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The Black Necromancer by Nilo_A | Best Fantasy Novel Review

As the novel’s title suggests, The Black Necromancer is all about an MC with Necromancer as the job. The MCs name is Leon Cromwell, yet, he doesn’t immediately become a necromancer. Instead, Leon used to be an average human working in a diner who was about to change his destiny by making deals with a modeling agency.

Unfortunately, a truck hits him and he dies on the spot. Leon may have been lifeless according to other people around him, and he also thought that he can no longer open up his eyes. However, Leon is shocked upon encountering so many skeleton bones. This time becomes his first realization that he has entered the world of The Black Necromancer.

However, Leon doesn’t only become a part of The Black Necromancer. Instead, his new identity is the Obsidian Skeleton Soldier, which belongs to a novice-leveled skeleton soldier in this novel.

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Part 1: Meet The Characters Of The Black Necromancer

Leon Cromwell

Leon Cromwell used to work in a diner. However, he barely meets the minimum living standards, so, he wants to change his destiny by registering himself with a modeling agency. Leon’s destiny begins to change as soon as he dies and encounters the world of The Black Necromancer, where he plays the role of the Obsidian Skeleton Soldier.


The Black Necromancer Megan

Megan of The Black Necromancer works in the same diner as Leon. However, this kind-hearted sees Leon as more than just another colleague. She sincerely believes that Leon can be more than he is now today, so, she asks Leon to grab a chance to be a model.

Her beauty and sincere nature win Leon over, even though we don’t know if her portions are still there in later chapters of the novel.

Part 2: Story Of The Black Necromancer

The Black Necromancer novels story starts by telling the readers that Leon Cromwell, the MC, works in a diner while he hears Megan, his co-worker, pushing him to register for a modeling agency. From reading the first few paragraphs of the whole book, I get the impression that Leon has been tired to live as a mere waiter.

So, Leon jumps to the opportunity that Megan has offered. However, an unfortunate situation hits Leon as he gets hit by a truck. He dies shortly afterward; while he is in the afterlife setting, he was shocked in finding lots of skeletons. Not stopping there, Leon also experiences additional shocks as he gets an introduction to The Black Necromancer System.

The Black Necromancer System doesnt only introduce how this new universe works; instead, the System also introduces to Leon his new identity in this new universe. Now, Leon is no longer a waiter nor a model in the human world; instead, he is the Obsidian Skeleton Soldier

And he should start his adventure in this novice-leveled job category. Millipedes and centipedes are among two creatures that Leon encounters as an Obsidian Skeleton Soldier in The Black Necromancer.

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Part 3: Meet The Author Of The Black Necromancer

The Black Necromancer by Nilo_A

Nilo_A is the official username of the author of The Black Necromancer. When I read the ways Nilo_A pictures the scenes and develops the characters in The Black Necromancer novel, I immediately think that he is a male, and it turns out that I am correct.

Right now, Nilo_A may only be 19 years old, however, it doesn’t mean that he is an unproductive writer. Until now, Nilo_A has authored at least ten fantasy novels, and The Black Necromancer is one of the novels from Nilo_A. Not stopping there, The Black Necromancer also becomes Nilo_A’s most popular novel.

Until now, more than 7k readers have put The Black Necromancer novel into their reading lists. It is also a recently-updated novel, with more than 300 chapters. For your information, other novels by the same author only have around 50-200 chapters.

Nilo_A is from Nigeria, which means, English is not his first language. However, I appreciate the ways he makes the story elements in this novel so understandable. The sentences are organized, and the language is also flowing beautifully.

Part 4: Alternative To The Black Necromancer

Similar to The Black Necromancer

In the novel, The Black Necromancer doesn’t stay as the title of the novel. Instead, it is a name of a System that the MC accesses through unfortunate things that happen to him in a real life.

While Dreame also has lots of fantasy novels involving a necromancer class, I would like to recommend FullMoon Necromancer, since the story elements are so identical to the ones in this novel.

In Dreames FullMoon Necromancer, the title of the novel also becomes the title for the System. However, unlike the MC in The Black Necromancer, Mizan as the MC of FullMoon Necromancer doesn’t get killed when he activates the System. Instead, he is the killer himself.

Summary of FullMoon Necromancer:

Mizan, the MC of FullMoon Necromancer, has lost his father before the story begins. Unfortunately, the person who kills Mizans father becomes his stepfather. So, Mizan proceeds to kill his stepfather. However, as soon as he gets revenge, an explosion occurs and he also loses his life.

Just when Mizan thought he has lost his life, he reincarnated into a continent named Okha, where the magic begins and flows. There, he reincarnates as a boy named Kans. Now, Mizan a.k.a Kans receives a strange message from a system named the FullMoon Necromancer System.

True to the system’s name, this system works with the player to make the player a #1 Necromancer. The status window shows the MC that the MC has to start his whole new life as a Basic-leveled Necromancer. Then, the MC can master new skills as the MC unlocks new levels.

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