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Hot Chapters of The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel

Debbie, Lilly’s stepmother, deliberately threw herself down the stairs and screamed in horror as she was carrying a baby in her womb. The sinister woman who had become the wife of Stephen Hatcher after Lilly’s mother died, had other intentions in her mind when she was throwing herself down the staircase. Why did Debbie do that? The issue was that the Hatcher family were going bankrupt, and Debbie wanted to be free from them. She considered herself still able to catch the attention of other men and according to The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel, it would only be difficult if she had a child.

In other to get rid of the pregnancy without anyone knowing that Debbie wanted the baby out of the way, she framed Lilly up, threw herself down the stairs, and gave off the impression that it was Lilly who had pushed her. Of course, there was little to nothing that three-year-old Lilly could say to redeem herself from the unjust blame. Lilly stood at the top of the stairs looking at her father, Stephen Hatcher, furiously reprimand her and in fact ask that Lilly be thrown into the dark, scary and cold basement even if Lilly claimed to be innocent.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of The Princess To Eight Uncles

Chapter 3

The Princess To Eight Uncles Chapter 5

So Jean was the Crawford’s daughter, we have to go and get Lilly back.’

The Crawford boys, having received a phone call from Lilly, traced her back to the Hatcher’s abode where they saw her in a dire state. In this chapter of The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel, the Crawford men had just put Lilly in the car and were on their way out when Stephen Hatcher showed up, welcoming them for the visit. It was strange for Stephen to welcome them like that given that apart from the fact that they were a wealthy and renowned family, they had no prior business in common, at least not until that very moment. If they had no business in common, why was Stephen Hatcher not stunned to see them in his house?

The desperate man wished that he would get a favour or two from the Crawford’s and when he tried to be friendly with them, they simply dismissed him.

You did a good job, Mr. Hatcher.’

Words from Anthony Crawford, the leader and frontier of the Crawford family left Stephen in jeopardy as he struggled to understand the underlying meaning of what Anthony Harper said to him. It became a deep state of confusion in the Hatcher household following Lilly’s sudden exit from the family by the lead family in the city.

“Lilly…Lilly dear…little Tulip…Can you see me? Can you hear me?”

In this chapter of the novel, Lilly heard a voice say the above statement to her, but little did she know that there was more to that voice than the ordinary according to The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel. Lily’s uncles were in the hospital ward with her when she heard the above statement, and it was natural for her to think that it was any of them that was talking to her, except, Lilly did not know that she would soon meet the person that spoke to her in that hushed voice, and that the person was from the supernatural by all means. Lilly would soon meet her master.

Chapter 5

The Princess To Eight Uncles Chapter 5

“Stop it!”

“Do you know who I am? I’m the President of Ardor Hatcher Corporation. How dare you attack me? I swear that I’ll…”

The Crawford men attacked Stephen Hatcher at the parking lot according to The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel. They could not handle the information that they received from Lilly. Lilly did not directly inform the Crawford men that she was being bullied in the Hatcher home, but they could tell. First of all, they had picked her up from the Hatcher residence and had to dig her out from the snow.

Also, in the hospital, they clearly saw her body; frostbites stained Lilly’s body, and she dared to ask her uncles if they would let her eat when they took her to their house. Will they beat her? Lilly asked the Crawford men such a question and it was only evident to them that she was used to being starved and beaten up while she was at the Hatcher family house, so they plotted to give Stephen a taste of his own medicine.

Nothing prepared Stephen Hatcher to be attacked by anybody, talk more or less of the honourable Crawford men. The men were so honourable to the extent that even when they wanted to attack Stephen at first, one of them had called their attention to the fact that they were respectable men in the city and should not be seen doing something like that. In that case, they covered Stephen’s entire head in a sac before they started to beat him.

So much more happened in this chapter of The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel including the fact that Debbie planned to terminate Lilly. Yes, it was in this chapter of the novel that Debbie showed the gross disdain she had for Stephen Hatcher while he lay in the hospital after being beat up. She feared the Lilly would expose her tricks, so she nursed the first feeling of making Lilly disappear. Debbie also felt gross regret that she had been harming Lilly all this while, unknown to her that she should have made Lilly her friend since she was the daughter of the Crawford family.

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Part 2: All About The Princess To Eight Uncles

The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel

Lilly Crawford was young as she was, had faced the most intense life and struggle any kindergarten can imagine. To think that she was still a baby, yet suffered all the untold hardship which she did was kind blowing. Lilly was three years old and lived with her father and her stepmother. Stephen Hatcher and his wife Debbie were unrealistically mean to Lilly according to The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel. Why was their behaviour towards Lilly described as unrealistic, it was because Lilly was only three years old, and there was literally nothing a three-year-old would have done to warrant such a reckless behaviour from adults as big as Stephen and Debbie.

One day, the beginning of a different life for Lilly decided to happen, and it was the best thing that happened to Lilly even though she suffered greatly before she found the light at the end of the tunnel. Debbie who was pregnant at the time, decided that she no longer wanted to carry the child of Stephen Hatcher. Although Debbie had come to this decision, she did not inform her husband, Stephen, and continued to pretend as if she was on the same page with him but the truth was that she was not. The Hatcher family had become bankrupt, and it was only going to get worse so in lieu of that, Debbie, Stephen’s new wife and Lilly’s stepmother decided to rid herself from the Hatcher family.

Following Debbie’s sinister plan, she decided that since Lilly was a lonely and abandoned child, she would set her up so that nobody would know that it was a deliberate plot to kill the baby in her womb, and that was how Debbie threw herself down from the stairs and had a miscarriage. Of course, the innocent Lilly was blamed for it and Debbie pretended as if she felt bad for Lilly. Stephen, Lilly’s father was upset, claiming that Lilly had killed her unborn brother just as she had killed her mother through childbirth, and that Lilly was also responsible for the down toll that the Hatcher Group faced. Lilly dared to say that it was false, and she did not do anything to Debbie, only to be thrown into the cold basement where she stayed in fright.

Part 3: Conclusion Of The Princess To Eight Uncles

The Princess To Eight Uncles By Sally Nunez

According to The Princess To Eight Uncles Novel, Lilly was further taken out from the basement and kept outside under the freezing cold where she was asked to stay until she repented and told the truth. It was at this point that things started to change for Lilly. Somehow, when her father was scolding her, he dropped his phone in the snow unknowingly, and when he went back indoors, Lilly heard a voice that told her to pick up the phone and dial a number that this voice read out to Lilly. While Lilly was doing this, she had no idea who was talking to her and as far as she was concerned, it was all in her head. When Lilly made the call, Anthony Crawford answered it, and heard Lilly introduce herself as the daughter of Jean Crawford. Lilly sounded very fragile and scared over the phone and she could not even bring herself to say where she was before she fainted.

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