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All that Cora Lane wanted was to kiss the handsome man in front of her at Spire 73 bar. What was the reason for her menace? Cora had just found out that the man she ought to get married to soon was cheating on her, and even though she didn’t know who he was cheating on her with, Cora was devastated, nevertheless.

Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel narrates that Cora tried as much as she could to kiss this stranger, but the man also stopped her, trying to bring her attention to who he was. The man that Cora was desperately trying to kiss was none other than Byron Hansen, her uncle-in-law. Byron was Eason’s uncle. As intoxicated as she was, Cora wouldn’t let go, so the man was forced to take her into his room to have sex with her since that was what she so desperately wanted.

When Byron Hansen was trying to stop Cora from kissing him, he clearly made mention of the fact that he was her fiancé, Eason’s uncle, and that she should behave appropriately around him, but Cora was quick to remind Byron that his nephew cheated on her, and so she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted with whichever man.

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Part 1: All About Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband

Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel

Cora’s eyes cleared the next day after Byron Hansen had sex with her, but she did not feel an iota of remorse about it. According to Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel, Cora Lane was sure she had done the right thing because her fiancé, Eason Hansen cheated on her first. Cora was so comfortable with what she had done, she did not care if the man would acknowledge her after that day. Cora was fine even if it was just a one-night stand, she had.

Later that day, Cora returned home just to be reminded that she had a pile of debt to attend to. Cora’s mother was sick and hospitalised, and the person that had to foot the bill was Cora, so her mind was weighed down with such a difficult reality. Seeing that she was in such a troubled state, Cora decided to return to Eason who had cheated on her, to ask to borrow some money from him. When Cora got to the home of the Hansen’s where she would see Eason, everything took another turn.

The first-person Cora saw at the home of the Hansens was Byron whom she had just had sex with a day ago, and they agreed to go their separate ways. He sneered at her, given that they were not supposed to see again, Byron reasoned that Cora was a gold digger trying to force her way into the Hansen family, after all the Lanes had just gone bankrupt so it was understandable that Cora would love to cling to any source of wealth.

Eason was willing to lend Cora the money she wanted to borrow, but his mother thought differently. The truth was that the Hansen family had severed the marriage plans with the Lanes because they had become bankrupt, so seeing Cora in the Hansen family house made Lydia, Eason’s mother upset. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Lanes, and Cora to be precise. In Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel, while the back and forth was going on between Eason, Lydia and Cora, Mia stepped out.

Mia was the replacement that Eason had for Cora. Mia’s family were in a position to help the Hansen family, and Lydia would see to it that nothing jeopardized their relationship, so even though Mia was fat and ugly, Eason agreed to marry her. Cora was very disgusted when she realised that Mia was a replacement, and so she had a tongue lash with Eason, reminding him that he swore never to have anything to do with someone as pathetic and fat and ugly as Mia. An argument soon ensued, one that had Cora promising not to accept any money from Eason again. He was not worth it.

It was decided by Cora that Eason was not her go-to person for money, so she argued with Mia and Mia almost slapped her until the voice of Byron Hansen sounded behind her. Mia froze. Mia thought that Eason Hansen was the most handsome man she had ever seen before but when she saw Byron, she was stunned at his handsomeness. Cora used that opportunity to leave the Hansen family house and was on her way back home when a rolls Royce suddenly pulled up on her. It was none other than Byron Hansen, and he wanted Cora in the car immediately. In fact, he ordered her in.

Cora could not help it, she had to enter the car. To think that she had decided with Byron never to cross paths again was out of this world because after the first time that they had obviously coincidentally bumped into each other in the Hansen family house, they were meeting again and this time it was intentional because Byron drive to her by himself. According to Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel, the ride was quiet yet awkward, until Byron spoke up. Byron asked Cora if she needed money. Well, the fact was that Cora needed money, so she said yes. Cora told Byron that she needed at least fifty thousand dollars.

Fifty thousand dollars was the easiest thing for Byron, so he wrote a check of hundred thousand dollars and handed it over to Cora, which she rejected. Cora wanted Byron to give her a job instead, where she would work and earn what she deserves. Cora didn’t want a hand down from Byron Hansen, validating his claim that she was a gold digger. Very well then. According to Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel, Byron gave her Cora a job at the same lounge he had first met her in, and their relationship sparked up after that.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband

Chapter 1

Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Chapter 1

The first chapter of Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel reveals Cora and Byron at the Spire73 lounge where Cora was trying to force a kiss on Byron. Byron had warned Cora that he was her Fiancés uncle, but it fell in deaf ears as Cora will not relent in her bid to kiss him. In fact, after Byron told Cora that he was her Fiancés uncle, Cora told Byron that his nephew already cheated on her, and that was why she had the right to return the favour, and better with his uncle at that.

You want to kiss me. Do you know who I am?’

‘Who are you?’

‘I’m your fiancé, Eason Patton’s uncle. Technically, you should call me Byron.’

The dialogue narrated above was made between Byron and Cora at the lounge where Cora would not relent in kissing Byron Hansen.

Eason, can I borrow 50 grand? I know I shouldn’t be asking you but my family’s bankrupt and my mothers in the hospital. It’s urgent.’

In this same chapter of the novel, Cora had just returned from passing the night with Byron, her Fiancés uncle. When her eyes cleared, she returned to Eason to ask for money to sort her mother’s hospital bill, and then she saw Byron again. A real spark started between Byron and Cora in this part of the novel.

Chapter 4

A Snatched Billionaire To Be My Husband Chapter 4

This chapter of Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel narrates the next time Cora met Byron again. She had just left the Hansen family house after being nearly humiliated by Lydia and her son, Eason with Mia. Byron heard her asking Eason for money, and as soon as he picked up Cora while she was fleeing his family house, Byron asked her if she needed money to which Cora said yes but ended up just accepting a monetary gift from Byron. If Byron wanted to help her in any way, he had better give her a job to work and earn money as well as dignity.

Are you short of money…?’

‘But maybe you can give me some advice. Do you know how I can make some fast cash?’

Dialogue between Cora and Byron. Byron was asking, and Cora was replying. This was the conversation that led Byron to give Cora a job in Spire73 lounge.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband

Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Read Online

Even though this trope is popular, Snatched A Billionaire To Be My Husband Novel is an interesting read. The scheme of events just makes the plot intense and full of suspense, as one cannot but look out for a climax in nearly every chapter and page. The author of the novel creates drama every now and then and uses conflict between the characters to give the novel the unique tone and feel that it has.

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