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The Alpha King’s Claim by JMFelic | Book Review

This is a story of an Alpha King of all werewolves and lycans, his name is Aero and he needed to be fair to all in the alpha king`s claim. He ruled with an iron fist, a steady head, and a balanced emotion. He was perfect in everything except for one. He had issues with the opposite sex.

Everyone who was born of women had one thing in common they loved their mother and for that single reason love women but Aero had a different thought, since a child, he hated women. He never liked them and always avoided them not that they did anything wrong but it just became a thing of an issue for him.

His life was going to revolve around one big issue, what if a woman suddenly materialized on his bed just as he was about to sleep? How could he avoid her then?

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Part 1: Main story the Alpha king`s Claim

Main story of the alpha king`s claim

Aero had always been a sucker for fantasy-inspired paintings. Fantastical landscapes, mythical creatures, men and women wearing weird clothing, oh yes, he collected them all. They had always reached out to a part of his soul that he had been guarding since he lost his parents. They had always called out to a part of him that he wasn’t sure what.

One rainy day, He ran across an antique shop in downtown Manhattan about to be closed by the bank for bankruptcy. The different antique displays were spread all over the street in the hopes that some passers-by would still buy them in the alpha king`s claim. He caught sight of a beautiful painting of a landscape. Breathtaking it was and purely, for lack of a better word, out-of-this-world.

The antique shop owner, an old lady probably in her late sixties, was gracious enough to give him a discount considering the painting had smudges on the edges due to its aged state. He was kind enough to refuse it. If she was in bankruptcy, at least his full payment of the painting would help her in some way.

Main story of the alpha king`s claim

The first night the painting was with him, He dreamed about magical creatures: behemoths in the sky, beautiful mermaids swimming in the ocean, and fairies hiding in the woods. The dream was lovely. He didn’t want it to end.

The second night, He dreamed about the castle on the hill. It was beckoning him, wanting him to go there. He woke up in the middle of the night panting, in the alpha king`s claim. Not knowing exactly what got him so worked up.

On the third night, his dream brought him inside the castle. It was enormous with arched roofs and glass walls. In a blink of an eye, he was sent to a bed chamber. But what really captured his attention was the one lying on it. It was a man and from what he could gather, the king of the castle as he had a crown on top of his head screaming almighty powerful.

It was a certain body part of his that stood like a rod as if saying ‘hi’ to me. It was located down south. Really, really down south. Lower than his waist and just between his thighs.

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Part 2: Free chapter of The Alpha king`s Claim

Chapter 2 of The Alpha king`s Claim

Chapter 2 of The Alpha king`s Claim

Fast forward ten years later, he still didn’t fulfil his wish and not an ounce of guilt crept inside his head, He hated women. All of them in general in the alpha king`s claim. And that probably all stemmed because his mother, Olivia, the Queen of Phanteon, decided to bed another man. Lots of them. She had an insatiable appetite for all things cock-related.

His father was unfortunately not enough. In the end, driven mad by jealousy and betrayal, he killed his mother. Only a few people knew about it and the kingdom was fed with false information that she died because of an illness. His ministers had pressured him into taking a queen. Or at least own a harem that would cater to his sexual needs.

He doesnt have any phobia of women really. He simply abhor them and the entire kingdom knew it. The female staff had to hide whenever he was near, else or they’d be beheaded on the spot. He just disliked seeing a woman inside his castle or even entertaining the thought of having a queen.

Chapter 3 of The Alpha king`s Claim

The alpha kings claim

He woke up surprisingly without a pounding headache despite remembering he had lost consciousness in the middle of a balcony in the alpha king`s claim. He surveyed himself and the place he was in.

He was on a bed with a very soft mattress and pillows, wearing a rather silky short dress that was up to the knee. He scrunched up his nose. Clearly, he wasn’t on his own bed and in his pajamas, and that meant he wasn’t dreaming of the events he remembered with those men.

“You’ll find the water very comforting on your skin once you dip in the pool. Try it, I insist,” a male voice suddenly stated behind me.

I whirled around to see my intruder and there he was, the man whom I remembered to be the king’s brother.

“I am Prince Elijah at your service, brother of King Aero of the Kingdom of Phanteon, Royal Adviser to His Majesty, and a self-confessed ladies man. May I know your name, Beautiful Maiden?”

“If I recall correctly, your cruel brother sentenced me to death by beheading for stupid reasons.”

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