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The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within Free Chapters Read Online

Tatiana who for centuries has watched the love of her life die and be born again. Each time, their love would be cut short by the ravages of time in the alpha’s curse: the enemy within. Nonetheless, time was never something that could dull her love for him, she would spend her entire life looking for him.
To her time was never something that could dull her love for him. If need be, she would spend her entire “immortal life looking for the man she loves. However, what will happen to that love when he is reborn as a werewolf, the natural enemy of her vampirism? Bound by destiny yet cursed by society, Tatiana must convince the love of her life, Xander, that their love is stronger than centuries of war and hatred.
But their union seems an anomaly in a world where wolves and vampires hate each other. She has to choose to love or give up. Let’s get to know more knowledge about The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within pdf full novel together!

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Part 1: The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within by Best Writes – Review

The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within novel is written from the point of view of various characters like Sheila, Killian and 3rd person. It is a werewolf supernatural romance, with hints of abuse both physical and emotional, in Sheila’s past and from her Mate.

I’ve ready many books containing abuse but with The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within I struggled with getting into the story. I really felt that Sheila was undeserving of all the mistreatment she had been subjected to, and was struggling with the idea of reading more or of her forgiving those who had caused the abuse in the first place. This book could be triggering for some readers. I found Sheila’s lack of will to fight against the mate bond concerning, considering the way she is treated by her Mate.

Personally The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within free pdf isn’t for me, there is character development and mature scenes but struggled through the first few chapters with difficulty purely because of the lack of self control of the female lead around her Mate.

The plot is interesting, leaving lots of intrigue to encourage you to read on. Who is Sheila? Who is Thea? What choice will Alpha Killian make? What is the enemy packs plans with Crescent North Pack? What happened between them? And why and what is this Curse on Alpha Killian and Crescent North Pack?

The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within - Girl and white wolf

Part 2: The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within – a Deeper Look

The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within – a sneak peak at the begining

As daughter of the tyrant Alpha Lucius of the Silver Moon Pack, Sheila was used to rejection. When Alpha Killian Reid of the Crescent North Pack charged her pack lands with a troop of warriors, no one expected that these two would be mates.

Yet Alpha Killian kept refusing her, the two Alphas deciding Sheila’s fate as if she wasn’t even there. With a cold and threatening tone Alpha Killian agrees to take Sheila with him, a choice he doesn’t seem happy with, unlike her father who cannot hide his satisfaction at sending her off with the enemy.

It becomes apparent very quickly that Alpha Killian is not saving Sheila, upon their arrival to Crescent North Pack we meet Thea, Alpha Kilian’s chosen Mate. Sheila doesn’t get a chance to even fully understand what is happening before she is sent to the dungeons for the night.

She’s given chambers within the castle along with a set of rules that she must follow, making her as much of a prisoner to her Chambers as she was in the dungeon. At this point Alpha Killian is sure that Thea is the one who will break his curse, not the daughter of his enemy.

So much so that when the elders arrive requesting to perform the Luna ceremony between he and his mate, Alpha Killian informs them that any ceremony that is performed will be between him and Thea. The elders insist that either the ceremony is between fated mates or he officially reject his fated mate.

Alpha Killian is about to reject Sheila when something stops him and instead he forcefully insists that she take part in the Luna ceremony. During the ceremony Sheila is about to reject Alpha Killian until Thea walks in uninvited to the ceremony, out of spite you see her change her mind and agree to be Luna if only as an attempt to keep Alpha Killian from Thea.

During the Luna ceremony we meet Alphas from an enemy pack witch leaves intrigue into who is Sheila? And what is this packs plan for Crescent North Pack and Sheila?

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The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within - goddesses gift

Part 3: The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within- Meet the Characters


Sheila didn’t receive her wolf at 16 like all other pack members, so she is shocked that she received a mate, despite she had been hoping for one who would take her away from the rejection she felt from her father and their pack. She soon realises that isn’t the kind of mate she has gotten.

Her life at Silver Mist Pack was not a happy one, even her father had had her tortured and although that was a painful torture the torture of her Mate locking her into he dungeon and just leaving her there on her first night was more emotionally painful than the physical pain she felt at the hands of her father.

Despite her past and her current abuse from her father and now Alpha Killian Sheila is still determined to stand up for herself however this never seems to go well for her, but she seems to lack any will power to fight the mate bond despite her treatment.

At the smell of his scent she tries and fails to resist even his scent her body to reacting to his without any fight in her mind of it being wrong only thoughts of his beauty.

The Alphas Curse: The Enemy Within - girl and black wolf

Alpha Killian Reid

Alpha of the Crescent North Pack, he is the most powerful alpha. His demeanour towards Sheila is cold, dominating and intimidating. He did not want Sheila as his mate he already had a chosen back at his pack, Thea who he had strong feelings for.

Alpha Killian was cursed by his own father, and only the one with the gift of the goddess could save him and his pack. He is strong willed and determined to resist the Mate call, yet he does agree to make Sheila his Luna.

The Alpha Killian is also incredibly secretive, he has kept the curse of his pack from almost everyone for a very long time not even telling the elders, doing everything he can to find a way to break the curse. Now he is sure that Sheila is the answer however he still keeps her at an arms length resisting the mate call despite he made her his Luna.

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