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Nerve-wracking Werewolf Story Review: The Alpha’s Surrogate

In introducing the novel, even though the saying ‘nobody is perfect’ has been abused in many quarters, the fact still remains that nobody is perfect.

But Luna Petra and Beta Orion of Sirius Bright Pack went way over the line of everything imperfection, when they deliberately chose to undermine everything marriage, betaship and lunaship held sacred. And for their sins, Orion would be beheaded and Petra rejected. If you’re craving similar werewolf stories,

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Part 1: The Main Characters Of Alpha’s Surrogate by Pooja

We can’t successfully analyze the story if we don’t first examine the main characters. Now, apart from the offensive Luna Petra and Beta Orion…

Alpha Xavier Lincoln is the main protagonist of Alpha’s Surrogate by Pooja. He’s also the alpha of Sirius Bright Pack, about twenty-four, tall, powerful, and handsome.

Kiara is the female protagonist of the alpha’s surrogate pooja. She’s tall and pretty, about eighteen years old.

Now, a snippet of the storyline…

alpha's surrogate kiara

Part 2: Storyline of The Alpha’s Surrogate read online

Alpha Xavier loved his Luna with so much passion. The wolf’s instincts and rules weren’t the only reason for this. They’d all grown up together, yes, Xavier, his twin, Orion and Petra. And in all those years, Xavier had secretly nursed wet pants for Petra. Having to mate with her was a dream come true for him. Therefore, it was without much effort that he adored Luna.

But Petra had secretly been in love with Orion. She couldn’t make the relationship public, since she was an Alpha’s daughter and wasn’t ripe for mating. But she was seeing him in secret and they’d started graduating to the stage of touching each other, by the time she mated to Xavier.

Her finding her mate wasn’t enough to caution her, and her stupid lover was so foolish that he preferred to be the side guy in Alpha Xavier and Luna Petra’s marriage. He followed Petra like a goat on ropes to the Sirius Bright Pack, living under the same pack house and pretending to be totally loyal to his childhood friend and Alpha while screwing his wife behind him.

Well, as the saying goes ‘every day for the thief and one day for the owner.’ Xavier Lincoln walked in on his over-ambitious wife bedding his best friend and asking for a child in the process. She was asking for a child that she was denying Xavier, claiming she was rendered infantile after her miscarriage.

After Xavier discarded her and beheaded his betraying friend… he swore never to trust, not to talk of touching another woman. He grew in his disgust for women, trusting only his own hands to bring him pleasure for an entire two years. Until a stupid second son of an alpha raped his blind cousin and murdered her.

Xavier went to war and in his bid to exterminate the Ardara Moon Pack for their son’s treachery, he would meet the fearless Kiara who’d been mistreated by her hateful male family members, all her life. To atone for her family’s wrongdoing and to save their lives, she would become his surrogate, as we would find in the hot chapters below.

alpha's surrogate alpha xavier

Part 3: Action Filled Hot Chapters of alpha’s surrogate

Alpha’s surrogate chapter 8: mistreated miss of her family

Alpha Xavier had agreed to keep Kara’s family members alive as soon as she agreed to become his surrogate. And had kept his word, but he’d absorbed their territory nonetheless and had decided to leave his twin brother in charge of them.

Xavier had also made a deal with Kara’s father that he intended to keep a secret from her. That night as they prepared to sleep, he searched her single suitcase and found nothing special, his heart was broken that she was the mistreated miss of her family.

Alpha’s surrogate chapter 9: unexpected guest

That night was the second time both Xavier and Kiara were sleeping together in the same bed. While Xavier was relaxed around Kiara, for so many reasons, Kiara was most uncomfortable around him. It was her first experience with the opposite sex and she didn’t know how to comport herself.

This particular night, she’d slept carelessly and had rolled into Xavier’s arms unconsciously. Well, the pack was unexpectedly visited by Xavier’s grandfather who encouraged Xavier to marry and mark his mate.

Part 4: Introducing the Author and Evaluation of Alphas Surrogate

alpha's surrogate kiara and petra

There are a few lessons we must imbibe from the novel. The Bible says what God has joined together, let no one put asunder. The Moon goddess had joined Xavier and Petra together, it was not his brother’s duty to spy on them or inform his brother. Finding out that almost destroyed Xavier.

With that in mind, sleeping with people who are already married to other people is a terrible thing to do. One way or another, it must be discovered, and just like Orion died for it, a similar fate awaits every perpetrator.

Now, Alpha’s Surrogate was written by one of dreame’s renowned authors – Pooja. She has about seventeen hot books to her name and has won a few contests. Alpha’s Surrogate on its own has about eighty-one episodes and is completed. The Alpha’s surrogate read online, is presently entertaining thousands of readers.

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