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Werewolves And The Dragons: “The Dragon King’s Seduction” Novel Read Online Free

Holding the King’s position means becoming responsible for the pack’s peaceful and harmonious life. That’s what Princess Xendaya’s Alpha King father is supposed to do.

Yet, Princess Xendaya ends up in the current place, where she replaces her younger sister to marry Agnarr, the ruthless dragon king. Not only Agnarr is the merciless ruler, but he is also never short of harem women collections.

What will Xendaya do upon realizing the dragon king wants her as a possession?

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Part 1: The Background Story Of The Dragon King’s Seduction Novel

The Dragon King's Seduction Novel

A civil war can change the atmosphere around the affected environment. That’s what the werewolf packs under Clair De Lune experience in The Dragon King’s Seduction novel. Clair De Lune’s leader, the Alpha King, and his Luna can’t seem to rest and enjoy the surroundings as they eat their food while minding about the war.

The start of Chapter 1 of The Dragon King’s Seduction novel implies these two leader figures’ deteriorating health due to their on-the brink position in the war. After all, as the leaders of all other packs, they have to think of ways to make peace within their pack, and, more importantly, outside the werewolf-verses.

That’s why Princess Xendaya’s Alpha King father invites a dragon tribe over to Clair De Lune’s upcoming party. The King wishes to make peace with the dragon tribe, but not just any tribes. The Obsidian dragon as the chosen tribe intensifies the backstory’s complexities in The Dragon King’s Seduction novel.

The Dragon King's Seduction PDF

After all, Agnarr the merciless, the leader of all Obsidian dragons, is known for his ruthless ways of dealing with women. He is never short of harem women collections, and rumors have it that this ferocious dragon king eats the hearts and drains the blood of the opponents he has killed.

At this point in The Dragon King’s Seduction, Princess Xendaya’s father seems to have planned something about her and her sister. One of his plans is to sacrifice one of his daughters to marry the dragon king. Hence, it makes Xendaya and Morwenna, her sister, subject to the dragon king’s ruthlessness in their currently mateless state.

So, Xendaya replaces her sister’s place to marry the dragon king and live in the kingdom of beasts. The question: How will this strong-willed werewolf princess preserve her integrity in front of Agnarr before this ferocious dragon king eats her alive?

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Part 2: The Amazing Characters Of The Dragon King’s Seduction Novel

Princess Xendaya Araqiel

The Dragon King's Seduction Xendaya

Princess Xendaya Araqiel of The Dragon King’s Seduction novel is the strong-willed daughter of Alpha King Kian Araqiel and Queen Morgana, the rulers of Clair De Lune, a society that organizes and rules over other werewolf packs. Like all of her siblings, Xendaya inherits the vampire blood from her mother, who used to be a vampire of the Sanguine pack before she married Kian.

Xendaya knows she doesn’t have to marry the ruthless dragon king to free herself, her sister, and the whole Clair De Lune society. However, she introduces herself as the dragon king’s bride-to-be to prevent him from chewing her sister alive. In the end, she struggles to live in a kingdom of beasts with far more ruthless treatment than in Clair De Lune.

King Agnarr

The Dragon King's Seduction Agnarr

Dragon King Agnarr of The Dragon King’s Seduction novel is more than just a dragon king coming from the Obsidian dragon tribe, the tribe that even the werewolf society recognizes as the worst dragon tribe ever in treating other beings. He is also more than just a killer with his threatening presence, towering heights, and thousands of harem women collections.

The latter aspects of King Agnarr make this dragon king not back off when Xendaya reminds him his tribe has much fewer species counts than the werewolves and that dragons struggle to give birth to their children. Furthermore, he is also more than just a possessive mate.

One of the proofs in The Dragon King’s Seduction happens when Agnarr threatens Xendaya with Morwenna’s life and fades away in darkness while warning the Wolf Princess of his future comeback after one week has passed.

Part 3: An Analysis Of The Dragon King’s Seduction Novel

The Dragon King's Seduction PDF Novel Online

“With great powers (and positions) come great responsibilities,” Such an adage pictures the storylines of The Dragon King’s Seduction. The previously-unmated Princess Xendaya of Clair De Lune might be the female MC of this novel. However, the storyline focuses more on the Kings’ attempt to preserve the peace among the werewolves and dragons.

The stories of The Dragon King’s Seduction novel open by telling us Alpha King Kian Araqiel, Xendaya’s father, feels puzzled in figuring out what to do to make peace with the dragon tribe. At the same time, Clair De Lune society is okay with the Silver dragon, the dragon tribe with much better treatment for other beings than the Obsidian dragon.

Reading it gives me an insight into Xendaya’s father’s arranged marriage plans for his daughters. After all, Xendaya and Morwenna are unmated at the beginning of the story. Based on my experiences reading similar novels, Kian might feel sorrowful that his daughters remain that way for so long, and he knows the Obsidian dragon tribe’s king has many harem collections.

Morwenna’s elegance could have won the Obsidian dragon king’s attention if Xendaya hadn’t intervened. After all, Xendaya’s strong-willed tendency can clash with Agnarr when she sees his thousands of harem collections. Xendaya only becomes Agnarr’s bride to save Morwenna from this king’s wrath. It signifies Xendaya’s honorable characteristics in The Dragon King’s Seduction.

Clair De Lune’s presence as the largest werewolf society in The Dragon King’s Seduction novel also becomes one of the unique points in this novel. After all, even the Alpha Kings refer to their groups as “packs”. The society’s presence and the King, Queen, and Princess titles, amplify the regal feel that this book possesses.

Part 4: Read A Similar Novel To The Dragon King’s Seduction

Similar To The Dragon King's Seduction

The dragons might have fewer populations than the werewolves. However, their authoritative powers are on par, if not exceeding, the Alphas and Alpha Kings and Queens in the werewolf empire. In other words, nobody has enough nerve to stop the dragon kings from getting what they want, including meeting up with their mates.

The dragons can be as dangerous as the werewolves when they are unmated for a long time. Their ferocity might increase upon their first realization of a much weaker mate. So, what about an alternative novel with story elements similar to The Dragon King’s Seduction, but with a human female MC to make the stories more relatable to “human female” readers?

The Dragon King’s Human Bride is the answer! This novel is similar to The Dragon King’s Seduction in ways that the dragons become regal beings with a viceroy or the king exercising authority. It was Abel, King Caspian’s viceroy, who found Sophia Melody, the human female singer, popstar, leading model, and Caspian’s mate.

Caspian himself has waited for a century while ruling his kingdom alone without a significant other. So, he feels mixed when he finds his mate upon his journeys to the non-magical world. What other things do Caspian and Sophia find? Only by reading The Dragon King’s Human Bride, we can get the answers!

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