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Romance Book Review: Under The Oak Tree

Under the oak tree is about a lady called Maximilian Calypse. She was the daughter of the Duke of Croyso. The Duke of Croyso was required to play a vital role in going on a campaign in battle against a feisty villain called the Red Dragon, Sektor.

In a bid to avoid this responsibility, he used his official power to force a low-ranking Knight under his command to get married to his daughter so that this Knight could take his place in the campaign.

Sir Rifta Calypse was the Knight in question. Disgruntled and angry about the fact that he was forced to get married to a lady he didn’t know at all, Sir Rifta Calypse struggled to scale through the wedding ceremony between him and Maximilian, who was the first daughter of the Duke of Croyso.

Afraid that Sir Riftan Calypse would no longer be interested in being married to her three years after he came back from the campaign he set out for immediately after the consummation of his marriage to Maximilian, the Duke of Croyso who doubled as Maximilian’s father, challenged her into making sure that the former low-ranking Knight, who had now been bestowed as a senior Knight by the King following his victory at the campaign, remained as her husband.

As a result of his anger, Sir Rifta Calypse consummated his marriage with Maximilian in a frightful and vengeful way, leaving Maximilian the next day, on his trip to the campaign to fight and hopefully defeat the Red dragon, Sektor.

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Maximilian, among other reasons, was frightened of Sir Rifta Calypse, and considered him a horrendous man. In Under the Oak tree book, Sir Rifta Calypse returned from the campaign after he had defeated the Red Dragon, and had been named with a higher rank as a Knight.

Part 1: Main Storyline of Under The Oak Tree

Maximilian was not exquisitely pretty, unlike her younger sister, and neither could she speak fluently as he stuttered through every sentence. She did not consider herself worthy of any man getting attracted to her, because of her shortcomings.

The Duke of Croyso, Maximilian’s father, harassed her and made her promise that she would do everything she could to make Sir Rifta Calypse not call off the marriage with her as a result of his being named a Knight of high status.

That was not the only problem actually, as another factor that made the Duke of Croyso afraid that Sir Rifta Calypse would abandon the marriage with Maximilian was because, the King, King Reuben, had offered his daughter, the Princess, to Sir Rifta Calypse to get married to as part of the reward for his bravery and victory in the battle against the Red Dragon.

To everyone’s surprise, when Sir Rifta Calypse returned from his campaign, he looked for and accepted Maximilian back as his wife, taking her with him to his estate in another city and scolding her for being so afraid of him as if he was a monster.

Under the oak tree is an attractive work of art in writing, and depicts a romantic tale that captivates anyone that reads the book at first glance.

It is a detailed explanation of how the mind could have its own fears but the reality could have a different cup of tea to serve, as this was portrayed when Maximilian was sure that she would have to beg Sir Rifta Calypse to not call off the marriage, unknown to her that he had no single intention of doing that, and had been longing to take her to his estate to live with him as his wife forever.

Part 2: Main Characters of Under The Oak Tree

Maximilian Calypse

Under The Oak Tree Maximilian Calypse

In the book Under the oak tree Maximilian Calypse is the lead female. She was one of the daughters of the Duke of Croyso, and the less attractive one at that. It was not just for the fact that, compared to her beautiful and very attractive sister, her facial features were not up to par, but for the fact that she stuttered.

In lay man’s terms, it would be said that Maximilian Calypse was a stammerer. However, disregarding her shortcomings, her father forced her to get married to a low-profile Knight called, Riftan Calypse.

Maximilian didn’t think that she was worthy enough for any man to be attracted to her because she was not as beautiful as her younger sister, and because she had a problem with her speech, so she always felt that Riftan Calypse did not love her and that as soon as he returned from his campaign, he would call off the marriage with her and get married to either the Princess that the King offered him or the lady that fought beside him at the campaign to defeat Red dragon.

Maximilian had a gentle personality when she addressed nearly everyone. She was surprised that Sir Riftan Calypse chose to remain as her husband, even though the King had provided him with the option of a better-looking and high valued Princess to get married to.

Sir Riftan Calypse

Under The Oak Tree Sir Riftan Calypse

Under the oak, tree book has Sir Riftan Calypse as the lead male. He was a knight. A low-profile knight at the time he was forced to get married to Maximilian, he gave her a bad impression of him on the night of their wedding.

He consummated his marriage with Maximilian in the most ruthless way and supposedly abandoned her in bed, heading for his campaign to fight against the Red dragon, and did not return for three years.

Originally required to go on the campaign to fight the Red dragon, Sektor, the Duke of Croyso forced Sir Riftan Calypse to marry his daughter, Maximilian, so that Sir Riftan Calypse would take his place in the battle with the Red dragon.

As a result of Sir Riftan Calypse’ victory over the Red dragon, he was awarded a higher rank as a Knight by the King, Reuben, and King Reuben also offered to have Sir Riftan Calypse get married to his daughter, the Princess.

But amidst all this, Sir Riftan Calypse returned and accepted Maximilian as his wife, ignoring the King’s offer, and whisked Maximilian away to his estate in another vicinity.

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Part 3: The Author Of Under The Oak Tree

Suji Kim

Under The Oak Tree By Suji Kim

Suji Kim is a renowned online author with experience in various writing styles and foreign languages.

You may read more of her works on Dreame.

Part 4: Evaluate Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree Book

Evaluating Under the oak tree by Suji Kim, the book easily gets a nine out of ten gradings. Nine because a ten out of ten grade will seem too far-fetched, even though the book deserves a total mark.

A popular book among online readers, it captivates the attention of readers and has readers gushing about nearly every chapter of the book. Under the oak tree by Suji Kim is a must-read for every lover of romance and fantasy.

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