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Igniting Old Unforgotten Flames: Read The Luna Choosing Game Online

In a fantasy world where everything is supposed to be magical and perfect, Piper’s life is actually quite difficult. Her struggle to raise her niece as a single parent mirrors the hardships that single mothers must face in real world.

The Luna Choosing Game Piper embraced motherhood even if the child she chose to raise wasn’t hers. Her love for her niece is so mighty that overcomes every little bit of selfishness that Piper could have ever felt, prompting the woman to give up everything for the beautiful little girl, even the love of her life.

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Part 1: The Story Of Match Making A King With His Queen: The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game book is one of those novels that will keep you hooked, eagerly waiting for the next chapters.

The truth is that Piper’s character is very complex and unpredictable as she often changes her mind regarding the competition and Nicholas. And the truth is that I understand her hesitation to simply take a leap of faith.

Before her own romantical needs, there’s Elva she needs to consider as she has to ensure the little girl a stable environment.

Piper’s twin sister had been a drug addict, incapable of taking care of her own child, making Piper the best candidate to raise her niece. But her decision wasn’t made without sacrifices. She left Nicholas, the love of her life, behind.

The Luna Choosing Game

Years later, Piper works as a waitress in a diner when the news regarding the Luna Choosing Game ensues on all television channels. As all unmated she-wolves could enter the competition, Anna urges her friend to apply, but Piper refuses as she has Elva and single mothers weren’t allowed to compete.

As Anna is aware of Piper’s secret that she is actually the girl’s aunt, she submits an application for her friend. There were three princes looking for their mates, and one of them was Nicholas, Piper’s ex-boyfriend and the man she never forgot.

Secretly, Piper wondered what it would be like to reconnect with Nicholas as she never stopped loving him, but she would soon come back to reality and focus on her work.

Elva had werewolf pneumonia and the expenses for her medications were quite high, making Piper work tirelessly to make sure she could afford the medicine. On top of her problems, she also has to deal with her libidinous boss, who wants to take Piper to bed.

The man even threatens to fire the girl unless she gives in and sleeps with him. Although she needs the job and the money, Piper never considers his proposition. As he tries to harass the girl, the royal guards enter the diner and take the girl away.

She is summoned to the palace for the contest. She has no choice but to pick up Elva and go to the palace where all the girls who were selected were gathered in the hallway.

The little girl was happy to see the beautiful she-wolves wearing pretty dresses, thus she started playing around. Seeing Elva there, some of the unmated women believe that some maid must have let her child loose and immediately started scolding the girl.

Frightened, the child ran away, ending up in Nicholas’s arms. Learning that Piper was her mother, he summoned the woman into his office to question her about the girl’s daddy.

At first, he honestly thought that Elva was his baby and that Piper had kept her hidden from him, but later on he came to believe that his ex-girlfriend had an affair immediately after they separated and bore the man’s child.

Nicholas rebuked her for entering the competition, boldly telling her that she has no chance in winning his heart. Piper tried to explain that it was a mistake but she never got the chance as the prince walked out of the office.

Wanting to leave the palace, Piper is stopped in her tracks by the King himself who ordered her to remain and partake in the contest. The she-wolf had no choice but to obey the King’s command.

As the competition ensues, Nicholas and Piper seem to rekindle their relationship, yet the other competitors won’t back down. They also wanted the prince. Things get even more strenuous as Nicholas’s brother, Julian, also expresses interest in Piper.

Will Nicholas manage to keep Piper by his side this time?

Part 2: Take A Small Sneak Peek Into The Luna Choosing Game Novel

The Luna Choosing Game Alpha Nicholas

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 20

As everyone was gathered for dinner, the only people who kept silent were Piper, Nicholas and Susie. All the others were engaged in conversations, laughing and having fun.

To overcome the awkward situation, Nicholas tried to break the ice with Susie and asked her about the weather. Flustered, the girl answered curtly and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She hid her face in her pals and ran away.

Nicholas was stunned, he didn’t know what to believe at this point, but Piper told everyone that Susie was a shy person and then proceeded to tell that the weather was indeed nice. Finally looking at her, Nicholas asked Piper if she studied birds, particularly cuckoo birds.

Before she answered, the prince carried on saying that those particular birds like to lay their eggs in other bird’s nests and leave. Piper knew that he was inferring to her niece, but she retaliated with another subtle comment.

She claimed to like swans, as they are monogamous, never making females fight for a male. As Nicholas choked on his soup, Susie came back urging Piper to go to Elva as she was running a high fever.

The Luna Choosing Game Chapter 23

Returning to her bedroom, Piper realized that Elva had gone missing. Frightened, she asked the maid where her little girl was and she said that Piper’s yelling had caught the attention of prince Nicholas who came in and took the girl to the infirmary.

The woman ran towards the infirmary to find Elva and as soon as she got there, the doctor told her the good news that the girl’s fever had subsided. She was grateful to Nicholas for helping her child, but he dismissed her and told her that he did it for the sake of the girl. She was innocent, unlike her mother.

Regardless of what Nicholas thought of her, Piper was relieved to learn that the previous doctors were wrong about Elva having a terminal disease.

Part 3: Apart From The Luna Choosing Game, Read This Book As Well

The Luna Choosing Game Werewolf Novel

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Ashley is also of Alpha blood and she’s bound to take over her pack when her father steps down. To prove that she doesn’t need a mate to be a successful leader for her pack, she also joins the Alpha and Luna Games. Things don’t go according to her plan when Alphie starts showing interest in her.

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