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The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Read Online Free

The Perfect Luna chapter 15 signifies Rhiannon’s journey after being betrayed by her husband and evil omega who had tried to kill her. But Rhiannon had taken rebirth, back in time before the omega could succeed.

In this second life, Rhiannon meets her fated mate while she’s trying to find a way to get her revenge on the ones who betrayed her.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 shows how Rhiannon has made a comeback. She’s stronger, confident, and ready to win the battle of power.

Read The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 By Author Marissa Gilbert

Part 1: The Perfect Luna Story Summary

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Backstory

The Perfect Luna is book 1 of the famous Divine Wolves series written by award-winning author Marissa Gilbert who is known for her fantasy fiction with a strong female lead and brilliant storytelling.

The Perfect Luna talks about Rhiannon’s journey who finds the harsh truth of her husband Brayden cheating on his fated mate Roxanne.

Rhiannon Brayden’s chosen mate. Being in love the couple had not waited to meet their true mates blessed by the moon goddess as they had gotten married. Roxanne thought her marriage was perfect.

Six years down the line Roxanne was supported for her kindness among the pack members and was called the perfect Luna, a devoted wife. But that wasn’t enough for Brayden as he found Roxanne.

He had promised Rhiannon that he was not going to cheat on her with Roxanne as he accepted the evil omega as his fated mate. But Brayden was a cunning husband who couldn’t realize Rhiannon’s worth as he took advantage of her kind attitude.

Wanting to accept Roxanne, the mother of his future child as his wife and Luna Brayden decides to divorce Rhiannon. Roxanne used this opportunity to set up a plan to end Rhiannon and her supporters’ lives.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Rhiannon

Rhiannon had thought Brayden would never leave her side and considered Roxanne to be a weak omega who couldn’t pull such an evil stunt. She was faced with reality as she spent the last seconds of her life in regret.

Just when she thought her story was over, Onyx, her wolf brought her back to the day of her death but a few hours early before her tragic end. Rhiannon is asked to seek the truth as she isn’t the only victim of her downfall.

Rhiannon sets out to take her revenge as she’s given a second life by the moon goddess’s blessing. She promises to utilize this opportunity to seek justice for the tragic end of her past life and seek her redemption.

With memories of her past life, Rhiannon can reveal the true faces of her husband and his fated mate. Just when Rhiannon thinks her life is on track she meets the handsome Lycan King Gideon.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Rhiannon Meets Gideon

Gideon is a Playboy alpha, a powerful wolf, and is a fated mate of Rhiannon. Moon goddess has surely blessed Rhiannon with more than a second chance at life.

Rhiannon becomes the perfect Luna as she finds true love with Gideon and seeks her revenge for the past.

The Perfect Luna Novel by Marissa Gilbert is a must-read fantasy novel with a well-structured storyline with ultimate revenge by the heroine.

Read The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 By Author Marissa Gilbert

Part 2: The Perfect Luna Novel Characterization

Let’s meet the main characters of The Perfect Luna

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Heroine

Rhiannon, the female lead of The Perfect Luna. She’s kind and innocent as she works hard to be a devoted wife to her chosen mate Brayden and Luna to her pack.

She doesn’t give up on her marriage even when Brayden brings his fated mate without Rejecting her. Rhiannon is forced to face ultimate betrayal by her husband who cheats on her.

Rhiannon’s character is strong yet she fails to see the truth about the people she once loved. When she’s given a chance to go back in time, we see her character finally accept the truth and decide to fight back.

Her Character growth signifies the trauma of her previous life. In second life, Rhiannon is stronger and confident as she decides to play her haters.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Hero

Gideon, the handsome hero of The Perfect Luna. Gideon is a lycan King who is swooned by the female wolves for his handsome features and power. When he’s visiting a neighbouring pack he meets his mate Rhiannon.

Gideon is instantly drawn towards Rhiannon but she’s still married to Brayden which conflicts with their start. The Perfect Luna chapter 15 gives a sneak peek into Rhiannon meeting Gideon after the ball.

Brayden is the perfect antagonist of The Perfect Luna. He’s married to Rhiannon, his chosen mate but decides to betray her when he meets his fated mate

Brayden’s character is strong, deceiving, and manipulating as he plays with Rhiannon’s feelings by taking advantage of her love for him.

Roxanne is the perfect villain of The Perfect Luna. Omega by rank, evil by spirit. Roxanne is a true mastermind as she not only gets alpha Brayden’s fall for her innocent act but she also sets out to take Rhiannon from the Luna role.

Her evil intentions and her tactics raised an eyebrow to see how an omega, a low werewolf rank managed to pull such a big stunt. But with her tricks, she manages to fool everyone around her.

Part 3: Drama And Tension In The Perfect Luna Chapter 15

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Gideon Meets His Mate

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 is filled with Drama and tension as Rhiannon is reborn back in time before her tragic death due to Roxanne’s evil plan.

Rhiannon notices the way Roxanne has gathered all the Omegas together to manipulate them to support her. She acts innocent and apologizes in front of Rhiannon for calling the gathering of the Omegas.

Rhiannon can see the double-faced Roxanne’s evil intentions so she plays along and tries to pretend to be ignorant of her drama and acts innocent as she understands how Roxanne is trying to divide Rhiannon’s supporters.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 also adds to the tension of Rhiannon’s love life as she has just met her fated mate Gideon who happens to be the lycan King. With the Lycan’s support, Rhiannon can easily avenge the plan of revenge.

But Rhiannon is conflicted about the arrival of her fated mate after having lived the worst betrayal by her husband Brayden.

Roxanne acts all happy and curious to know more about Rhiannon meeting Gideon. In the chapter, we see Brayden has accepted Roxanne as his mate in public and has taken her as his partner to the werewolf ball.

Seeing her husband in another woman’s arms Rhiannon decided to dance with a handsome stranger who turns to be her mate Gideon.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 leaves us wanting more as Gideon barges in to see Rhiannon. The readers are curious to see the couple’s romance blossom.

Part 4: Most Searched Novel The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Review

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 Shows Rhiannon's New Start

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 is one of the satisfying chapters as we follow Rhiannon’s journey from the start. From being in love with Brayden to finding him cheating with Roxanne, his fated omega mate Rhiannon is subjected to a tragic end to her marital life.

But when she’s given a second chance we are curious to see how Rhiannon is going to turn her life.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 shows exactly how Rhiannon has gotten stronger by accepting the truth about Roxanne and Brayden’s affair. She’s no longer blindly in love with her husband and is ready to show him her true worth.

Rhiannon also meets her fated mate who happens to be a lycan King. Sparks fly as Gideon comes to visit Rhiannon in The Perfect Luna Chapter 15. To know more about Rhiannon’s journey check out The Perfect Luna by Marissa Gilbert.

Read The Perfect Luna Chapter 15 By Author Marissa Gilbert

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