• 1.Bear's to Mate

    He had never met anyone like Tarsha White.
    Curvy, sexy as sin, smart and sassy, the works.
    Billionaire bear shifter Cole Barron knew he had to have her.
    Knew he had to claim her as his own mate.
    She doesn’t know he’s a werebear.
    It doesn’t matter.
    He’s going to take her and make her scream in ecstasy.
    Heck, he might even put a baby inside her.
    She had never met a man like Cole Barron before…
    …but she knew the type.
    Rich, cocky, arrogant, think they can get whatever they want.
    She had him pegged from a mile away.
    And yet, when his eyes devoured her, she felt herself melting in his gaze.
    When his fingers touched her, she felt herself wanting to give in.
    One night, only fun, and no expectations… what could go wrong?
    But just one night was all it took…
    …for him to put a baby in her.


    BEAR’S TO MATE is a steamy, full-length paranormal shifter romance that depicts an alpha shifter billionaire willing to do anything to claim his mate, a surprise pregnancy, and closes with a happy ending.

    Milly Weaver

  • 2.His Claim: A Bad Boy Romance

    He wanted something from me… a child.
    So he tied me to his bed and told me…
    …That I had to bear his baby.

    I never expected this.
    Tied up, used…
    In any way he wants.
    I was given to him.
    He owns me.
    And now I obey his every command.
    He wants a kid.
    He wants an heir.
    He wants me to be the mother.
    I never asked for this.
    He’s a bad man.
    He’s going to take what he wants.
    Over and over again.


    His Claim by Jana Winter is a sexy, steamy, full-length bad boy romance featuring a hard-bodied alpha male who will do anything and everything to make the woman he’s fallen for his, and to put a baby inside her. This romance novel concludes with a happy ending and NO CLIFFHANGER!

    Jana Winter

  • 3.Wolf's Heir

    The moment he saw her, wolf shifter Jalen Hunter knew Jassie was special.
    Knew he had to have her.
    Knew he had to claim her as his own.
    She was delicious, sexy, curvy… smart.
    His wolf clawed for her.
    His wolf growled for her.
    His wolf wanted to mate her.
    And what kind of shifter doesn’t listen to their animal?
    He was going to make her his.
    And not only that…
    …he was going to put his heir inside her.


    Men like Jalen Hunter don’t pass through a gal’s life much, but we all know the type.
    Way too sexy for their own good.
    Cocky… arrogant.
    So bad for you they should come with a warning label.
    They’re the kind you want to spend one night with…
    …and only one night.
    And even then, you’re taking a risk.
    Jassie knew she was going to take that risk.
    Jassie knew it was just going to be one night.
    What she didn’t know was that one night was all it would take…
    …for the wolf shifter to put his heir inside her.


    WOLF’S HEIR is a steamy, full-length paranormal shifter romance that depicts an alpha wolf shifter willing to do anything to claim his mate, a pregnancy, and closes with a happy ending.

    Milly Weaver

  • 4.The Nurse

    She patched me up then kicked me out. But it was too late.
    I was already obsessed her, and I had to make her mine.

    I don’t do love. I get laid then I get out. I live a dangerous life, and that means living everyday like it's my last.
    I never wanted to settle down... I never wanted to plan ahead. No attachments. Not until I met Jasmine Faye.
    She's got a body I want to worship every inch of. A smile that makes me feel some kinda way.
    And eyes that see me deep inside... somewhere I've closed off to even myself.
    I thought my heart died long ago. But Jasmine has made it start beating again.
    I've never fallen so damn hard for a girl before. The kicker? She wants nothing to do with me.
    She's good, pure, and in her own way, a total bad ass. I'm just a total ass.
    She saved my life, so now I owe her one.
    And that means I'm going to make her mine.
    That means I'm going to make her scream in ecstasy.
    That means she's going to be my goddess for the rest of our days.


    The Nurse is a full length bad boy MC romance featuring an ink-and-leather alpha bad boy who thought his heart died along ago only to have it restarted by Jasmine, a smart, strong, and beautiful nurse who saves his life, and who can handle a bar full of bikers. This full-length contemporary romance novel ends with a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

    Paigely Snow

  • 5.Eight Weeks: A Secret Baby Romance

    One night. One time.
    She was never supposed to get pregnant.

    When I first saw Issy, I knew I had to have her.
    She stumbled into my life, and into the best lay of her life.
    That was supposed to be it.
    One night. One time. One white-hot memory.
    Then I moved on.
    I don’t settle. I don’t stick around.
    But… she never told me about the pregnancy.
    Eight weeks later, I’m still thinking about her.
    Eight weeks later, I can’t get her out of my head.
    Eight weeks later, I find out.
    Now I’m coming back for her.
    I’m coming back to make our family whole.


    Eight Weeks (A Secret Baby Romance) is a contemporary secret baby and second chance romance novel featuring graphic scenes of a dark romantic nature. This is a full-length love story and ends with a happy ending.

    Olivia Sinclair

  • 6.Dragon's Heir

    Getting pregnant was something Tamara didn’t ever really expect. But when she agrees to be the surrogate mother of a wealthy client, and for a hefty sum, she decides to accept. But what she doesn’t realize is that the client is a billionaire dragon shifter, a man reclusive and enigmatic, but gorgeous as sin, with eyes that seem to pierce her very soul. This dragon shifter is determined to have an heir to his empire, and for that task he has chosen Tamara to bear his child. She’s more than just a suitable candidate. She’s the woman he’s fallen in love with, one who doesn’t even know it. And he’s going to claim her as his own mate. She won’t just be the mother of his child… He’ll make her his loving, dragon’s mate… forever. Dragon’s Heir is a sexy, steamy, full-length paranormal dragon shifter romance from Gena Callahan, that features an alpha dragon shifter determined to do whatever it takes to get the woman he loves, a happily ever after, and a little dragon shifter heir.

