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Read Hot Chapters of Marry Into Money By Accident by Forest Love

On the request of her grandmother, Lianne Simpson got married to Caleb Hill. Lianne’s grandmother had feared that she was getting too old to take care of Lianne, so she insisted that Lianne got married, and she had just the right man for her. Lianne’s grandmother had a friend who had a grandson that was also ripe for marriage, so she did some match making, and before Lianne knew it, she was at the city hall meeting her would-be husband for the first time in her life.

Lianne got to the city hall and casually saw a man standing among the crowd, looking as if he was looking out for someone and that was the cue that led Lianne to know that he might be the husband that her grandmother had prepared for her. That was how it happened according to Marry Into Money By Accident Novel, and Liam Simpson got married to Caleb Hill at the city hall even though they had just met each other for the first time.

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Part 1: Full Story Of Marry Into Money By Accident

Marry Into Money By Accident By Forest Love

As unexpected as it had happened, it did not stop Lianne from becoming a wife. Caleb Hill was a man with dual identities and little did Lianne know that she had gotten married to the popular CEO of the Atlas Group, Zane Atlas. Yes, Zane Atlas was also Caleb Hill. His family had given him a different identity after he was involved in a disturbing encounter in the past. To the world, he was Zane Atlas, but to his family, he was Caleb Hill.

According to Marry Into Money By Accident Novel, Lianne worked for the Atlas Group in the first place, but she worked at a branch office, and she had never met the CEO of the company, so how was she supposed to know that the man who she had just gotten married to, was her CEO? Moreover, following the disturbing encounter that Caleb Hill had in the past, and for the fact that he was hiding his identity, he never made public appearances, so there was no way on earth that Lianne would know that her husband, Caleb Hill, was also her CEO, Zane Atlas.

As soon as they had gotten married, Caleb Hill left the country because one of his branches needed his attention, and that was it. Lianne never saw nor heard from her husband again, and she soon decided to forget about him and move on with her life, after all, she had already pleased her grandmother and gotten married, right? Lianne’s life continued as usual, and she moved on until things took a turn for her when she was transferred to work at the headquarters of Atlas Group in the secretarial department.

Lianne, according to Marry Into Money By Accident Novel, had only worked at the company for about six months when the CEO, who had been away on a business trip for a while, showed up. Because of that, it was announced that the CEO needed a new assistant, and Lianne as well as three of her colleagues were enrolled for the job. After heavy interviews and scrutiny, Lianne was chosen as the assistant of the CEO, and she would work closely with Liam, who was also a direct assistant to the CEO.

That was how Lianne came in close contavt with her husband, although, she had no idea he was the same Caleb Hill just yet because she did not have the opportunity to take in his handsome face when she saw him at the marriage registry, although he looked familiar. Zane Atlas was a handsome man whom every girl in the city wanted, and it was rumoured that he fired his female employees in droves as soon as they showed any sign of romantic attention and affection towards him. In that case, Lianne was adviced against staring at the man too much for fear that he would consider her as one of those women that wanted him by all means.

Well, Lianne happened to stay Zane Atlas’ assistant, and anyone who had a close look at them could see that their work chemistry was very solid and seamless, but little did they know that the chemistry between them was deeper than being work related. Given the fact that Zane Atlas who was also Caleb Hill had returned to the city after a long time of being away, his grandmother called and asked him to go after the wife that he got married to a year ago, bring her home, and have her start to live like his wife, and that was what Caleb Hill already planned to do, except that when he tried to reach his wife, there was a bit of a misunderstanding between them.

Zane had asked Lianne to help him figure out a gift for his wife since she was female and could tell what girls liked, and Lianne had suggested flowers. If only both of them knew that they were staring at each other as husband and wife. Lianne, according to Marry Into Money By Accident Novel, had selected deep red roses to signify love, and handed it over to Zane Atlas at the close of the day before she went home. Having received the address of the wife he married from his grandmother, Zane proceeded to the address, unknown to him that the person that lived there was none other than his new secretary and assistant, Lianne Simpson.

When Zane got to the house he was directed to, he called the number that he had retrieved from his grandmother because he realized that he did not even have his wife’s number. One would only wonder what sort of marriage that was anyway. By the time the receiver picked up the phone call, Zane was excited at first to meet his wife until he heard a man’s voice at the background. “Babe, come and eat, since you’re up.” A jealous and upset Caleb Hill quickly hung up the phone call, thinking that his wife was busy with another man, unknown to him that it was only a misunderstanding, and the voice he had heard was that of one of Lianne’s house mates, asking his partner who was not Lianne in any way, to a meal.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Marry Into Money By Accident

Chapter 1

Marry Into Money By Accident Chapter 1

“Alright. May you have a happy marriage filled with bundles of joy on this wonderful journey.”

Those were words from Lianne’s grandmother after Lianne sent her a text message that she had concluded the marriage with Caleb Hills. One would think that as it were, Lianne’s grandmother would have attended the marriage, right? Since she was the one that suggested the marriage, and went as far as making a groom available for her granddaughter, one would think that Lianne’s grandmother would be excited to be present as a witness to the marriage but that was not the case in any way as Lianne casually went to get married on a regular and hot afternoon.

This chapter of Marry Into Money By Accident Novel portrays just how casual Lianne’s marriage to Caleb Hill was, and it goes to give a deeper understanding to readers for the fact that Lianne and Caleb never communicated with each other again immediately after the marriage.

Chapter 3

Marry Into Money By Accident Chapter 3

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Caleb Hill.”

“Hi Mr. Hill, what can I help you with?”

One can go on and on and point out different scenarios to show that the marriage between Caleb Hill and Lianne Simpson was not one that both of them took seriously. The dialogue above was made between Lianne and Caleb. Caleb had arrived at Lianne’s house, unknown to him whether the house belonged to her. He wanted to see his wife whom he had gotten married to and abandoned for a year, and he came bearing gifts.

According to Marry Into Money By Accident Novel, Caleb called the number that was supposed to belong to his wife, and she replied by asking who it was? So, it is safe to say that, just like Caleb Hill, Lianne Simpson also did not take the marriage seriously, unknown to her that she was married to her CEO.

“Babe, come and eat since you’re up.”

While Caleb was trying to come to terms with the fact that his wife did not also have his number and had no means of identifying him, he heard a man’s voice echo the words above, and he immediately hung up the phone call, thinking that his wife was busy with another man.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Marry Into Money By Accident

Marry Into Money By Accident Read Online

A novel written to taste although of a popular trope, Marry Into Money By Accident stands out among other novels of the same trope. The author, Forest Love, spends time curating the events of the novel to suit the appetite of the readers, as it is obvious that the novel would be or most likely is already a commercial success.

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