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Read About the Best Fantasy Book Free Online: The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9

I’ve never been a fan of going to unfamiliar places, but it’s usually quite nice to take a short trip sometimes. But Clark in The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9, has a few responsibilities, so this is not a vacation or sightseeing adventure. Her future would be determined by this trip, and maybe it won’t her getting kicked up in a castle.

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Part 1: Main Character of The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9


The Alpha King's Human Mate Chapter 9: Clark

Growing up the way she did in The Alpha King’s Human Mate, Clark managed to somehow stay safe from the toxic nature of creatures of intelligence. It’s not to say that her life was torturous or anything like that, but that her heart was never tainted by dark emotions which are bred from the dissatisfaction that came with a tiresome existence.

The most likely reason could be that her father was just such a person that genuinely wanted the best for his children. I mean, despite Clark’s thoughts and assumptions of her place in their lives, her father truly treated her well. The Alpha didn’t shirk his responsibility just because he thought her an eyesore. Yes, maybe her presence did remind him of his time with a human, maybe he wished she could have the wolf gene like his other two children. Or maybe it was that he wanted this daughter of his to not feel left out for any reason.

I’m not trying to make assumptions for him though, but a truly hateful and disappointed father wouldn’t care as much.

In The Alpha King’s Human Mate, Clark is a type of girl much used to keeping to herself. She has a close friend, but that’s about it for any social connection she could make. Truly, her status as the Alpha’s daughter protected her from some unhappy experiences. But Clark’s ideas about her presence give a peek into the festering self-blame that took root over the years.

Clark’s personality is nice, reasonable and very likable.

Fate can be a tricky thing and love at first sight can be unreliable. What truly awaited Clark quite possibly would be the start of an even bigger problem. However, we must wait and see.

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Part 2: Why is The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9 So Generously Praised

The Alpha King's Human Mate Chapter 9: Griffin

In The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9, the three siblings are on their way to the castle, and when they arrive, the sights that greet them could only be called a bombardment of splendor. There’s no way they wouldn’t have pictures it in their minds. But as usual, the picture could never live up to the reality.

I’ve found many cases where my expectations fall short of reality (lol, nothing inappropriate). The reality was so much greater than the picture that my mind could have generated.

Looking at The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9, you can tell the efforts of the writer to produce a detailed description and immersive experience for the reader. Not to mention the excitement of going someplace new and most likely a turning point in a generally amazing storyline.

The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9 is pretty much where it all comes together. Where the major event takes place. It’s the emergence of the three siblings into the ancient structure that had determined countless lives before theirs. There was history behind the opulence. Shadows flitted past the great walls, and the siblings brought with them a silent hope that everything would end up okay.

Clark had come far to be honest. Her life wasn’t all that perfect, but she stuck it out and maybe what lay on inside the castle was a reward and not a punishment. If she turned out to be the person that the prince was waiting for, then maybe her destiny would shine even brighter.

Best Part of The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9

The Alpha King's Human Mate Chapter 9: Lily

The best part of The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9 in my opinion, would be the moment that Clark gets the news about dining with the Alpha King. Then, there was the possibility that all things that had happened were all leading up to this present occurrence. She was meant to be here and nowhere else.

Part 3: A Few Thoughts on The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9

The Alpha King's Human Mate Chapter 9: Sebastian

We all probably have different views on this trip that Clark’s taking. I’m sure a lot of people are thinking that it’s an opportunity or that she should be pretty darn happy that her life might turn around as soon as she steps into the castle. But let’s be very freaking honest, for those who never had a problem fitting in, it’s easy to call it an opportunity. However, if you’ve ever experienced that terror of being in the midst of strange people or those of a different status, there’s no way you won’t feel concerned for Clark. Yes, her life could change and be luxurious, but at what expense? And, what guarantees that she’ll be happy in the castle?

Sometimes, I feel that we’re all so superficial to the point that nothing but the food we can eat, the clothes we can wear or the buildings we can attain, are all that matter to us these days. Well truthfully, there’s very little meaning to human existence these days, compared to old times when love, affection and family were the final determinants of a person’s life. All around, the majority were looking forward to settling down. But nowadays, there’s only what material benefits you could gain. It makes me doubt those that confess their true love. Well, I am in no position to judge or criticize the love-life of others. What I will say is, live well and make sure your love is true and right.

Back to The Alpha King’s Human Mate Chapter 9, Clark and her siblings have different feelings about what lay within the castle. Neither was overly excited, just solemn. I’d be too if there was a chance that I’d be stuck in there forever. See, she just arrived and now she’d meet the host.

Part 4: A Small Glimpse of The Alpha King’s Huaman Mate Chapter 9

The Alpha King's Human Mate Chapter 9: Clark and Griffin

The moment Clark’s feet touched Canadian ground, there was a change in the air. She couldn’t put words to it, but Clark felt it in her bones-and it wasn’t just the freezing Canadian breeze either.

As they headed to the sleek black SUV that was supposed to transport them to the King’s castle, Clark had the instinctual urge to run. To climb back into the plane and beg the pilot to take her home. What was wrong with her? Now that Clark was here, it felt like somebody had shoved her body into flight-or-fight mode.

She needed to pull herself together.

Clark took a long, deep breath and climbed into the SUV after Lily and Sebastian.

As the driver pulled up to a large iron gate with several security guards, Clark felt she must’ve looked like an idiot. Her eyes grew wide, and her jaw had gone slack. It was massive, bigger than she thought it would ever be.

It looked like the kind of castle you’d see in a Fairytale-it was situated on a mountaintop, and the actual castle was all white stone and stained-glass windows. The entire palace was coated in snow, but from a distance, it almost looked like powdered sugar.

Below the castle and all down the mountain, there was a forest covered in evergreen trees. It was beautiful and secluded. For a moment, her brain registered how isolated this place was.

The last hour of the drive had just been windy mountain roads under the thick cover of clouds, snow, and trees. No wonder the Alpha King wanted to live in the middle of the Canadian mountains; Nobody was going to be able to leave without his say-so.

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