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Read One of the Coolest Fantasy Novels Online Free: The Alpha King’s Human Mate

There’s much that we don’t understand about the world, yet we blindly move forward, hoping that we don’t take the wrong step. The Alpha King’s Human Mate will bring that cautious awareness of your biological makeup back to the surface. There’s much to be grateful for, but also a lot to despair about.

It’s a cool piece with amazing themes. Just see the next one after, it’s just as amazing.

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Part 1: Main Character of The Alpha King’s Human Mate


The Alpha King's Human Mate: Clark

She’s a young woman dealing with her hard-to-stomach existence. In The Alpha King’s Human Mate, Clark understands that her life came at the cost of the perfect marriage her father could have had. Clark didn’t hold any delusions that she was wanted or loved by her father and his family. Clark understands that they only put up with her presence. She was the reminder of their failure. For this reason, Clark knew that she could not remain with them. She had to find her own way out into the world where her future would be hers to deal with

While her family wasn’t cruel, their silent disappointment cut deeper for Clark. This was the way she’d grown up. It was an imperfect life, and she was amidst a different species from her. Clark did not fit in with these wolves, and no one could convince her otherwise.

It was why she wasn’t so bothered about meeting her mate on this trip to the Alpha King’s palace. There was no way a human like her would be the Alpha King’s mate. But then again, the elder had mentioned the tiny possibility. It was rare, but it did happen. A wolf could have a human mate.

But what would it look like? The stories terrified Clark, but she consoled herself that it wouldn’t happen. If it did, then would she not be just another ornament or beloved pet that was kept at home and unable to go out into the sun? Wolves get too possessive apparently.

However, there was the possibility that her fears would be realized and also that they would never be. What will Clark do when she sees the end of her past life as she knows it?


The Alpha King's Human Mate: Griffin

He is the son of the Alpha King and the soon to be Alpha King. Griffin’s appearance in Clark’s life was pretty much expected, but the feeling of everything coming together still makes the wait worth it. The two people are a perfect fit.

The next story will be to your liking.

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Part 2: The Story of The Alpha King’s Human Mate

The Alpha King's Human Mate: Sebastian

The Alpha King’s Human Mate follows a human girl named Clark, who’s born through the affairs of an Alpha werewolf and a human. She has no wolf gene, but that doesn’t stop her life from going down the werewolf path.

Clark, who was usually exempted from any werewolf matter, finds herself at a crossroads. While she did not have the werewolf gene, Clark was still required to be in attendance with her other siblings at the Alpha King’s palace. They may have used the guise of diplomatic relations, but anyone with common sense could tell that there was an ulterior motive behind inviting the daughters of all known Alphas. This was the predicament that Clark found herself in. She was very much human, but her Alpha father’s blood still flowed in her veins. While the chances were slim, it was a possibility that Clark would have a werewolf mate. So much for being human.

I can’t say if this is another disadvantage of being a werewolf or of being human. Let’s be real, a lot of us want to feel that crazy stupid love at least once in our lifetime. Even if just to have a taste of complete and utter happiness in another’s existence. The place that person takes up in your heart won’t cause regret until they leave, but with the werewolves, there is no leaving the mating bond except by death.

Humans are fickle by nature. Of course, I mean emotionally. Today it’s love, and tomorrow it’s divorce. We’re hardly satisfied by well enough. But I guess with the mating bond, everyone becomes truly blind. You don’t notice the flaws, and even if you do, you’d prefer to take the journey to reconciliation rather than cut your losses and run. Of course, there’s always the exceptional case.

Part 3: Critical Opinions About The Alpha King’s Human Mate

The Alpha King's Human Mate: Kara

To be human never seemed like such a bad thing before, but truly submerging yourself in fantasy like this, has a way of highlighting all the weaknesses that the human body has. It’s fragile and lacking in any real strength. Maybe over the years, evolution has made us way and innovation has made us lazy. However, the human mind does take the trophy for all the amazing things that we enjoy today.

So, maybe being human is the greatest thing. We have love and loss, happiness and sadness, helplessness and hope… such a wild variety of emotions that we can feel while alive. However short our lifespan is, humans have the chance to make it all worth it.

But we’re dealing with a high school girl in this case. What does she know about how great humanity is, when she’s surrounded by werewolves that radiate strength and courage with their every breath? Truthfully, it can be quite intimidating coming face to face with a creature whose biological make-up allows it to stand above you in seemingly every way possible.

However, through the story, we understand and remember what makes humans much better than the wolves. I don’t know about others, but if I had to be stuck in a pack way of life from birth until death, I’d feel pretty suffocated and ready to shoot someone. This is not to say that it’s a bad way of life, it’s just not for everyone.

In The Alpha King’s Human Mate, we’re shown the mating bond at its finest. Wolves have so many qualities that can stupefy a person. While the protagonist praises her humanity because it exempts her from having a mate that would be potentially suffocating possessive, her hopes are completely dashed. But maybe she doesn’t hate it as much. Maybe it was what she didn’t know her heart desires.

Part 4: Awesome Chapter from The Alpha King’s Human Mate

Chapter 6

The Alpha King's Human Mate: Clark and Griffin

The coach was loud as she demanded twenty more laps.

One would think that if being human could ever work in Clark’s favor, it would probably get her out of warrior training – the mandatory class that trained young werewolves in combat and fighting.

How wrong that assumption.

Despite the fact that she could not turn into a werewolf, Clark still had to take warrior training with everyone else. She’d tried talking it over with her dad, but he thought it would help her feel more included. Unfortunately, the effect was the opposite.

Clark’s legs burned and every breath felt like a lead weight in her lungs. She was more than two laps behind everyone else, but fortunately, she wasn’t alone.

Right beside Clark, her closest friend, Kara, kept pace with her. Unlike Clark, she wasn’t gasping for oxygen. Had she not been deliberately running at Clark’s speed; she probably would’ve been two laps ahead like every other wolf.

Kara expressed her disbelief that Clark would meet the Alpha king. However, Clark wasn’t sure she’d get to considering it was a diplomatic meeting. While Kara still felt envious of Clark, she wondered if Clark would meet Prince Griffin, the handsome, soon-to-be Alpha King.

Clark mentioned her father’s conjecture that it was a meeting to find the prince’s mate and Kara’s eyes grew wide. She continued to gush, but Clark had suddenly stopped in her tracks. Images began to flash through her mind of an arm with a Griffin tattoo. Clark told herself it was a coincidence. However, she still verified from Kara that the prince’s name was definitely Griffin.

There’s a lot more awesomeness to come, so check out the next book.

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