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Strong Selfless She Wolf: The Luna Choosing Game Novel

Jane Above Story has written a terrific story about love, sacrifice and vulnerability. Piper’s character is nevertheless fragile, yet she becomes bold and strong whenever Elva’s integrity is threatened.

The Luna Choosing Game free online is an addicting story of an altruistic, self-sacrificing she-wolf who decides to get her life back on track and get back together with the love of her life after years of focusing and doting on her niece.

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Part 1: Piper’s Most Cherished Secret In The Luna Choosing Game

Although The Luna Choosing Game novel’s main character, Piper, is a selfless and considerate she-wolf, I also strongly believe that she can be quite narrow-minded. Otherwise, I simply can’t explain why she would keep Elva’s identity a secret from Nicholas.

I don’t even grasp why she never told him the real reason for their breakup in the first place. Who knows, maybe the prince might have even surprised her and accepted raising her niece with her.

I know that Piper had a poor opinion of herself, being a wolfless she-wolf, but Nicholas deserved better than to be lied to. His reluctance to reconnect with her after seeing her in the competition is actually understandable, as Piper was the one to leave all those years ago.

The gorgeous Piper came to consider the little Elva as her own daughter, which is fathomable after all, yet the secret that she is actually her niece has turned her whole world upside down.

Everyone would immediately assume that Elva was her own kid, as the two of them resembled. And, of course they looked so much alike, as Elva took after her birth mother, who was Piper’s twin sister.

Assuming the role of single mother also brought a great deal of scrutiny and judgement from everybody. Even Piper’s boss kept telling her to stop being so prude, as she couldn’t be pure anymore after birthing a child.

But, no matter how many people would come to wrong conclusions and no matter how fragile Elva was, Piper never gave up on her. On the contrary, the more blamed she was for sleeping with a man while not being married, the fiercer she would become and more determined to protect her innocent niece.

The Luna Choosing Game Piper

The truth is that Piper knows that having a man by her side would have made things a lot easier, yet he couldn’t trust just anyone with being around Elva. Apart from that, her heart still ached for Nicholas and she couldn’t fathom the idea of being with someone else.

It’s interesting that Piper even keeps her secret from Nicholas. I half expected her to tell him the truth about the child from the beginning, yet she kept quiet and endured his cold stares whenever he thought about her being with another man.

This secret is what brought them apart and her insistence to keep everyone in the dark still will also make the King urge his son to pick another girl as his future Luna and Queen.

Their relationship had such an easy fix, yet Piper as well as Nicholas kept complicating things. they knew they had to comply with the King’s wishes and go their separate ways, yet an investigation brought the two of them together.

And, taking advantage of the situation, they succumbed to their desires and ignited their passion. Although they knew their relationship couldn’t possibly last, Piper and Nicholas decided to cherish their moments together.

Part 2: Where To Read The Luna Choosing Game Free Online

If you’re itching to find The Luna Choosing Game Novel, you ought to know that you cand find it online. You can enjoy Piper and Nicholas’s story from your favorite reading corner.

The author has already published over 270 chapters and, a small tip for you, there are several chapters available for free.

The good news is that the books you find on the online platforms can also be found on the apps, so when you create your own book library within the app, the next time you open your personalized folder and pick the book you want to read, you’ll be directed to the page you read last.

Part 3: My Assessment Regarding The Luna Choosing Game Novel

The Luna Choosing Game Nicholas

If you’re wondering whether I believe that The Luna Choosing Game is a worthy reading, my answer is yes. Would I recommend it to someone else? Again, yes.

Piper’s character is what won me over from the beginning. She is such a selfless, independent and caring woman that it was hard to not wonder whether luck would finally strike her or not.

Things remain unclear throughout the novel and I found myself rooting for Nicholas and Piper to finally unleash their passion and let me tell you that they won’t disappoint. Although they keep getting interrupted by the guards, by Julian or by some Queen candidate, they will eventually get to the point where they will manage to consume their undying love.

Overall, you ought to know that The Luna Choosing Game is a popular ongoing novel that you should add to your list of future readings. Nicholas and Piper’s story still has a long way to come to an end, there are many enemies lurking around and many people who wish for them to part ways again.

And, as a little spoiler for you, I will tell you that Piper’s sister may not be dead. There are hints that she is hiding somewhere and that she will come back to take her daughter away from Piper. Talk about a plot twist, right?

Part 4: If You Fancy Werewolf Novels Such As The Luna Choosing Game, Check This Book Out

The Luna Choosing Game Online Novel

Werewolf fantasy world isn’t usually explored on the ludic aspect, as it mostly focuses on love and mating bonds, but, if you are interested in reading a book similar to The Luna Choosing Game, you should look for The Luna Game on Dreame.

This story follows Elisa Bennet, a young she-wolf who seems to live the perfect life. She is the princess of her pack and she has a doting boyfriend. Her world turns upside down when she is picked to compete in the contest held by the Alpha Supreme.

Every ten years, ten young girls from different packs must compete to gain the status of the ultimate Luna. To make sure she preserves her freedom, Elisa must win the competition.

Things get a bit more complicated when Elisa catches the eye of the Alpha Supreme Alejandro Killian. He wants her for himself and, although the girl tries to resist his charm, she will eventually have to admit that she also has feelings for the ruthless Alpha.

Is Elisa ready to forget her past and embrace a future with Alejandro?

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