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Read the Wonderful Werewolf Fantasy Review: Fates Hands

Every day it becomes increasingly more obvious that intelligent beings are usually misread or shrouded in a way that their true nature cannot be gleaned unless one probes deeper. Yes, it’s not just humans that I’m talking about. Stupidity isn’t limited to one species, same as cruelty. In Fates Hands by Lori Ameling, we’re exposed to true wickedness.

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Part 1: The Story of Fates Hands

Fates Hands by Lori Ameling: Lily

Fates Hands by Lori Ameling is a piece that follows the experience of a young female named Spare. Yes, Spare as in spare tire. Spare grew up in an unfavorable environment. No one was there to care for an unremarkable she-wolf like herself, therefore Spare took care of her own well-being. She fought hard and endured torture just so she would survive long enough to escape from the hell she was born into.

However, before Spare could escape, someone found her. This someone has no plans of letting her go to a place he couldn’t see or locate. It turned out that Spare had found her mate by chance. He was perfectly fine, but his appearance did throw all her plans into disarray. Fortunately for Spare, her mate became the rescue she needed. He even made sure she changed that godawful name. Spare became Adira.

Going from pain to relief can be unsettling for most. The change making them distrustful of how long the peace would last. However, Adira finds herself surrounded by a pack that truly sought after her good health. She found a place where she was wanted, desired, cared for and loved.

Meanwhile, things at Adira’s previous pack turned pretty raucous due to her disappearance. While they searched for the little, she-wolf who could expose them completely, this pack had no idea what trouble lay ahead.

At the beginning, it wasn’t hard to feel the creeping wariness that comes from reading too many similar stories. But while it had such elements that are easy to come across in various other romance and fantasy titles, I still found the quaintness that was attached to the story.

Part 2: The Main Characters of the Story of Fates Hands by Lori Ameling

Adira (Spare)

Fates Hands by Lori Ameling: Adira

She was born a twin. Adira’s whole miserable experience could be summed up with that one sentence. While her sister, Lily, seemed to take all the best genetic traits, Adira was practically bland in comparison. Her looks were considered lacking because she didn’t have the beautiful blonde hair, the bright green eyes nor the perfect figure of her sister. Adira grew up shunned by her own parents, abused by them, all because she didn’t satisfy their vanity; they wanted a daughter that was picture perfect and Adira was a shame to them. All the while, the protagonist’s safety and happiness cause lots of consternation.

While Lily was showered with love and material things, Adira worked hard for what she earned.

In Fates Hands, Adira’s character is frugal, sincere, stubborn, but very understanding. You could say that being treated so poorly by her parents gave Adira the perfect reason to be better than them. Although she was tortured, they couldn’t be bothered to teach her their disgusting way if life. Therefore, out of two sisters, one was spoiled rotten to the point where she had no problem sleeping with her uncle, and the other knew to value herself more.

We could say that it’s not always coming up on a sad end, even when it seems like it. Our character and ability truly determine how far we’ll go and who we encounter on our journey. Maybe Adira’s personality would’ve been as hateful as Lily’s if they were raised the same, and maybe not. We can’t really tell these things.


Fates Hands by Lori Ameling: Duncan

He’s an Alpha, also a little too good to be true, but who am I to judge?

We’ve seen possessive wolves before, but every once in a while, you can’t help but be astounded by the degree that it can go up to.

Duncan’s mission led him to Adira, and his heart can hardly take all the suffering that she’s been through. He wants nothing more than to pummel her parents and sister to the ground. However, his most pressing concern is Adira’s health and safety.

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Part 3: A Small Measure of Critical Thoughts About Fates Hands

Fates Hands by Lori Ameling: Adira and Duncan

My first reaction to the story wasn’t the excitement that comes with the beginnings of an adventure. Rather, it was frustration, anger and a little sorrow. Some of the scenes in the beginning chapters might seem a little far-fetched to some people, but the truth is that abuse by dissatisfied family is usually quite common and not limited to non-blood relations. A lot of people are subject to it every day, and few are able to survive it.

Fates Hands by Lori Ameling is a book that truly immerses you in the life of the protagonist. With every scene and chapter, you find yourself closer to something big and unexpected. There’s just something about the hands of fate and the damage that karma can do, it’s all just really fascinating.

While the story opens up a bit too early with the spontaneous meeting, it managed to endure without seeming too simple and half-hearted. The characters of the story are quite amazing as well, with some really interesting storylines moving concurrently with the main.

The themes of Fates Hands are varied. The author makes her arrangements is quite an experienced way. Opening with the theme of neglect was a great choice and characterizing the protagonists with abundant kindness and intelligence was also pretty good. But maybe it highlighted too much of the flawed personalities of other Characters. There’s such a huge gap.

On a different note, the tone of the novel creates a certain warmth in the reader. I must say that it’s pretty cool the simple nature of each character and their consistency.

A Little Something About the Author of Fates Hands

Lori Ameling is the author of the Fates Hands trilogy. She lives in northwest Ohio and has other books in the works. You can check out other titles she’s worked on, The Elixir, and Never Again.

Part 4: A Great Chapter from Fates Hands by Lori Ameling

Chapter 5

Fates Hands by Lori Ameling: Marco

Eric got home and it was chaos, his brother the Alpha was yelling out orders to various pack members. His wife was crying in the corner and his daughter was no where in sight.

He had plans for Adira but all that was messed up. Not to mention what the repercussions will be, should she start talking to people. He wasn’t too worried about her talking though, for one thing, who is she going to tell? She knows no one.

Just then Lily came through the door, she went straight to the Alpha. Eric knew his brother entangled be with his daughter on a regular basis. He wasn’t sure how that will end, if it continued much longer he would end it himself.

Lily reported her findings; Adira’s workplace, the Ridgewood hotel.

Alpha Micheal let out an angry growl as he made the connection. He was furious, his plans for that girl were going to make him a lot of money.

Either way he wanted her back and locked in his pack house. Once she is there, she won’t leave ever again, if she was still a virgin, he would sell her to the highest bidder. If she wasn’t pure, well he could have some fun with his niece. Not like he hasn’t had enough fun with her sister.

Just then one of his enforcers ran in, and he gave the name MacPatton. They’d already activated the tracking on Adira.

Meanwhile, Duncan listened to the doctor talk about Adira’s health and the tracker they found on her.

He was furious, but first things first. Duncan called for Marco and gave him instructions to send the tracker to the werebear territory. He’d see how far that trash pack would get.

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