t think she could ever feel as common and unworthy as she did right then. It was all her fault.

Part 2: Free Chapters of The Returned Luna

Chapter 2 of The Returned Luna

The Returned Luna fighter

Her heart clenched. Laura couldn’t believe what she was hearing in chapter 2 of the returned Luna. The past three years couldn’t have been meaningless to him. Even if they didn’t mean as much to him as they meant to her, they had to have meant something!

Laura reached for her, but another group of soldiers blocked her path as Sarah disappeared into the shadows still struggling. Her cries filled Laura with grief.

She had only ever had Sarah on her side. Most of the nobles shared Basil’s contempt for her lowly status. The few who didn’t were too bound in politics to go against Basil’s orders. She turned to see Gavin Mirabelle, Basil’s grandfather and the most powerful minister of the kingdom. He had only ever held Laura in contempt. His smile was triumphant as if he had finally gotten rid of a long-standing obstacle.

She had been Basil’s marked mate and Luna for three years. King Adolph had been unable to leave the war front and had left Basil in charge of the kingdom’s affairs, but Basil had not met his mate. He and the ministers had been desperate to find someone to help shoulder the burden and held a grand ball hoping to find a suitable marked mate.

The Returned Luna her home

At the time, she had been mateless beta of the Emerald Twilight Pack, a completely unremarkable pack within the kingdom. Her parents refused to even consider Laura as their heir and sent her to the ball with the hopes to solve the problem of their wretched daughter and their low status in one stroke.

She remembered the awe she’d felt seeing the castle and wearing the new dress her parents had bought her in chapter 2 of the returned luna. She smiled at everyone and had been exceedingly polite. She spoke with the brightest nobles of the kingdom and thought she had proven herself worthy enough to garner a personal meeting with Basil.

He had been attracted to her, yet disparaging of her status. She could not blame him. She was an ordinary beta from an ordinary pack and he was the heir to the kingdom. Despite her shortcomings, he had chosen her and she had fallen for his handsome face and the thought that he believed she could stand beside him. She had been so foolishly happy to marry him and find some measure of use and worth in his eyes.

She thought her parents meant the best for her, but she learned quickly that they only meant the best for themselves. Her marriage had only ever been a means to gain more money and status.

Chapter 3 of The Returned Luna

The Returned Luna unhappy lady

The darkness peeled back as Laura opened her eyes in chapter 3 of the returned luna. There was no pain, her heart was calm, and she wasn’t cold. She should have been dead. She remembered the craggy rocks and the rushing river. The sharp pain in her neck had been the last thing she remembered before the dark had taken her. She remembered the beautiful paradise and the face of the goddess smiling at her.

Laura stroked Alice’s brilliant white fur with a trembling hand and found her warm to touch. She had never been able to touch her wolf this way before. Laura gasped. The woman was beautiful as she crossed the brook towards her, gliding across the surface of the water like a spirit.

She had never met her mate nor felt the love of her family or anyone. How could she have worked so hard simply to be abandoned and scorned for everything she had done? How could she have died so young after such a painful life?

The Returned Luna happy girl

She didn’t know. On the other hand, she wanted to escape the kingdom for atleast three years. She didn’t know what she owe the kingdom after everything she had given. She wouldn’t ever want to leave such a beautiful paradise.

But what about her mate? She worried her lip anxiously in chapter 3 of the returned Luna. Would he search the world for her only to die of despair? If this was the afterlife, how could she face him when his time came knowing she had refused the chance for them to be together in this life?

She wanted to live. She wanted all the happiness she was meant to have, but she didn’t want the agony of the life she had left. Laura wanted to protest, but the paradise vanished as she was plunged back into darkness.

Laura opened her eyes again, yet she was not where she expected to be. Perhaps, she was dreaming of lying in the grass of a strange forest.

Part 3: Find Similar Story The Returned Luna

The Returned Luna lover

Ian hates Blaire for who she is, because she is a murderer’s daughter. She gets rejected, fights against him and tries to change his mind in vain, his hatred is bigger than her hopes. He keeps on breaking her and her family. Little does he know about her and the truth his closest one is hiding.

Blaire can do nothing else than leave to give birth to their daughter and there she finds love and comes back some years later to feel the most extreme pain caused from Ian. Truth comes on the light too late, the pain destroys everything and Ian changes his mind but Blaire is far too gone.

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