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Hopeful Transformation | A Review Of Stellar Transformation Manga

Chinese manga are always full of artifacts, spiritual energies, parents-children relationships, and the likes! The same also goes for Stellar Transformation (Chinese: Xing Chen Bian), a quite old Chinese manga published around 2007.

This old Chinese novel’s story is all about Qin Yu, a boy who doesn’t seem to possess the ability to practice internal techniques like martial arts. Still, he asks lots of questions to everybody, because he wants to please his father. This Yu’er of Stellar Transformation novel even follows a more difficult and painful path, to the point that he fuses himself with a mysterious meteoric stone.

Since then, everything and everyone around Yu’er begins to change, including his father who starts to recognize him. What other adventures wait for Qin Yu a.k.a. Yu’er, as soon as he gets his Stellar Transformation mode?

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Part 1: The Memorable Hot Chapters of Stellar Transformation by I Eat Tomatoes

Stellar Transformation Chapter 1

Stellar Transformation Chapter 1

The stories in Stellar Transformation Chapter 1 happen directly after the prologues (with a separate novel title). The stories here tell us specifically about Qin Yu, East Vanquishing Prince Qin De’s son, who should be facing the Fierce Tigers with his father.

Unfortunately, in Stellar Transformation Chapter 1, Qin Yu still has lots of difficulties in mastering martial arts and other internal techniques despite his constant questions to his father. So, Qin De sends his Yu’er to Misty Villa to “calm him down”, while persuading his people to not consider Qin Yu… After all, he thinks Qin Yu has nothing to offer in Xiantian levels!

Stellar Transformation Chapter 288

Stellar Transformation Chapter 288

Stellar Transformation Chapter 288 is one of the novel’s chapters where we can learn about the different characters’ groups. Qin Yu’s group is the most unique among all; while it only consists of nine people, they don’t talk too much compared to other groups like the dragon groups and others.

Such tranquillity in Qin Yu’s group allows him to access the highest point of his energy transformations and also the Stellar Transformation martial art, which is an incomplete martial art created by the universe’s evolution. Once he masters these techniques, Qin Yu won’t get scared by the Abyss of Death’s terror!

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Part 2: The Storylines Of Stellar Transformation Book That You Can Remember

Stellar Transformation Book

Stellar Transformation book tells us a story about the Qin family who lives in an extremely large mansion. Based on the overall storylines, I am confident that this Chinese novel takes place in an ancient Chinese setting and happens in a wintery period.

Stellar Transformation East Vanquishing Prince Qin De is the leader of the Qin family household in this novel’s family. The prince also controls the Yan Capital area, which consists of three Eastern region counties. In addition, he also owns Misty Villa, a villa in one of the areas.

In the Stellar Transformation book, Qin De has three sons: Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, and Qin Yu. The entire Qin family members are masters of martial arts, especially Qin Feng, who can alter his appearance as a result of his mastery.

Qin Yu, too, has been regarded as a brilliant prodigy since he was still six years old, due to his critical thinking abilities. At some points in Stellar Transformation manga, Qin De even sends 12 teachers over the youngest Yu’er in the family.

Stellar Transformation Manga

After all, the father feels hopeful that, someday, this youngest child of his will be a martial art master like his brothers. Too bad, Qin Yu doesn’t show any signs that he would master the martial art techniques. All he can do is keep on asking pointless questions to his father.

A Stellar Transformation sounds like an impossible idea for Qin Yu at this point! As a result of his father’s disappointment, he is sent to the Misty Villa to soak himself in a hot spring and calm himself down. Additionally, Qin Yu also endlessly blames himself.

Still, Qin Yu doesn’t lose hope of becoming a better individual in terms of internal techniques like martial arts that his brothers have previously mastered. Luckily, Qin Yu has Xiao Hei, his black eagle pet, who listens to every one of his struggles in Stellar Transformation.

So, what does Qin Yu do next in Stellar Transformation manga? He manifests his dream of mastering the techniques and not disappointing his father through the black eagle. Soon, he meets the wish-fulfilling individual in the manga and gets his radical transformation.

It is through fusing his body with a mysterious meteoric crystal stone named the Meteoric Tear that his spiritual energy begins to overflow drastically like it’s never been before. This fusion is the beginning for Qin Yu to master the Stellar Transformation and shocks everybody else who dares to underestimate him!

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Part 3: Meet I Eat Tomatoes, The Author Of The Legendary Stellar Transformation Manga

Stellar Transformation by I Eat Tomatoes

Chinese novels and manga are known for their immensely high statistics in terms of numbers: The numbers of the overall word count per book, for example. Stellar Transformation by I Eat Tomatoes is one of the manga with more than two million word counts in just one book.

From the author’s name, it’s clear that I Eat Tomatoes, the author of this phenomenally-written Stellar Transformation manga, uses a nickname. It reads “Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi” in the original language.

Based on the manga’s statistics, I Eat Tomatoes may be slow in updating the chapters. Not to forget that Stellar Transformation manga itself is an old manga published in 2007. Nonetheless, we can see many adaptations from this novel. For instance, the movie versions are available through different seasons.

So, that’s why, I refer to Stellar Transformation by I Eat Tomatoes as the legendary manga! After all, it seems so well-known among Chinese netizens until these days.

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