• 1.Bad Sex: His uncle's mistress

    *updates everyday* Alessa is sent by her fiancé to his Uncle Brian’s bed. Shocked and disgusted, she tries to escape but he doesn’t give up so easily… At the same time, Kevin, Alessa’s childhood sweetheart arrives out to save her from the abyss but soon the three of them are pulled into a whirlpool of power, money, love and desire.

    Alle Adames

  • 2.New Father (18+)

    "Gabriel, please leave. You're drunk," I said and he scoffed and his glazed over eyes glared at me and his lips pouted. "Why, so you can fück yourself and think of me again?" He snapped and my eyes widened and my face went pale. He had heard me earlier. Oh my god he heard me this is so embarrassing. Please god. Take me now. "Y-you m-must be mistaken Gabriel-l" I stuttered out but he shook his head lazily and a smirk appeared on his lips as he leaned even closer to me and his hands tightened around my hips. "No, I saw it with-h my orn-own eyes, Ellie!" He slurred and my mouth went dry and I felt like my eyeballs were going to fall out of my skull. "I saw those pretty little fingers pleasure your sweet puśšy and I heard my name leave your sweet lips," I licked my lips and my legs clamped shut at his dirty words... *mature content! 18+*


  • 3.His Purchased Wife

    ///Daily Updates/// Emily, a very kind hearted twenty two year old girl, who has just graduated from the college. She lost her parents at a young age of ten and then she lost her property to her uncle and aunt who now treat her as the maid of the house. As if life hadn’t snatched enough from her, that she lost her only dream when her uncle sold her to be the wife of a heartless man. Emily’s life took a huge turn when she became ‘His Purchased Wife.’ LK in the business world is short for Liam Knight. A Heartthrob king, who has achieved a lot of fame and controversies at a young age of twenty four. An egoistic hunk who will purchase Emily just to satisfy his ego and to take revenge from her. Hiding a big secret from others. Will Emily and Liam fall in love? Why is Emily being purchased by Liam? What’s Liam’s secret? To know the answer, give it a read and follow this book.


  • 4.Fated To Marry You

    ** DAILY UPDATES ** Fated To Marry You is a romantic love story that revolves around Rithu a 23-year old girl, she is a smart, sweet and a lovely person with a kind heart and Vikram a 31-year old guy, he is a handsome, hardworking businessman with an aloof and rude nature. They're arranged to get married by their parents, though they lived under the same roof they are miles apart. Vikram decided not to open his heart to her and Rithu hated his introvert nature. But love has its own way right!! That made their hearts to come closer, understand each other and unknowingly they developed a strong bond between them. As time moves, will they realize that they're in love?


  • 5.Katana

    When humans try to find a cause for a destruction they refer to science--geographic locations, volcanic causes, weather conditions, and radioactive waves. In the supernatural world, there are many explanations as to why a whole entire area is flooded with water, a rapidly fast fire tearing down a forest, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. Supernatural creatures are the masters of destructions, in their wake of anger; they leave behind a trail of mass terror and emptiness. 

    Leila Vy

  • 6.Commemorations: A Collection

    A constantly updated collection of Memorializations, sorted by subject, topic and other defining modes. B.A. Dennison is a Father to three very young men and life partner to a beautiful human services professional. He served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and his host of life experiences reworked into teachable moments in short stories are an inspiration to many around the world.

    B.A. Dennison

  • 7.Mystify Me: A Cinematic Experience

    Ben has been around the New York streets since he left Russia, and has been struggling for a while to get his life back on track. Jackson has been taking care of his twin long enough not to care about himself, and can barely stand the spastic, overly-social brunette. When the two cross paths once again at the small vestibule of an ATM, the power shutting down and sealing electronic doors doesn't leave him much of a choice. Ben knows there's something off about these twins, something deeper. Something his hyper mind isn't just making up. And he's right. Mystify Me's a story about friendship, love, and obsession. Of broken souls being forced by the universe to meet up. Of beauty, sex, and humor, but more than anything—a story about life. Updated every Monday and Friday, guaranteed to be up by 17:00 hs EST. *CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE: All readers and good writers know that a scene is not about what you read, but what you see. This book's been written not only based on that principle, but making sure our readers will go from a reading experience to a screen right inside their own minds.

    Free Fire Fiction

  • 8.Dr.Knight and Virgin Mary

    "I'm sorry, Doctor, I just didn't know because well I haven't...you know," He said and his eyebrows pulled together. "Well surely you've masturbated," He said and my eyes widened at his upfront nature. Who says that? I guess it must be a doctor thing, he must be desensitized to these things. "No!" I said exasperatedly as I sat up straight and fumbled with the ends of my gown. "So you've never climaxed before?" He asked and I got the impression he was also a curious cat as well. "No," I whispered. "Do you want to?"He asked.


  • 9.Forbidden Love [18+ mature]

    ***updates twice a day*** ***mature content*** A normal high-school girl, Vivian suddenly finds herself going mad for the student union president, Aaron. She vies for his attention, never imagining that he would actually be interested in her: little does she know that she has long been his obsession. When he discovers her lust for him, he acts. Soon she finds herself being pulled into his deepest sexual fantasies.

    Lovely Panda

  • 10.Her Billionaire's Daughter

    **daily update** Her story was different. She was broken, she was left alone and without anything left since a little angel came into her life. Her daughter. Her little angel, her everything in her every seconds and every single minute. For her, she will do anything. But she will never know, all of that will change... When the little angel meet her father. * Welcome to Cardiff, sir." I added. He just smiled to me. I have been here before, Stephanie." he replied, walking a little bit closer. My breath hitched. I cleared my throat a little before stepping backward slowly. But then, he followed. One step, two steps, a few steps before I stopped, we stopped, because eventually my back hit the wall, he came even closer, until our face a paper thin apart. Nice to meet you again, love. he said, whispering to my ears brushing his nose slightly to my jaw. copyright . original . NShairah 2018 .

    N Shairah