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The Heiress’ Return And Revenge Novel Read Online

Jodie Gray had taken Simone’s life from her. Although it was not her fault as she was adopted by the Gray family after they lost their original daughter, Simone Gray. However, after Simone Gray returned to the Gray family, things were no longer the same for her according to The Heiress’ Return And Revenge Novel. Jodie Gray had acquired the love of the Gray family, and it was difficult for the Gray family to just abandon Jodie and transfer the love back to Simone even though Simone was the original Gray daughter.

On this occasion, Titus Gray, Simone’s elder brother approached her to ask her to give up her stead in a variety show for her sister, Jodie. That was what broke the camels’ back and made Simone decide to abandon her original family and pave the way for herself. Simone Gray was in the entertainment industry and had joined her family, Gray’s entertainment company, after she returned to the Grays but instead of things getting better for her, Simone’s life became worse and filled with betrayal and injustice.

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Part 1: All About The Heiress’ Return And Revenge

The Heiress' Return And Revenge Novel

Simone had made up her mind that she was not going to fulfil her brother and her adopted sister’s wish. Titus Gray had the audacity to ask his biological sister to step down from a role in a variety show and allow her adopted sister, Jodie to take it, just because Jodie said she wanted it. Why on earth will something like that happen? Firstly, since Simone returned to the Gray family, Jodie had maintained that she was going to leave the family since Simone had returned to take her rightful place, but she never actually left. As if the fact that Jodie had replaced Simone in the hearts of Simone’s family was not enough, she still wanted to rid Simone of a role that she had earned through hard work.

Simone was not going to accept it. She returned to the Gray family, but they had not publicly declared her as the lady of the Gray family, as her parents and brothers left the public still believing that Jodie was the Gray lady that they should all respect. A lot of injustices that Simone had faced were on her mind, and she had held herself together but this time, it was going to be a different ball game. Now, there is a little plot twist about the story. This life that Simone was living was the second one, and that was how she knew not to accept giving Jodie her place in the variety show.

According to The Heiress’ Return And Revenge Novel, this is how the original story happened before Simone was reborn. Simone was kidnapped. Herself and her sister, Jodie were kidnapped, and the kidnappers asked her family who they should release first, and Simone’s family agreed to release Jodie. It was not just Simone’s family that preferred to release Jodie instead of her, but Simone’s boyfriend, Leon was also on Jodie’s side. As a result, Simone had to plot to escape by herself, and that was how she got shot by one of the crazed kidnappers, and she died.

Simone was with her brother Aaron when she was four years old, and he took her out to play. When Simone got lost as a result of Aaron’s carelessness, the Gray family adopted a girl the same age as her, and lived with this adopted daughter until Simone was found a year ago and returned to the Gray family. However, the Gray family would not stop treating Jodie with preference. The Gray family always accused Simone of being the troublesome child among both of them.

How did the Gray family even find Simone? She lived with her master, the man who had adopted her after she got missing from the Gray family, and she managed to work and make herself become a C-list actress from an unknown person. That was how the Gray family who were also big wigs in the entertainment industry, found Simone and returned her to the family, asking her to terminate whatever contract she had with other entertainment companies, and allow her elder brother, Titus, become her agent, hereby joining the family’s entertainment company.

As soon as Jodie saw that Simone had joined the family’s entertainment company, she also indicated interest. Jodie had studied music and acting was not in her line of thoughts and imagination, but the fact that she wanted to rub shoulders with Simone, drove her to asking to join the family’s company, and just like Simone, she was mentored by her adopted brother, Titus, who was also her agent. When Jodie expressed interest in the role that Simone had in the variety show, the entire Gray family asked Simone to step down, to which, of course, Simone refused. The Gray family tried all they could, including guilt tripping Simone into backing down from the role, but Simone was determined not to give Jodie the chance to snatch her opportunity.

After all had been said and done, Simone packed her belongings and left the Gray family. That too did not come without its own share of drama as the Gray family, especially Simone’s brothers, threatened Simone that they would frustrate her efforts in the industry if she left the family, and that no company would sign her, and guess what? They did exactly as they had promised. According to The Heiress’ Return And Revenge Novel, Simone did not just leave the Gray family house, but she severed any ties with them, and luckily, she had not signed any formal contract with Gray Entertainment, as it was a family business, so there was no need for that. As a result, Simone was free to leave and no matter the threats from her family, she left indeed.

Simone moved back to the apartment that she was living in before the Gray family came for her. It was still available, and it still belonged to her, so she went back there and just as she was trying to get acquainted with her newfound peace of mind, a phone call entered her phone from someone who she never wanted to hear from again, her ex-boyfriend, Leon. This was the same Leon that had betrayed Simone in the past. The truth was that Leon did not even know that Simone was aware of his feelings for Jodie, and when she confronted him about it, he plainly denied it. Leon was calling Simone to also coax her into accepting her brother, Titus’ suggestion to forfeit the role she was supposed to play in the variety show, and have Jodie replace her.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of The Heiress’ Return And Revenge

Chapter 1

The Heiress' Return And Revenge Chapter 1

Simone Gray had just been reborn, and she started to act differently. In this chapter of The Heiress’ Return And Revenge Novel, it was narrated that Simone had a satisfied smile on her face when she woke up from a supposed sleep and checked the date. She instantly knew that she had returned to the past, and she smiled because it was her opportunity to correct all the mistakes that she had made, including the one that had her killed.

“Is this amusing to you? Jo wants to be in that variety show. What harm would it do if you just let that happen? Must you make the whole family unhappy?”

The statement above was made by Titus Gray. Titus had become Simone’s agent after they had found her from being missing years later, and now that she was supposed to take on a juicy role in a prominent variety show, Titus wanted to rid her of it and hand the role over to his adopted sister, Jodie.

Chapter 10

The Heiress' Return And Revenge Chapter 10

“I was simply expressing my opinion, telling your sister not to speak for me. Is that wrong? If you want to defend your sister, that’s your business, but please don’t take sides without reason and deliberately twist my words. Besides, what you say isn’t the law here, and this isn’t your home either. Not everyone has to cater to you and your sister.”

Simone Gray had gotten used to standing up for herself. The statement above was made by Simone to her brother, Aaron. Aaron was the person that had misplaced Simone when she was four years old and changed the course of her life forever. According to The Heiress’ Return And Revenge Novel, Simone was irritated by the way Aaron took Jodie’s side when Jodie was playing one of her nuances.

One would notice how Simone referred to Jodie to Aaron as “your sister.” It was pretty obnoxious, and readers would be able to feel the sarcasm behind the tone that Simone used to describe Jodie. She had cut ties with the Gray family after all, so if they loved Jodie and wanted her to be the daughter of the Gray family, then they could be her guests.

Part 3: Conclusion Of The Heiress’ Return And Revenge

The Heiress' Return And Revenge Read Online

The author of The Heiress’ Return And Revenge Novel portrays betrayal and revenge just like the title of the novel insinuates. Jodie had tasted the life that belonged to Simone, and she could not let go of it.Greed, jealousy, hate, and all-round strife became the order of the day as the two ladies tried to out-do each other. Well, the idea of outdoing one another was one sided because Simone was not interested in Jodie nor anything she had, but Jodie found herself trying to covet what belonged to Simone.

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