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The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Read Online Free

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 is where Marissa Gilbert brings the perfect twist to her storyline as she gives Rhiannon a second chance at life after all the pain and suffering.

Rhiannon realises the true face of her husband Brayden and his fated mate Roxy who is pregnant and is planning to kill Rhiannon to take over as the perfect Luna role.

Chapter 63 sheds light on Rhiannon’s journey on the day of her death to her comeback after being given a second chance by going back in time before her death.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 signifies Rhiannon’s character’s growth as she decides to seek revenge for the sake of the people she loves.

Read The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 By Marissa Gilbert

Part 1: The Perfect Luna Story Overview

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Introduction

The Perfect Luna is one of the trending werewolf romances that is set against the backdrop of a rebirth of the female lead who carries the memories of her bitter fateful end in her previous life as she’s given a chance to go back in time.

The Perfect Luna begins with young Rhiannon who is fifteen years old but she’s been training to be a perfect Luna in the future. Being the alpha’s daughter Rhiannon is expected to be perfect in every task.

She meets Brayden, an alpha, and falls head over heels for him. The entire pack expects the two to be each other’s fated mates and is overjoyed to see the couple come together. But when they turn eighteen they realise they are fated to each other.

Without letting it get to their head Rhiannon accepts Brayden as her chosen mate as she becomes his Luna and perfect wife. She serves for the pack and makes sure to keep her husband happy while playing the perfect Luna role.

Things take a drastic turn when Brayden finds his fated mate Roxy. He fakes promises to Rhiannon stating he’s going to accept Roxy as his mate to not weaken his wolf with rejection as breaking the matebond is considered painful.

But soon Brayden starts to completely cheat on Rhiannon. Roxy on the other hand is an omega by rank and is jealous of Rhiannon. So she sets out a plan to take over the role of Luna.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Story Summary

Soon Rhiannon finds her husband cheating on her with Roxy and she’s taken back when Brayden asks for divorce. Like this wasn’t enough Roxy plans to kill Rhiannon and all her supporters.

Rhiannon is betrayed as she takes her final breath. But seeing her tragic end the moon goddess blesses her with a new beginning which is to go back in time before her life spiraled out of control.

Rhiannon carries the memories of the tragic night and is aware of the harsh betrayal bestowed on her. As expected Brayden finds Roxy as his fated mate and brings her to the pack while still married to Rhiannon.

However, this time around Rhiannon is not letting her husband fool her and is going to teach her husband and the evil omega a lesson.

Rhiannon’s life takes another turn as something unexpected happens as she finds the lycan King Gideon to be her fated mate. Before her rebirth, she had never met Gideon. This leaves us wondering if the moon goddess was planning a different fate for Rhiannon.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Importance

With Gideon by her side, Rhiannon is much stronger than she was before. This is her comeback where she’s going to make everyone pay for their mistakes.

The Perfect Luna is a perfect kick-ass heroine fiction that is based on a second chance at love and redemption storyline. Currently, the novel is topping all charts of best-selling lists with 3.3 million reads.

Author Marissa Gilbert has turned the book into a series called The Divine Wolves where we get to see amazing characters like Rhiannon come alive with the author’s creativity and brilliant story structure.

Read The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 By Marissa Gilbert

Part 2: Main Characters Of The Perfect Luna

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Characters

If you are excited to read about The Perfect Luna and can’t wait to know more about the interesting characters in Marissa Gilbert’s fantasy world, here is a brief introduction to the main characters from the story.

The Perfect Luna Rhiannon. She’s the alpha’s daughter who is loved by her pack for her kindness and innocence. She believes people around her easily. She’s put under people’s scrutiny to be perfect in her role.

She falls for alpha Brayden and marries him even though he’s not her fated mate. But in the end, her marriage ends with Divorce when Brayden meets his fated mate Roxy.

Rhiannon’s character realizes how she has failed herself trying to be good to everyone while she’s on the verge of taking her last breath after Roxy’s evil plan. But Rhiannon gets a second chance and that is to redo her destiny.

After going back in time, Rhiannon is a better version of herself. She’s confident and can easily understand the evil schemes of people around her as she pretends to be like she’s not aware of what’s going to happen.

Rhiannon seeks out to take her revenge on Brayden and Roxy. The Perfect Luna is a story that develops along with Rhiannon’s character.

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Hero Gideon

The Perfect Luna’s fated mate Gideon. He is the lycan King. His character is introduced by Marissa Gilbert after Rhiannon’s rebirth back in time before she got betrayed.

Gideon is a powerful lycan with handsome features and is considered a Playboy. But when he finds his mate he’s ready to do anything to win his mate Rhiannon’s heart. But after everything Rhiannon is afraid of love. Gideon’s persistence and his affection truly win Rhiannon’s heart along with readers’ praise.

Part 3: Why All Are Curious About The Perfect Luna Chapter 63?

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Popularity

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 is one of the most searched chapters by the readers. Let’s check out the Chapter 63 summary.

The Perfect Luna chapter 63 shows how Rhiannon found herself in one place she never hoped to revisit and that was the place of her death.

Rhiannon quickly realizes she has been reborn on the day of her death but she’s a few hours early and the tragedy is yet to happen. Her wolf Onyx informs her that this is what the moon goddess informed her to do.

Rhiannon with the moon goddess’s blessings had taken a rebirth, she could change her fate and not key evil Roxy’s plan come true. Before The Perfect Luna Chapter 63, we have seen how Rhiannon was betrayed by her husband who cheated on her with Roxy.

Stealing Brayden wasn’t enough for Roxy so she had planned so that she could get away with killing Rhiannon. But Rhiannon has seen how her life ended the first time she trusted her husband and others.

In her second life, was going to bait them so she could seek her revenge.

The Perfect Luna chapter 63 is one of the best plot twists a reader can find and this is the reason all the readers are curious to know more about it.

Part 4:The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Brings A New Plot Twist

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 Rhiannon

The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 is considered one of the best plot twists in the werewolf fantasy novel by Marissa Gilbert.

Rhiannon gets to relieve the day of her death as she’s given a second chance by the moon goddess. She’s a few hours early and this time Rhiannon can redo her destiny instead of being a victim.

Onyx, Rhiannon’s wolf advises her to look for truth carefully. Her rebirth gave her strength and that is to see the truth she was ignoring in her past. But this wasn’t only about her. She was not the only victim of Roxy’s evil plan.

Roxy had planned to end Rhiannon and her supporters. So Rhiannon decided to use the opportunity to redo things as she owed this to the people who had supported her throughout her life and she couldn’t let them down.

So Rhiannon decided to play along with Roxy’s plan and find a way to break her evil scheme.

The Perfect Luna progresses as Rhiannon is reborn and starts a mission to avenge her death in her previous life.

Read The Perfect Luna Chapter 63 By Marissa Gilbert

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