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Best Fantasy Review: The Baby Isn’t Yours

The Baby Isn’t Yours follows the story of Kalia Tacskate who suddenly finds herself pregnant. Something Kalia thought would be impossible because of the kind of physical activity her duty demands.

The Baby Isn’t Yours dips its talons into magical waters with its unexpected plot and fiery female lead. It leaves readers looking forward to the next chapter. This page-turner spices things up with the unlikely romance between one of common birth and one with imperial blood. This action, battle-packed read will leave one on the edge of their seat or even hurrying up a bathroom break.

Kalia is a mother and puts her child before all else. She knows her limits and acknowledges them. Bre4short spins a colorful tale with this book allowing readers to immerse themselves in this magical world.

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Part 1: Story of The Baby Isn’t Yours

The Baby Isn't Yours

The Baby Isn’t Yours follows the story of Kalia, the outstanding commander of the imperial army. A formidable personality to see in this read. She is a new mother with a new direction for her future with her unborn child. Nothing can stop her determination to bring her baby into the world without any negative occurrence.

Kalia leaves the capital. She wanted nothing to tarnish the happiness brought by her child, and society with its discrimination of children born out of wedlock posed a threat to that happiness. Sadly, the father of the child seemingly hated the idea of himself having children or even the concept of children in general.

The Baby Isn't Yours

When Kalia settles down in the village called Loa, things take a new turn with the disappearance of two human children who go into the fairy forest but don’t return. Questions about herself and her origins arise and Kalia would need answers.

Main Characters:

Kalia Tacskate

The Baby Isn't Yours - Kalia Tacskate

Kalia Tacskate has lemon-colored hair and clear green eyes. Born as a commoner, she found herself in the back alleys up until the age of six when she saved the Duke of Mando from being kidnapped by a man with only one eye.

Commander-in-chief of the Imperial army, Kalia has grown from a mere poor girl brought out of the back alleys. She is strong and feared by most who hear of her. Kalia is trained, built, and strong with multiple scars, nevertheless her beauty and attractive qualities are not diminished even slightly.

She is the dearest friend of the Duke of Mando. She understands the Duke’s temper best. She sees him as almost a brother, but the Duke has other feelings not in the way of a sibling at all. Almost your typical friendzone sort of thing, except there’s a baby involved to spice up the drama of it all.

Simon Terroan – Duke of Mando

The Baby Isn't Yours - Simon Terroan

Silver-haired and stunning, a powerful Archmage in his own right, Simon is the elven Duke of Mando. As one with imperial blood, Simon is quite an important persona of the empire. He is admired and feared by all for his outstanding and unrivaled magical abilities. He has his eyes set on a certain female with lemon-colored hair whom he has no idea is carrying his child.

The twisted plot leaves Simon wishing for the woman of his desire to return, whereas she leaves because she feels the elven wizard will never love her or her child.

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Part 2: Meet The Author Of The Baby Isn’t Yours

Arong Hyeri 아롱드리 (Arongdri)

Based in Korea, this author tells splendid tales of romance and fantasy. Her works are filled with magic plentiful in each chapter of her novels. The Baby Isn’t Yours made for a grand debut. However, this author’s most recent novel does not leave room for air either. The title of this recent novel is ‘Honey, I Believe That’s Your Misunderstanding’. This book is quickly making its rounds garnering exceptional reviews.

Part 3: Intense Chapters From The Baby Isn’t Yours

The Baby Isn't Yours

The Baby Isn’t Yours is a spectacular read. If you’re not yet convinced of this, we listed and summarized some exciting chapters from the novel for you to feast your eyes

The Baby Isn’t Yours Chapter 1

The pregnancy test turned Kalia’s brain almost blank and she has to check very well if she was understanding instructions very well. Yes! Pregnant she is. And the father of the child is none other than her best friend whom she’d known since they were children, The Duke of Mando, Simon Terroan.

Kalia doesn’t know how to tell Simon that she’s with child and ultimately decides not to tell him in order not to complicate things further or bring external personalities into the matter.

The Baby Isn't Yours

The Baby Isn’t Yours Chapter 33

A dream. Kalia repeats this to herself when she sees Simon so vividly, he was almost warm to the touch. The look in his eyes is something Kalia has never seen before. He tells Kalia that he misses her.

With how realistic the heat she felt was, Kalia almost believes that the dream is real.

When she awakes, Kalia is confused and embarrassed about what she was dreaming of. However, Mrs. McCanna reassures Kalia that it is quite normal to have such dreams during pregnancy. But maybe she was just too quick to dismiss the affair as a simple dream.

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The Baby Isn't Yours

The Baby Isn’t Yours Chapter 41 and 42

After passing the deep forest boundary with Humming, Kalia encounters a cave where multiple Lycan wolves emerge from with one of the missing children in their grasp.

Kalia cuts down the wolves one by one and is nearly blindsided by the larger wolf hidden away from the others. However, the wolf is struck down by a spear from an unexpected angle.

When the owner of the spear emerges, Kalia sees it is a powerful being led by a Fairy she’d encountered earlier when she’d just entered the forest.

Kalia learns soon afterward that the wolves were fairies who were transformed with transplanted hearts, and even possessed spirit stones. They were chimeras.

With so much to look forward to in The Baby Isn’t Yours, it’s improbable not to check it out.

The Baby Isn't Yours

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