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Incredibly Hot Manga Romance Review | My Husband’s Scandal

As earlier stated, my husband’s scandal manga brings to light one of those stories that is responsible for many young and single women choosing to stay away from marriage.

Who wouldn’t…When the majority of married people around are either secretly suffering immensely or getting a divorce? Those who even divorce are the courageous ones, cos many women, especially African women, who suffer more than Jung Seohyun did in this story, choose to rather die than leave the abusive marriage.

It is quite a pity. But below, we’ll examine what happened in Jung Seohyun’s life and marriage to make her miserable enough to ask for a divorce.

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Part 1: Storyline of My Husband’s Scandal Read Online

First off, my people say, “There’s a certain level of bullshit that could force a donkey to speak.” This was the case in Jung Seohyun’s life. Why was this?

Jung Seohyun was raised by a toxic father, who had no respect for women or the girl child. He didn’t want to put Ms. Jung through school, cos he believed that a girl was not supposed to be too educated.

my husband's scandal, ms. jung

He instead sent her to an art school, where she was supposed to while away as she waited for her future husband.

Her father saw an opportunity when the Samma Corporations family was looking for a wife for their son from amongst the families of the high society.

He was about to run for congress and needed the money Samma Corporation was certain to invest in him, should his daughter agree to marry their son.

At her own end, Ms. Jung needed a breath of fresh air. She needed to get away from her over-controlling father who was making all the decisions in her life.

For this reason, she accepted to marry Kijin. Her decision was sealed during their dating period when he began to entrust her with certain responsibilities. Something nobody had done before for her. He gave her a job at a personal gallery, for example.

It is possible for somebody who’d never been loved to mistake any form of affection for love. That, plus the fact that Kijin was not just rich, but handsome. Every eligible woman in the city wanted him.

Ms. Jung threw reason to the wind and agreed to a lifetime of suffering… going from frying pan (loveless father) to fire (loveless husband).

Well, she discovered after the marriage that her husband was a whore. But because it was a marriage of convenience, she swallowed every misconduct… allowing him to do as he pleased, and pretended she didn’t care.

Worse of all, she had a monitoring spirit for a friend – Ara. Ara worked at a broadcasting corporation and as Ms. Jung trusted her for a shoulder to cry on… she was using her confidentiality for news, disguising as someone else.

Ms. Jung had enough and a donkey spoke when she returned from a short vacation with Ara and caught her husband in her house with his secretary. She demanded for a divorce, and on the day they were going to court, Kijin had an accident.

What happens when he wakes up with amnesia from a severe head injury and lost the memory of his marriage? Let’s see what we find in the hot chapters below…

my husband's scandal, jung and kijin's wedding

Part 2: Hot Chapters of My Husband’s Scandal

my husband’s scandal chapter 2:

Ms. Jung had arrived in front of the court, after devulging to Ara that she was getting a divorce… but her husband wasn’t there and it was unlike him to be late for anything. He’d agreed to the divorce after Ms. Jung had insisted that it was all she wanted.

Well, Ms. Jung was here and he wasn’t. She dialed his number and an unknown voice answered and told her that her husband was involved in an accident. She signed up for the surgery and was amazed when he woke up, but didn’t recognize her.

my husband’s scandal chapter 3:

Ms. Jung had refused to inform anyone about the divorce, at least, until she received the certificate. But one way or another, the news had already reached the media and the parents of both of them rushed to the hospital.

The news said how Kijin was seen entering a VIP hotel with a woman, said how she was about to divorce him, and how he’d been involved in an accident. Kijin’s father blamed Ms. Jung, and her father, who had much to lose since the election was barely two weeks away, refused Jung from divorcing him, and instead filled Kijin’s memory with the story of a wife he loves dearly.

Part 3: Evaluating My Husband’s Scandal Manga

My husband’s scandal is a captivating story. After reading it, I am certain that most women who are considering subjecting themselves to a loveless marriage because of one reason or another would have a change of mind.

my husband's scandal, kijin

In the case of Jung Seohyun, a miracle happened, and since there were still reasons for her to play along, she did, and who knows? Love might be kindled in a place where it never existed. But we’re all not Ms. Jung and do not live in fantasy land.

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