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Most-Talked Werewolf Romance Book: The Heartless Alpha by SVsmith

From a slave to the wedded mate of the heartless alpha, Lily, in The Heartless Alpha by SVsmith, could barely grasp everything that happened in a single day.

Treating her like the lowest form of life is one thing, but to sell her off like a piece of meat to an infamous man is a straight up act of blasphemy. Here’s how Lily will rise from a condemned she-wolf to the most powerful character of The Heartless Alpha novel.
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Part 1: Plot Summary of The Heartless Alpha

The Heartless Alpha - Little Lily

The story revolves around Lily, the prime character of The Heartless Alpha Novel by SVsmith, an orphan who’s unaware of her history and identity, who got adopted by the cruel leaders of the Snow Moon pack-Alpha Leo and Luna Tina.

She was five years old when she drifted into the borders of Snow Moon territory, and was found by Luna Tina in the kitchen of the packhouse. Where she’s from, how did she end up there, and what happened to her family are the unknown fraction of her memory that she’s been trying to recollect ever since.

No one could tell the reason she was there. Alpha Leo and Luna Tina didn’t try to investigate, as they primarily see Lily as nothing but a servant they could use for leisure.

Thirteen years later, and she’s still the helpless, weak and powerless child. The only difference is, she has gained intelligence, has developed bravery, and has found her voice. But the control over her life still remains in the hands of Alpha Leo. For the last years, they’ve put her through so much torture that Lily’s wolf didn’t develop sooner.

The Heartless Alpha - Married

Everything changed when Alpha Dimitri attended the monthly meetings of the alpha and Lily’s beauty captured his attention.

He tried to defy the bond, of course, as he viewed mates as an annoying inconvenience to everyone who has power.

To amend with his wolf, and make use of Alpha Leo’s pack, he used Lily as an excuse to gain authority. Unwillingly, he arranged for an instant wedding only days after he met Lily. This could be read on the gripping contents of The Heartless Alpha Chapter 1.

What he didn’t see coming and was totally unprepared for was Lily’s uniqueness. The first time he breaks off his character in The Heartless Alpha is in Chapter 12, when he barged into Lily’s room and scolded her for entertaining a man’s advances. From then on, their chemistry began to develop.

Both of them tried their best to ignore the bond, and the lustful cravings it caused in their body. But the affection, desire, and longing grows stronger everyday, it only took Dimitri several pushes before he began warming up with Lily.

In return, Lily welcomed his advances with open arms, finally accepting her fate with Dimitri. At the middle of the novel, their relationship has already progressed and Lily is healing day by day. Nothing seems to go wrong. Until the mystery of Lily’s past and her real identity began to crack open. Lily suddenly found herself entangled with threads of mysteries, crimes, and peculiar happenings that can only be cleared out if she sacrifices one of what’s truly important to her.

As she unravels the truth, Dimitri doesn’t hesitate to help her. And though their relationship is at stake and faltering, none of them gave up on each other, proving the love they shared is real and potent. They showed how adversities and hardships are nothing against the power of love, trust, and loyalty.

The Heartless Alpha Novel is available on Dreame, and has been setting standards and examples ever since the day it was introduced. The tone and style of the writing has captured many hearts of readers, and the numbers continue to grow every single day.

That is why, we compacted the significant details about The Heartless Alpha Lily and Dimitri, and have The Heartless Alpha read online for free!
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Part 2: Enticing Chapters from The Heartless Alpha

Chapter 1

The Heartless Alpha - The Wedding

In The Heartless Alpha Chapter 1, Lily’s wedding is only hours away, and despite knowing it days before, she felt like dreaming. She’s about to become the wife of an unknown man and be transported to somewhere else far from the pack. Though the event highly benefits her side, she’s still worried how everything will turn out.

Her questions got answered when the almighty and infamous Alpha Dimitri showed up and joined her in the altar.

Chapter 9

The Heartless Alpha - Lily Getting Ready for Shower

In The Heartless Alpha Chapter 9, Lily couldn’t believe Dimitri had the guts to storm inside her room after weeks of not speaking to her. How could he be so shallow and at the same time frightening? Not only did he catch her by surprise, he also caught her almost naked!

To lessen the embarrassment, she tried kicking him out. Politely, of course. But the bastard didn’t budge. He stayed and talked to her until Lily became so flustered, she blurted out some things that should never reach his ears.

It did, anyway, and that resulted in an argument. Before he left, he warned her to be cautious around boys, and avoid them as much as she could. Otherwise, he’d go berserk. This is where the romance between will start to bloom, and the plot of The Heartless Alpha novel will move forward.

Chapter 12

The Heartless Alpha - Dimtri Scolding Jennine

In The Heartless Alpha Chapter 12, Dimitri is pissed off because Jennine attacked Lily non senselessly. He confronted her with facts, emphasizing Jennine is only a fling and Lily is her mate.

Their relationship has always been based on sexual needs and if she touches Lily again, she’d be banished from the pack. His anger is so intense, he didn’t notice Lily to be listening. He immediately saw fear in her eyes. This bothered Dimitri for some reason.

Part 3: Evaluation on The Heartless Alpha

Mezmerizing and enthralling, The Heartless Alpha novel is the kind of book that everyone should read once in their life. It has the right amount of spice, romance, action and mysteries, all blended in to give life to its plot and characters. It’s admiring how it transformed so many literary tropes into fresh new ones.

The Heartless Alpha on Dreame is the first installment in the series. No wonder why it exuded perfection. It’s highly recommended!

The good news is, you can read this by downloading the app, and searching, ‘The Heartless Alpha werewolf romance novel’, right then, you can experience the magic all by yourself. Would that cost you anything? Nope, as The Heartless Alpha novel has free chapters online and a wide community of readers. Be one of them and read it now!
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