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Lucky Mafia-Smart Waitress: Read King Of The Underworld Novel Review

The King Of The Underworld is not alone in this online mafia novel. Sephie, the shortened form of Persephone, the female MC, is the Queen of the King’s Underworld.

Sephie has lived her mundane life as a waitress until Adrik, the King Of The Underworld, rescues her from the mafia boss’ son. Her life starts to change the moment Adrik protects her.

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Part 1: Core Story Of King Of The Underworld

King Of The Underworld Novel

Sephie (full name: Persephone) is a young woman who works as one of the most famous bar waitresses. As a waitress, she has been used to dealing with angry and rude customers. Since the bar she works in is an upper-class bar for mafia bosses, these customers belong to the people she frequently deals with.

Dealing with mafias and their bosses is not easy, even though Sephie lives a fair and supportive life. In King Of The Underworld novel, Thursday becomes a sacred day for Sephie and the rest of the book’s characters. After all, it’s the mafia’s days in discussing their “businesses”.

Sephie has learned cocktails and foods these mafias like and dislike. Here, I can say Sephie does a satisfactory job. The mafia bosses like her. It results her in getting fantastic tips and being promoted to the supervisory level. At the same time, being one of the bar’s supervisors also means more challenges for Sephie.

The mafia boss’ son who drank too much and has a childish ego is the first character to mess around with Sephie. Yet, he doesn’t stand a chance when Adrik, the Lord King Boss a.k.a. the King Of The Underworld, intervenes. His mysterious charisma instantly piques Sephie to discuss many things with him.

Sephie’s encounters with the King Of The Underworld mark the start of her life’s changes. She is no longer the nice and normal waitress she used to be. Now that she’s under the protection of the King Of The Underworld, she will become a kickass woman in whatever she does!

Part 2: Sizzling Hot Chapters Of King Of The Underworld Novel

King Of The Underworld Chapter 5

King Of The Underworld Chapter 5

Mr. Turner has always been Sephie’s dearest and kindest neighbor, as he informs oddities around their neighbors in time. King Of The Underworld Chapter 5 is all about him informing Sephie about a man with an intimidating height, crew-cut black hair, and a beard, who is standing outside Sephie’s door in the morning.

The man’s identity turns out to be Viktor, one of the Russian mafias whom Sephie serves in the bar. Viktor comes with Andrei, another Russian-speaking mafia member. Sephie talks about Anthony, the drunken mafia son, with them, and their discussion continues until the latest paragraphs in King Of The Underworld Chapter 5.

King Of The Underworld Chapter 6

King Of The Underworld Chapter 6

Viktor and Andrei are Adrik’s underlings. We can witness this fact when we read King Of The Underworld Chapter 6. Adrik orders both Russian men to look after Sephie. Such a scene explains the reason Viktor stands outside Sephie’s door and “orders” some cups of coffee in the previous chapter.

This book chapter is also proof of the mafia’s shady identities. First, it’s rare for “the boss of all bosses” like Adrik to tell commoners his full name, including his last name. Second, nobody can figure out about Viktor, Andrei, Adrik, and other mafias’ identities unless they are parts of the brotherhood.

King Of The Underworld Chapter 9

King Of The Underworld Chapter 9

The drunken Anthony who messed around with Sephie in earlier chapters of King Of The Underworld book reappears as a cameo in Chapter 9. This time, he tries to do the same to Adrik. Even though Adrik’s spies are loyal to him, Anthony seems to bribe people in the city to not speak anything about him.

Still, such acts from Anthony don’t stop Adrik’s instincts to protect Sephie. After all, he thinks Sephie is the only woman worthy of his protection. I can see their lovey-dovey romance acts in some later paragraphs of this chapter.

King Of The Underworld Chapter 11

King Of The Underworld Chapter 11

Ivan, one of Adrik’s mafia brotherhood members, has got new information about Anthony. Yet, Adrik orders him to stay and not to engage. Instead, Ivan should go with Stephen to check the information they’ve gathered. That way, Adrik can focus on his private romantic activities with Sephie in the apartment.

King Of The Underworld Chapter 11 proves that mafias are not always scary powerhouses. They also know the best gestures to woo their women once they set their eyes on a woman. For instance, this chapter shows how Sephie loves it when Adrik is romancing her because Adrik’s ways of doing it remind her of her mother in her childhood.

Part 3: An Analysis Of King Of The Underworld Novel

King Of The Underworld Novel PDF

People tend to underestimate waitresses these days. After all, waitresses barely make the minimum wage. Yet, they often work overnight. Sephie’s experiences dealing with the mafia bosses, including the King Of The Underworld, are some of the most unpleasant and challenging experiences for real-world waitresses.

Dealing with mafias requires a steel-like mentality. When I read the chapters in King Of The Underworld novel, I can see Sephie possesses this mentality. Adrik’s presence as the boss of all mafia bosses doesn’t scare her. She is sharp-tongued, which lets her discuss things cool-headedly. At the same time, she also doesn’t mind Adrik protecting her.

Mafias are all about hierarchy and secret words that only the “brothers” and “sisters” know. Since mafias belong to this novel’s main elements, we will witness such scenes from the start of the chapters. Anyway, Sephie knows these mafia all-abouts well. Yet, she is unlike any other mafia novel’s female MCs who submit to their bosses without further negotiations.

Overall, I would say that King Of The Underworld novel has mindblowing storylines and character developments. Still, it doesn’t mean a similar book doesn’t exist. Only by browsing through the platform, you can read a novel with identical story patterns.

Part 4: A Similar Novel To King Of The Underworld

Similar to King Of The Underworld

Mafias and cold-bloodedness are two characteristics with strong correlations. That’s why cold-blooded characters tend to have mafia-like thoughts. At the same time, mafias are all about power and position. They often target timid and fearful women under the disguise of protection.

You will find a similar story pattern when you read Divorce Has Never Felt So Good. Adira Ravenswood is not only economically struggling. Like any other mafia target, she suffers under a family who rejects her. Let’s not forget that Lancelot, her ex-husband, divorces her to be with his second lover.

Just as Adira wishes to end her life, the most powerful and cold-blooded man named Nikolai Kensington appears before her. He will transform her into the most powerful woman and make her adversaries kneel before her. Yet, his promises come with a strange condition, which is to marry him for two years.

Nikolai’s Russian name and presence remind me of the Russian mafia groups in King Of The Underworld book. Since marriage is the requirement, I would expect this Dreame novel to have more pleasant doses of romantic scenes throughout the chapters. So, what are you waiting for?

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