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Something About My Hockey Alpha

My Hockey Alpha shows us what it would feel like to attend college as a werewolf, play hockey, live according to a parent’s expectations, and still try being happy with your choices, no matter how suffocating they are. But that’s all by the wayside when compared to the frigid air and connection between the two main leads of the story.

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Part 1: Main Character of My Hockey Alpha


My Hockey Alpha: Nina

In My Hockey Alpha, Nina is an introverted girl who prefers to be engrossed in a book rather than a bottle of vodka. This is a large contrast to her friends who do what they can to get her out of the house once in a while.

Nina is a studious young woman who shuns anything that could distract her from her studies. She had no idea that there would be one person she couldn’t avoid completely. He came into her life so suddenly and dominated every part of it like it was nobody’s business. She grew attached and couldn’t deny the fact that he was a specimen she would never tire of.

Maybe it was just temporary curiosity. However, what happens when that curiosity turns into burning infatuation and uncontrollable desire to be close to him? The obstacles in their way are no less prominent. Can they find a way around the shackles that hold them in place? Both physical and mental?

Love has never been a simple topic in the first place. How do these two people know for sure that it’s what’s between them?

Nina’s character in My Hockey Alpha, is faced with tough decisions that a young college girl would never imagine she would encounter. Coming face to face with another species is one thing, a good-looking werewolf you have feelings for is a very different.

When the world seems to be against your union, what do you do? Crush them or pacify them? We can only find out after reading the story. While I’m more inclined to crush, pacifying seems a lot less of a hassle. However, what if you can’t do either, what next?

It’s a great story. If you’d like to read something just as good, then check out the next book.

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Part 2: Plot Summary of My Hockey Alpha

My Hockey Alpha: Nina and Justin

My Hockey Alpha tells the story of Nina and Enzo, two people inexplicably drawn together by the hands of fate.

Nina on her side, was happy with her boyfriend, Justin, who was supposed to finally reveal their relationship by an announcement. However, she is forced to face disappointment when he doesn’t. Not only that, but the bastard also cheated on her the same night, and on her bed even.

All of this was too much to take for Nina and after ending it with the bastard in three words, she ran out of the party that was supposed to be special for her. Nina goes to a bar to drink her sorrows away, but there is little time to dwell on those depressing and sad emotions, because she comes face to face with Enzo, the star captain of the school’s hockey team. The man flirts with her and even invites her to his room.

Nina has never been the one-night stand type of girl. In fact, she was a virgin. However, that night she needed comfort. That was how she found herself in front of Enzo’s door. She gave herself to him and did not expect anything more after that. But just because we don’t expect it, doesn’t mean it won’t come. And it did come, for Nina.

She didn’t know why Enzo was persistent, and even thought the man was pulling a prank on her. However, this was not the only deterrent; there was something animalistic about the man that made her want to run really far away. But how far can Nina run from her destiny? How far can she run from the feelings that cannot be pushed back? These feeling keep brewing and bubbling up no matter how hard she tried to suppress them.

Part 3: Thoughts on My Hockey Alpha

My Hockey Alpha: Nina and Enzo

My Hockey Alpha takes us far and deep into the lustful tale of Nina and Enzo. It’s a connection that they cannot explain and a craving that they can’t contain. No matter how much they try to avoid the feelings between them, they can’t help but return to it over and over again. They can’t control their desire to feel one another in their arms, just within reach.

My Hockey Alpha explores the young adult genre with sufficient finesse and calculative emotions that are aimed so brutally at the reader. Every explicit scene is a mental torment with enough details to keep your mind preoccupied for the whole day.

There is more drama unfolding, and I hope you stay for those parts, too. Enzo may have a reputation, but maybe all isn’t what it seems. Nina may have a quiet personality but maybe she can’t help but open up to the right person. Maybe love was not such a hard thing to grasp, they were just looking for it in wrong places. But how do they know they’re ready for another try. Will this backfire or lead to something spectacular and undefeatable? Will they survive the attacks coming at them, seemingly from all sides?

Will the two people survive this or were they meant to give up in the first place? Nina and Enzo do not know what is coming and neither are completely focused on whatever their link to each other is. Despite his willingness to explore, the noncommittal air from Enzo is worth acknowledging.

No matter how bleak the whole thing looks from afar, as you get closer to the thing you desire, all that bleakness dims and finally subsides.

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Part 4: Cool Chapter from My Hockey Alpha

Chapter Six-At First Sight

My Hockey Alpha: First Sight

Nina was filled with doubts and disbelief. Why in the world would Enzo Rivers want to be with her? Yet, here he was, saying as much. Nina could still feel how gentle he was that night. She wondered if he was that way with all the girls. It had to be an act. Everything had to be an act.

Enzo refuted her words. He was very serious when he said that something was different about his time with her. He was known for being a player and never spending more than one night with a girl, yet he wanted more with her. Nina was harsh as she declined and called him out for his bad reputation. However, Enzo was calm as he turned the arrow around.

Nina did not hold back in admitting that she really had enjoyed her time with him. Enzo then came forward and seemed to want to embrace her, but then Nina caught his eyes. Those eyes were feral and frightening, and she wanted no part of it. She quickly left Enzo and ran away.

Nina didn’t look and bumped into someone. But before she could fall, she was caught in Enzo’s arms. Lisa sat on the ground in fury. She could not believe that Enzo ignored her for Nina.

The Desperate Wench

My Hockey Alpha: Lisa

When the two of them were alone, Lisa was sharp-tongued. She called out Nina for trying to get close to Enzo and then threatened her. In her fierceness, Lisa finally made Nina more convinced that Enzo was really just playing with her. The man was only using her to get at his ex-girlfriend. In the face of Lisa’s possessiveness towards the hockey team, Nina stated that she would stay away from Enzo.

Honestly, Nina was shocked by how brazen the wench was. She had known that hockey teams and their cheerleaders were a story of debauchery, but Nina didn’t think it was this bad. Fortunately, what will be, will be.

I don’t know if you’re looking for something similar to My Hockey Alpha but see the next title. However, I hope you didn’t just come for the raunchy parts of the book. While it has its crazy and inconceivable moments, the book is also something that you can’t put down for its tantalizing aftershock. Check out the recommendation.

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