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All You Have To Know To Read The Vampire’s Servant by Rory Mcauley-Hayman

In a world where vampires and werewolves coexist in the same sphere, a young gifted orphan must learn how to navigate the life as a servant of a powerful yet eccentric vampire and as the target of a countless group of blood-sucking creatures crazy for her blood.

What happens when the master she serves begins to look at her beyond the clauses of their contract? Can she afford to fall in love despite the threats on her life and the risks of being with him? If she does, will it be worth the shot?

If you want to know more about The Vampire’s Servant novel, don’t hesitate to read further into the content!

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Part 1: Main Characters of The Vampire’s Servant

The Vampire Servant novel is a plot-driven story that constructs the plot through the perspective of its characters. Without having to know some significant details or information about the characters might put you on a disadvantage once you begin reading The Vampire Servant novel. It’s your right to gain a top-tier experience and we got your back for it!

Victor Nightshade and Echo Gale

The Vampire's Servant – Victor Nightshade

Starting off with the main hero and the first character to appear in The Vampire Servant novel, vigorous Victor Nighshade is the centuries-old vampire who’s on a desperate hunt to locate his ‘wayward childe’. For the last fifteen years, he’s been lurking on the shadows of several cities and shades of dark forests, unnamed and without any titles backing him up. Victor Nightshade doesn’t count as your normal vintage vampire. Unlike the stereotypical one, Victor doesn’t live in a eerily yet comfortable castle. He doesn’t possess an insurmountable amount of wealth. And most importantly, no servants are wandering around to dress him up and feed him everyday.

Needless to say, he’s a poor version of a vampire. But not because he was born with nothing. His past accomplice, Springer (a side character of The Vampire’s Servant novel), has emptied almost all of his possessions, using it for his own gain and vanishing completely into the darkness. His flee made Victor to live in a dormant space, unknown and just a nameless figure roaming around. His work was put into a hiatus and he was forced to abandoned his territory. For the last fifteen years he suffered and fumed in silence. When the time finally allows him to exact his revenge, he discovered more than what he expected.

He already know Springer has a menacity running in his blood. He’s entertained two or more ideas what had become of him for the last years he stayed hidden from Victor’s gaze. But damn, it was still a shock to him when he learned Springer has been feeding off a human, a minor, to be exact, for the past ten years. Because he’s always been keen and respectful to the rules of vampires, Victor swears to correct Springer’s actions. He investigated his string of deals, and by doing so, he ends up looking at the profile of Echo Gale, a young powerless human who’s been unknowingly exploited by her parents.

When they met, Victor has one thing in his mind. To remove her from the menu of his fellow vampires and give her a future where she doesn’t have to shed blood nor be controlled by anyone. He’s too invested in securing her welfare that he overlooked his stone cold heart was beginning to be melted by Echo’s innocence and warm smile. Will he act on the forbidden and uncalled affection he’s starting to develop or will he ignore it, let it decay like a good, apathetic vampire that he is?

The Vampire's Servant – Echo Gale

Before Victor Nightshade bought and adopted her, Echo Gale (the main heroine of The Vampire’s Servant novel) is a normal young girl that harbors a dark secret. She’s feeding off vampires as a part-time job and in exchange for that, she gets to enjoy little priveleges that already seemed big for her. Deemed as the odd and cursed one, Echo has always looked at herself as a burden. And to pay for that and be of use to her siblings, she let herself to be exploited by her parents.

When Victor presented the idea to buy her, she thought she’ll be plunging into another hellhole. Victor turns out to be the opposite. He’s kind, adorable and extremly protective. She felt loved and cherished by his side, something that her family failed to provide her ever since she was a child. But Victor isn’t the only vampire who sought out to be her partner. As time gradually stretches, she encounters more than one. To choose who will earn her heart is the question she’ll have to answer before her presence would demand further chaos.

Part 2: Free Informative Chapters of The Vampire’s Servant

Presented herein are the top two chapters of the first half of The Vampire’s Servant novel. You can view them by searching for The Vampire’s Servant free chapters online or by downloading the Dreame app. Either which comes first will lead you into the immersive world of Echo and Victor.

Chapter 1

The Vampire's Servant – Dark Alleyway

In The Vampire’s Servant Chapter 1, Victor is pinning Springer on the wall of a dark corner, fuming and shivering on intense anticipation. He didn’t expect the day would finally come that he will be able to see Springer in the flesh and hear about his betrayal personally. Springer begs him to spare his life. But the pent-up anger and viciousness he carried the last fifteen years can’t be tamed by a simple plead. A slip-up enabled Victor to discover Echo’s existence.

Chapter 4

The Vampire's Servant – Echo and Victor

Titled as ‘Meeting the Vampire’, The Vampire Servant’s Chapter 4 encapsulates the first meeting of Victor and Echo. Presented himself as a hungry client, Victor buys Echo off for two million dollars. Her parents agrees and though Echo resisted against the idea, she’s left with no alternatives than to be with the paled, handsome vampire.

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Part 3: Evaluation and a Similar Book on Dreame

The Vampire’s Servant by Rory Mcauley-Hayman is a brilliant vampire lore that introduces a whole new face of paranormal romance genre. The romance of Echo and Victor is something that any romance reader should not miss. It’s satisfying, elevating and extremely entertaining. The plot sustained every expectation I held ’till the very end. The showcase of dialogue and the unfolding of scenes benefitted its deliverance greatly, resulting to a narrative that can be remembered and re-read countless of times.

I had a great time reading The Vampire’s Servant novel and I would be a hypocrite not to share the experience and spread the word. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading!

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