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Hot Chapters of Standing Before Love Novel

At the Chase Group’s banquet, Myra was humiliated by Eris, one of her husband’s numerous mistresses. Myra was on her own watching the banquet from a distance when Eris came gloating to her. Eris mocked Myra for putting up with Sean even though she knew that he was cheating on her relentlessly according to Standing Before Love Novel. While Eris was having a good time in making the wife of Sean uncomfortably, she suddenly spotted Sean walking towards them from afar, and then she changed her countenance.

Eris started to act as if she was an angel in front of Myra, and then she threw herself into the pond that was close to them, grabbing Myra in with her. It was a chaotic scene that Sean walked in just in time to witness. Desperate to save his preferred love interest, Sean abandoned his wife in the pool and only tried to pull out Eris, leaving Myra to sort herself out and get out of the pool alone.

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Part 1: Full Story Of Standing Before Love

Standing Before Love Novel Myra

Myra returned home that evening drenched and looking like a stranded rabbit. As soon as she returned home, the maid told her that her husband, Sean was at the study and wanted to see her, then seeing that Myra was soaked, the maid hurried to fix a bath for Myra. Myra’s heart was in pain as she thought of what had happened at the banquet. Her own husband had abandoned her when she was plopped into a pond and went to save another woman.

After Myra was done with her bath, she went to the study where the maid had told her that her husband had called her in, and before Myra would even get to knock on the door, the door swung open. Sean Chase stood at the door with a stern expression on his face. It is important to note that that day was Myra’s birthday. When Sean opened the door of the study, Myra immediately noticed a bouquet of flowers lying on the table, and her heart held on to some hope that maybe, just maybe, her unfaithful husband remembered her birthday and decided to honor her even though he had mistresses across the city.

Sean detested his wife Myra so much at this point, and he asked her why she threw Eris his mistress into the pool. Myra was speechless as she was not expecting that to be the reason her husband called her into the study. Well, she was not the person who pushed Eris into the pond, so she told Sean that he was mistaken but Sean would not have it, claiming that it was because Eris had told him to spare her if not it would have been another ball game, besides, Eris could not swim so Myra should have considered herself lucky. Myra could not believe her ears.

That aside, the bouquet of flowers on the table had drawn Myra’s attention, and she dared to ask Sean if they were for her. Sean could not help but scoff with scorn. Myra thought that because it was her birthday, Sean had bought her the flowers. Sean insensitively told her to get her hands off the flowers as he had not bought them for her, and after a series of back-and-forth arguments between them, Sean walked out of the study and left Myra at home on her birthday. Myra tried to cry but tears had dried up in her eyes, and even when the maid, Greta came to accompany her, she just brushed it off and went to bed.

The following day was not going to be any different. According to Standing Before Love Novel, even though Sean Chase was unfair to his wife, Myra, his mother loved Myra like a daughter and always told her that one day, Sean would warm up to her love and come around, but they had waited for as long as ever, while Sean only became worse as he was seen with numerous women at numerous intervals and numerous places.

While Myra and her mother-in-law were having breakfast the day after Myra had been humiliated by Sean and his mistress Eris, Greta the maid brought in the day’s newspaper, and guess who was on the headline? It was Sean with yet another woman again in front of a hotel with his arms wrapped around her. It was such an embarrassing sight, especially for Sean’s mother who happened to have seen countless such scenarios and had to witness the pain in Myra’s eyes as she looked at it again. No matter how much or how many times Sean’s mother apologized to Myra, it could not erase the fact that her son was a terrible partner.

Myra had to go to work even though her heart was heavy, so she left for work that morning, only to be confronted with yet another slap on the face. It was a never-ending cycle of humiliation for Myra as far as her husband, Sean Chase, was concerned. To think that nobody in the Chase Group knew that Sean and Myra were husband and wife was also something to take note of. Myra was a team leader at the company, and that was all the importance she had to her name in the Chase Group as nobody knew her as Mrs. Chase. It was so pathetic that another of Sean’s mistress existed in the Chase Group, and she did not decline to make herself known to her colleagues, including Myra.

To distract Myra from a tumultuous situation, one of her colleagues innocently announced that a certain popular stud in the city was returning after a long time away, and he was returning in an even better light than before. The Hart family were a popular family in the city, and the majority of the Hart kids either worked for the government or the military, so there was only one of them left to handle the family’s business directly. Tony Hart had returned to take over his family’s business, and all the single ladies in the city were aware of it, preparing themselves to be hopefully noticed by him. According to Standing Before Love Novel, Myra’s colleague was one of them.

Coincidentally, while Myra was listening to her colleague yap about the return of Tony Hart, she had remembered that she had to go to the Hart company for a business proposal, so she decided to go there with this colleague of hers, as it could be a way of treating her to behold Tony Hart whom she had been fawning over for a minute. As luck would have it, indeed, Myra and her colleague encountered Tony Hart in the elevator, and it was an intense moment between them. Eventually, Myra sparked Tony Hart’s interest, and he asked his assistant to investigate who Myra and her colleague were.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Standing Before Love

Chapter 4

Standing Before Love Chapter 4

“Come on, let’s head over to your dreamboat’s company and get you those moments of happiness that you look forward to.”

That was the decision that set the tone of what would be the reality of Myra’s life moving forward. Yes, she actually had business to handle at the Hart Group, but she did not imagine that she would later become the center of attraction for Tony Hart. After Myra and her colleague got to the Hart Group’s company, they were lucky enough to come in close contact with Tony Hart. Well, the person who felt lucky among the ladies was Myra’s colleague, as she was the one who was excited about Tony Hart returning to the city, but Myra struck him more as they had a direct encounter inside the elevator.

Chapter 8

Standing Before Love Chapter 8

“Were you having dinner with a bunch of other men again? Was it really a dinner appointment, Myra? Or were you fooling around behind my back? Why don’t you tell me how those business meetings of yours went, hmm?”

The effrontery of Sean Chase to suspect and reprimand Myra of cheating on him. This was the same man that was known all over the city for having numerous women hanging on to his arm as he showed off his masculine prowess, now, just because for one day out of several days in the past, Myra returned late because she was trying to secure a project for his company, Sean Chase was going crazy. On this same day that he was screaming at Myra according to Standing Before Love Novel, Myra saw him having sex and making out with her colleague, Elsie in his car. Sean Chase was a brat to have expected faithfulness from somebody he had been cheating on for a very long time.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Standing Before Love

Standing Before Love By Felicia Bradley

The author of Standing Before Love Novel had not a single time to waste as she directly narrated the plot of the novel without beating around the bush. Readers would love the abrupt and direct approach which the author uses to narrate the scenes and characters of the novel, and that is one feature that stands out tremendously in the novel, and gives it the uniqueness that it carries.

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