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Take No Prisoners: The Invincible Mercenary King

Here we have a young man who clearly left his home to seek out a better world and provide for the family that he left behind. This man is every filial child that existed. However, the world is just a dirty and filthy place; everyone is trying to secure their interests.

If you fancy a good ass beating like in The Invincible Mercenary King, then you can’t ignore True Luna.

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Part 1: The Story of The Invincible Mercenary King

The Invincible Mercenary King: Haylan and Reign

The Invincible Mercenary King follows Haylan Jaber, a very capable young man who ventures out into the world for eight years, struggling for a comfortable life in every possible way. He sends funds back to his family to ensure that they live comfortably and free from worries, but when he returns for a mission back home, what he finds is his loved ones being kicked around like soccer balls. Clearly, someone took Haylan for a fool and a pushover.

Really though, not saying it’s his fault but it’s necessary to call family whenever you send or want to send money to them. Do some checks, if you know what I mean. There’s a lot of douchebags out there and you can’t really trust anyone who isn’t yourself.

So, yes. Haylan came home and his parents were getting beaten to a pulp.

Truthfully, the story will piss you off to a certain degree, but the satisfaction outweighs the stress caused by the protagonist. His life was never a bed of roses in the first place. But at least, he went out and built himself. Granted, it was a blood splattered path to success, nevertheless he still made something of himself.

The character development of the protagonist leaves some questions to be answered. However, I still commend the author for a nice job done with the plotline. There was no lag in the story or a persistent bump in timeline.

Yes, action scenes do get the blood pumping. For those of you who like that sort of thrill like in The Invincible Mercenary King, see True Luna.

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Part 2: Main Characters of The Invincible Mercenary King

Haylan Jaber

The Invincible Mercenary King: Haylan

In The Invincible Mercenary King, he is a young man with valid reason to be pissed off. Really, there’s a lot of reasons why he should beat people up.

Haylan’s personality in The Invincible Mercenary King, is mistrusting of course, but he still got duped. This doesn’t mean it’s completely dependent on his judgement of people how the whole thing could have played out. But like I said, always do some checks.

I don’t know why everyone always has the notion ‘no news is good news’ with family. If you’re being practical, you should always know what is happening with family. Well, family that matters I mean. If Haylan hadn’t shown up in time, who knew what kind of awful experience his parents would have undergone.

Haylan with that mistrusting personality of his, is fully confident in his two fists to get the job done. There’s nothing wrong with dealing with matters in that manner of course but throwing valuable business cards because you’re overconfident is just… wow.

As a mercenary, Haylan has encountered more than his fair share of dangerous situations. He found a way to survive and that is the stuff that all cool protagonists are made of.

Don’t exactly understand what made Ms. Jabenz so sure that Haylan would want to be her bodyguard, but it’s not bad to reach for the skies once in a while.

Part 3: Something to Think About: The Invincible Mercenary King

The Invincible Mercenary King: Unassuming Haylan

The one thing that Haylan Jaber thought he could count on while he was away from home was the fact that his parents are well taken care of. However, he returns to find the opposite is the case.

I don’t know, but I feel like that would really feel like a punch in the gut. So, what is he going to do about this development he encountered? Obviously, he’s going to make some people pay the price.

The Invincible Mercenary King is basically a journey of butt kicking. Very satisfying and everything you’d expect it to be. Following a protagonist that is completely invincible is such a thrill. Like, is there anything that can hold him?

The author creates a world not far from reality, but definitely cannot be confused for a natural line of events.

A lot of the time, we find ourselves helpless to the harsh cruelties of the world, so it’s quite calming to watch a protagonist with all his priorities straight, take on the unfair and cruel world he encounters.

While I may not agree with his methods sometimes, the man does have a right to be arrogant. That arrogance isn’t borne from nothing and plus, it definitely attracts the best of the best. Take Ms. Jabenz for example.

Part 4: Amazing Chapter from The Invincible Mercenary King

Chapter 5

The Invincible Mercenary King: Reign

It was nothing short of a shock to everyone who realized that the Labenz family knew the man whose family was being kicked out into the streets.

The Labenz family is a really big deal in Lightdom City. Their history dates far back. Not to mention that their conglomerate was the singlehanded reason for the pivot of Lightdom city’s economy. You could even dub them the rulers of the city and there would be no argument.

Only a word from Landon could cause the Quinern Group to completely crumble. Yet, here the man was, dealing with them in person. It confounded Harper and his men. They were completely scared out of their wits that the man had shown up personally to help Haylan. Even declaring that Haylan was a distinguished guest of the Labenz family.

Harper quickly apologized to Landon and promised to leave Haylan and his family alone. However, Landon was not letting things go so easily. With a wave of his unsheathed knife, the hands of both Harper and Sam fell to the ground. They bled, screaming in complete agony.

Fortunately, before any more limbs could be lost, Haylan dismissed them after hearing their apology. It did not take long for the hooligans to clear out.

Landon gave Haylan his card before leaving. However, Haylan watched the Rolls-Royce until it went out of sight before he tossed Landon’s card away. A proud Mercenary King, why would he ask anyone for help?

The Invincible Mercenary King is a ton of fun, but pales in comparison to True Luna. While moving forward, something is usually gets left behind.

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