    Gena Callahan

  • 7.Lion: Call of the Shifter

    Gavin Lister. Heir to the Pride's throne. Ex-Soldier. Lion Shifter.
    From the moment he was born, Gavin knew he was one day destined to lead the Pride, that he would one day become Alpha of his clan of lion shifters.
    And he shaped his life with that knowledge... but that still couldn't prepare him for the death of his father.
    Now, expected to lead the Pride, he is expected to take a wife from a rival clan.
    Tradition is tradition, and Gavin has no problem with that... until he meets the sexy, curvy, and strong-willed Vicky.
    The woman stumbles into his life, into the world of shifters, blind and innocent.
    God, she’s sexy as sin, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.
    His inner beast claws at his insides to be freed, to mate with her, to claim her as his one true mate.
    But in order to make her his own, he has to defy centuries of tradition...
    ...and risk everything, including his kingdom.
    But Gavin knows she's worth it.
    He's going to do everything it takes to make Vicky his mate.
    Even if it means tearing down everything he has known in the process...


    Curvy Vicky has always felt she got the short end of the stick in life.
    But that never stopped her from persevering, and gave her plenty of sass and spunk to boot.
    She doesn't back down. She takes the bull by the horns.
    But what she never expected was to fall into the world of the shifters.
    What she never expected was for a gorgeous, hard-bodied Alpha Lion to set his hungry eyes on her...
    To declare her his mate... with the promise that she will be his.
    This lion shifter looks at her as if he's the predator...
    ...and she's his prey.
    But the more Vicky gets to know Nathan, the more complicated her feelings get for a man who is risking everything to make her his.
    The question is, will Vicky be willing to risk everything she has... to make the sexy, dominating Lion Shifter hers?


    Lion: Call of the Shifter is a sexy and suspenseful full-length paranormal shifter romance featuring an Alpha who has to make the biggest sacrifice he has ever known to make sure that the curvy, strong woman he's fallen head-over-paws for becomes his fated mate forever. This romance novel concludes with a happy ending and NO CLIFFHANGER!

    Valerie Mack

  • 8.Sex with a Beast

    * Book 1 completed* *Book 2 Taming His Beast: http://www.ficfun.com/novel/1962124-Taming-His-Beast-(Book-2).html "Anything for you." He turned to me. He walked over to me and stood between my legs; he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He leaned in, unknowingly sparking that stupid sensation I got every time he touched me....


  • 9.Dirty

    I’m dirty as they come.
    In all meanings of the word.
    I’m not a good man. I’ve done bad things.
    But the one thing I did right was take care of my daughter.

    I’m all she’s got in this world.
    A bad biker single daddy who loves her more than anything.
    Nothing is going to get in between us.
    I’ll protect my daughter forever.

    So when her curvy spitfire of a teacher tries to tell me how to raise my child…
    Well, there’ll be hell to pay.
    Miss Mikaela Springston’s all sass and attitude…
    And she’s got curves I could love forever…

    I’m going to tame this lady who thinks she can put her nose into my business.
    I’m going to claim her, own her, use her…
    I’m going to make her my old lady, show her just how dirty I can be.
    And she’s going to love every single second of it.

    Liana Ward

  • 10.Wild Heat: A Motorcycle Club Romance Bundle

    Are you ready for 3 heart-wrenching, panty-melting alpha bad boy bikers who will move heaven and earth to claim the women they have fallen head-over-handlebars for?

    Wild Heat contains 3 of Portia Bright’s steamy, sexy MC romance novels: Wild: Devil’s Love, Heat: Dark Love, and Ruin: Wicked Love.

    Follow along with 3 couples as they find their happily-ever-afters in these full-length motorcycle club romances with NO CLIFFHANGERS. Filled to the brim with passion, these sexy ink-and-leather men are guaranteed to make you reach for a glass of ice-cold water.


    Emily knows she's seen more terrible things than the average person.
    That goes part and parcel with being the daughter of the head of a biker gang.
    The Devils MC... the baddest guys in town.
    And a life she wants nothing to do with.
    But when her father insists she marries one of the gang, she's beside herself.
    She absolutely will not, even if it's for her own protection.
    Even if the man he's chosen, Kyle, is a man too gorgeous it's unfair.
    A man with eyes that bore into her soul... that see right through her.
    A man who licks his lips when he sees her, like she's his prey.
    No... she won't participate in a sham marriage.
    No fake relationship.
    Not even for one amazing, white-hot night.
    Valerie never thought she'd become the obsession of a bad biker.
    He's all sex and leather, sweat and steel.
    Tattoos cover his toned, hard body, and the way he looks at her makes heat bloom in her center.
    But she knows he's bad news.
    He's not the kind of man you take home to momma.
    But the alpha biker is relentless, and she soon finds herself caught in his orbit...
    ...and she soon finds herself making a mistake.
    He claimed her over and over again, made her scream and moan and see white-hot ecstasy.
    But it can never happen again.
    It was a mistake.
    Just one time.
    But what Valerie doesn't know is that he has a plan for her.
    One that involves putting his brand on her.
    One that involves putting his ring on her.
    She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I fall into her eyes. The sound of her voice gets me right in the center...
    Where the emptiness lives.
    She hired me to protect her. But I want to do more than that.
    I want to make her my own. I want her tangled in the bedsheets. I want to make her scream.
    But more than that, I want her beside me. With me.
    She makes me feel whole. She makes me... happy.
    But she’s afraid to let me in. She thinks I'll hurt her.
    I'll never hurt her.
    I'll beat away her problems. I’ll kiss away her tears.
    I'll make her mine forever.

    Portia Bright