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Fall For You After Divorce Novel by Callie Read Online

Briana Schneider thought she could win Maxim Yoder’s heart in fall for you after divorce. After three years of marriage, all she received were images of Maxim in bed with another woman. This was no other than Kiley Schneider, Briana’s twin sister and she was left devastated. Briana Schneider had thought her marriage to Maxim Yoder, a charming and wealthy businessman, would bring her happiness and fulfillment.

Briana’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Maxim has been unfaithful to her—with none other than her twin sister, Kiley. When confronted with the devastating betrayal, Briana chooses to cut ties through divorce to build a new beginning. Maxim’s malicious determination to make her suffer and regret her decision, on the other hand, knows no bounds.

What Maxim did not expect was Briana’s tenacity and capacity to find comfort and happiness in the arms of another. If you’re looking for another enthralling novel full of emotion and intrigue,

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Part 1: Core Story of Fall for You After Divorce Novel by Callie Free

Fall for you after divorce unhappy wife

Briana begins the story by nursing Maxim’s injury with all of her heart and soul in fall for you after divorce. Her concern for his health and happiness is heartfelt and understandable. Anyone may sympathize with her as she navigates the ups and downs of her relationship with Maxim.

When Maxim betrays Briana, the plot takes an unexpected turn when she decides to take a break and avoid him. When Briana decides to cease communicating with Maxim, the conflict begins. Maxim sets out to find her after recognizing the gravity of his errors. Maxim’s great desire to mend his shattered relationship with Briana demonstrates how powerful love can be and how far people will go to obtain it.

Part 2: Main Character of Fall for You After Divorce Novel by Callie Free


Fall for you after divorce disturbed man

Maxim is a troubled figure with many secrets. His actions, as well as the knowledge that he has been seeing Kiley behind her back, add to the story’s drama and mystery. Montgomery does an excellent job of conveying Maxim’s remorse and inner strife, making him a sympathetic figure.


Fall for you after divorce loving mom

Kendra both shields Maxim and causes problems in his life, creating an intriguing family dynamic. Kendra does an excellent job of demonstrating how much a mother adores and cares for her child.

Rayan Fleming

Fall for you after divorce office guy

Rayan Fleming, Maxim’s devoted and hardworking assistant, also plays an important role in the plot. His continuous support and dedication to Maxim demonstrate the value of friendships, even when they are damaged. Rayan and Maxim’s friendship exemplifies how the book’s central theme of forgiveness and personal growth flows throughout it.

Part 3: Free Chapters of Fall for You After Divorce Novel by Callie Free

Chapter 1 of Fall for You After Divorce Novel by Callie Free

Fall for you after divorce her day

Briana was picking a gift for their third anniversary when she received Kiley’s text in chapter 1 of fall for you after divorce. Briana was bombarded by more than a dozen photos. Once she processed what she saw, her face drained of color in an instant.

While the images differed, Maxim and Kiley appeared in all of them. They were seen hugging and kissing each other in the photos, but what stayed continuous was Maxim’s adoring gaze at Kiley. Despite having spent three years by Maxim’s side, he had never looked at Briana the same way.

Briana felt a headache coming on and automatically rubbed her temple. The house in the photos appeared to be identifiable. Before Briana could finish, she received another message from Kiley. Briana didn’t know how she got home. She snapped out of her trance at the sound of the fingerprint lock. Maxim opened the door and saw Briana sitting in the hallway.

Briana looked up at Maxim. Her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat when she saw Maxim’s handsome face. She looked into Maxim’s eyes, trying to find proof of his love. Yet, besides impatience and anger, she couldn’t see the faintest trace of love.

Fall for you after divorce good years

She thought she should get used to this look of Maxim as he had been looking at her this way for the past three years in chapter 1 of in chapter 1 of fall for you after divorce. But that was before she found out Maxim could look at someone with such tenderness. At that moment, Briana felt the pain in her heart was unbearable.

A glint of shock flashed across Maxim’s eyes. Briana thought if he had shown her the respect she deserved as his wife, he wouldn’t have been involved with Kiley in our house! Briana had invested three years of effort trying to earn Maxim’s love. She could no longer deceive herself with the hope that Maxim would eventually reciprocate her feelings.

Briana told herself that it was time to stop dreaming. She married Maxim with an empty pocket. She didn’t want Maxim to think she was after his money as they were getting a divorce. Maxim’s expression became gloomy at Briana’s words. He was emitting a dangerous vibe. Briana had decided to give up on Maxim and finally realized how humble she was before. Maxim wouldn’t even take the time to make peace with her.

Chapter 2 of Fall for You After Divorce Novel by Callie Free

Fall for you after divorce boss lady

Briana had used all her energy on Maxim these years and ignored MY Corporation, the fashion company she founded. She entrusted the business to the shareholders and only cared about her dividends. Briana didn’t check her bank account. But her company should be doing well if they followed the operating plan she set before leaving.

Maxim was discussing the business plan for next quarter with the department heads in chapter 2 of Fall for you after divorce. His phone blared up. Maxim left the conference room and picked up the call. He immediately heard Kendra’s grumpy voice.

The crease between Maxim’s brows deepened. He had been overwhelmed with work since he got to Setherville. In the beginning, Maxim expected Briana to cave in and phone to say sorry. But he forgot all of it as he was busy. It wasn’t until Kendra’s call did Maxim realized that Briana hadn’t contacted him in a month. It never happened before.

Chapter 3 of Fall for You After Divorce Novel by Callie Free

Fall for you after divorce sweet hubby

Not long after Maxim arrived at Setherville, Kiley came too in chapter 3 of Fall for you after divorce. Although she claimed she was there for a trip, the entire branch office knew that Kiley had come for Maxim. Rayan rapidly got the flight tickets. They picked up Kiley and went to the airport.

After more than ten hours in the air, the plane landed safely at Bridenville Airport. During the long flight, Rayan had seen with his own eyes how tender and sweet Maxim was with Kiley. They got off the plane and headed toward the exit of the airport.

Briana had gone on business trips with Maxim. But their roles were reversed then. Briana was the caretaker and Maxim was cold toward her. Melody had been waiting for Briana at the gate of the airport. She waved as soon as she saw Briana. Briana’s smile became wider as she got sight of Melody. She hurried toward Melody with her suitcase.

In the past, whenever he returned, Briana would greet him with a smile. Yet, he had come home to an empty house this time. Maxim switched on the light in the living room. The room was filled with dust. The property management was telling the truth. Briana left and never returned.

Part 4: On Dreame, a similar novel to Chapters of Fall for You After Divorce Novel by Callie Free

Fall for you after divorce she is back

Lina had a hard life. Her father hated her for being born. Her mother died at her birth and he made her marry Jack Adams who always listens to his mother Penelope Adams when Penelope makes her husband, whom Lina loved a lot, made his son divorce her for Angela Summers. She is heartbroken and Lina is out on revenge. She goes to a club that night and sleeps with a stranger she does know. Ten years she is back successful and destroying her ex-husband and his family. Read to find out more!

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