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Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Read Online

What would you do if you suddenly lost your parent’s love along with your sister? Would you crumble or find strength to carry on living on your own?

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister revolves around Lily’s misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, prompting everyone to believe that she is responsible for the demise of the beloved future Luna of the pack.

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Part 1: Lily’s Tough Journey In Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister

Ready to know more about Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Free Online? Lily used to be a spectacular girl who was aware of her parent’s deep affection and preference towards her sister, yet it never bothered her.

It also didn’t bother her that Stephanie would torture her and make her do things for her around the pack, while taking credit for Lily’s good deeds.

You see, Stephanie was the next Alpha’s girlfriend and, even though their mate bond hadn’t resurfaced yet as the girl had yet to turn twenty years old, she had already begun her Luna training.

Everyone believed that Stephenie and James were mated for sure and the pack was already doting on her. When Lily would care for the injured or delivered food packages, everyone thought that the humble and beautiful future Luna had sent her sister to do so.

The truth was that Lily was doing it on her own accord. She cared for the injured as she hoped that one day she would become a doctor and help her pack. The night before Lily turned fourteen years old and got her wolf was also the night her life changed drastically.

She received a call from the troublesome Stephanie, asking her to come get her as she had a surprise for her sister. Believing that, for once, Stephanie would do something nice for her, Lily went to her, only to find some bloodied clothes and some strands of her sister’s hair.

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister James

Alerting the pack, all wolves came rushing into the woods, but no one found any more of the girl’s remains.

Lily had no explanation for Stephanie’s disappearance, so she had no idea what to say to her parents. But James knew what to say. Having been with Stephanie in the evening, he believed that the girl had rushed to save Lily in the woods, as the young she-wolf was seeing some boy.

Stephanie had portrayed her younger sister as a careless, troublesome teenager who liked to date boys and always sought her sister’s help when being in trouble.

As the future Alpha James blamed Lily for Stephanie’s death, everyone in the pack, including her parents, believed that she was a reckless girl who endangered the future Luna.

The next few years were hard on Lily, yet she never gave up on her dream of becoming a doctor, especially since it meant that she would have the chance to get away from the pack and the evil stares that she was getting from her former friends and family members.

After that terrible night, her mother abhorred her, she started beating the girl and even James vowed to take revenge of Lily.

Five years later, upon returning from her studies, Lily realizes that she is mated to James Anderson. Enraged, the future Alpha rejects her, yet he still can’t stop thinking about Lily. He had no idea whether his need to get closer to her was related to him being in love with her or for punishing her still.

Trying to get closure in his relationship with Lily, James seeks her but the two of them hit things off. For the first time, he is willing to listen to her side of the story regarding what happened the night that Stephanie died.

Things get weird and terrifying when Stephanie turns out to be alive and she comes back to the pack. She is claiming her spot as James’s mate and pack’s Luna and has her mother’s support. Surprisingly, she even comes back with a pup.

She had run away that night because she wasn’t ready to become Luna and she needed to spend a few years having fun, but she never expected to be gone for so long. And her kid wasn’t in her plans either. She makes up an excuse for missing, playing the victim card.

Now, James has a tough decision to make. Will he go back to Stephanie or stay with the love of his life and real mate, Lily?

Part 2: Enticing Chapters Of Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Lily

Still not sure whether to read this novel or not? Here is a glimpse of Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister novel.

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Chapter 3

Lily was a young, inexperienced girl, thus she had no idea how much time a funeral could last. She honestly believed that it would be over by the time the dark came, so she could easily go out and have her first shift.

After all, it wasn’t like it was something that she could postpone. Her only wish right now was that her parents or at least her brothers could step out with her and accompany through the process.

She was staying in the middle of the amphitheater when she suddenly felt feverish. She knew that her first shift was coming and she had to get out fast. On her way to the exit, she met James’s angry gaze for the first time.

Lily honestly believed that the boy’s anger was a mere product of his grief, not that he blamed her for Stephenie’s death.

Trying to avoid the pain in her limbs and bones, Lily reached the waterfall and shifted for the first time. Surprisingly, she had a gorgeous silvery blue furred wolf, unlike anything she had ever seen before.

The beautiful wolf, Rose, urged Lily to keep her a secret for now, as they were special. Returning to the funeral venue, Lily met her mother’s anger for the first time, who boldly slapped her for leaving the funeral.

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Chapter 9

Lily is taken aback by the fact that James is her mate. She had indeed asked the Moon Goddess to give him a new mate, but she never expected to be her.

To her surprise, James kept gazing at her, smiling. He actually seemed thrilled to see her. Lily is astonished as she always thought that the boy hated her. Yet, he was coming towards her happy and mesmerized.

Lily remembered that James hasn’t always treated her badly. He once carried her home after falling from her bicycle and once he even shared his slice of one of her favorite cakes with her.

Maybe she had just misread his behavior in the past. Feeling emotional, Lily waited for James to come to her.

Part 3: How To Read Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Free Online

If you have no idea where you can read this thrilling completed novel, you ought to know that you can enjoy Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister free online.

There are several chapters available online for free that you can devour before deciding whether you should continue reading or not. But the truth is that, once you dive into this story, it will be hard to stop.

Mated In The Shadow Of My Sister Online Novel

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