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Want to read more of the high-caliber books that everyone else is recommending? If you wish to expand your reading selection, the popular novels from FicFun are perfect. These novels have a good chance of becoming new bestsellers.

1. His Unsuspecting Mate

In the werewolf world, there is nothing better than finding your own mate. However, the Moon Goddess gives this happiness only to the chosen ones. Most wolves stay unmated their whole life or create their chosen mates.

A 19-year-old Alpha Xavier Grayson was sure that this is his destiny – pick an appropriate Luna candidate and mark her as his chosen mate. He has almost done it when he met Stella…

Stella Quinn is a regular 17-year-old high school girl. Her parents died during a car crash and she was sent to the Springwood Academy, a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, by her aunt. But something feels off in that place. The school’s Queen B suddenly hates her for no reason, and the school’s most dangerous boy pays her way too much attention.

Can a werewolf and a human find happiness, considering that human mates have never been heard of? Especially since she does not feel their mate bond?

2. Possession

Jasmine White’s life was wonderful up until the day her parents died protecting her and her best friend from rouges. Her alpha lowered her status to the runt of the pack, forcing her to live alone by the same woods her parents were killed.

Soon tragedy strikes after she finds that she is mated to the Alphas son Oliver, After a rejection, he causes injuries not only emotionally but physically as well.

It is said, however, that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure but what happens when Oliver doesn’t plan on letting her go?

Not to mention the prophecy that has been surrounding Jasmine since the day she was born.

Don’t presume this book is like the rest. Just when you think you are about to guess what happens, you will get the shock of your life each time!

Enemies lurk from in and out. Danger seems to creep on every corner.

Will she overcome and accept her fate?

3. Their Cursed

Remi thinks she is an ordinary girl. Calder and Cullen come into her life and find out she is anything but.

Before she can come to terms with what she is and the world she was hidden from, Remi must face danger from those who forced her to be hidden away.

4. I Adopted My Twin Mates

Trinity Amato is the third child of the famous Italian mafia leader, Matteo Amato. Her eldest brother is to inherit the mafia business while the second born, Trinity’s sister Amelia is married off to a high-class businessman to gain more power for her father’s empire. Trinity was born 15 years after her eldest siblings, being the youngest, she is also the final card to help her father rebuild his empire after a devastating blow to his warehouse full of new style of weapon that will bring his enemies to his feet, biochemical warfare.

Trinity’s mother Evangeline secretly had Trinity trained to become her own warrior after she heard of her husband’s plans. As the young girl was homeschooled and prepped to be an older man’s new wife during the day, she trained nightly while her father was away.

Evangeline can help Trinity escape and gives her a brand-new life to start over while she stays behind to face her husband’s wrath.

Meanwhile, a set of twins’ werewolves’ alphas were on their grand adventure to seek their mate. They had waited long enough, and they wanted nothing more but to take their virgin selves and make love to the woman that would become their Luna. Theo and Thaddeus are unexpectedly captured in wolf form and imprisoned in a human dog pound. Unable to shift back without giving themselves away, they stay and wait and pray that the goddess Selene will humor them and bring their mate to them.

Will Selene humor the boys and have Trinity adopt some new guard dogs in her new town? Only the story will tell!

5. The Servant With The Mark Of The Goddess

Sometimes it snows in the middle of spring, and sometimes, power is gifted to the most unexpected person.

Prince Nathan believes that the only way of saving his father’s Kingdom from Goddess Israel’s curse is by marrying Princess Aria, a daughter of a famous sorceress.

Turns out Goddess Israel’s curse cannot be broken by magic and the only one capable of taking away the curse is the little messy servant who he has always made fun of and she may hate him more than the curse itself.

Hannah, the new servant in the big palace, is the last person anyone consinders useful. She has a pure heart and is strong willed as well as exceptionally gifted. But her messy nature and carefree dressing have got everyone frowning upon her presence.

She however knows how to let out all the pain and loneliness through a song, even though no one ever listens.

6. The Emerald Seer

Sage Satorr had a perfect life. The only daughter of a wealthy king’s advisor and the fiancée of the kingdom’s most eligible bachelor, she was always adored and respected by everyone. That is until her father lost everything and people around her showed their true faces. Now branded as a daughter of a traitor, she has to make her own way in life. Help, however, comes from where she did not expect it. And a gift that she did not ask for awakens, making her the most wanted by demons and her own kingdom.

All that Duke Killian Winter wanted was to do his job and be left alone. Being the most powerful man in the kingdom and the best friend of the king, came with a price. And Killian had his own secrets to hide. Yet all that came to an end on the day he accidentally saved the life of a capricious heiress of Marquis Satorr…

In the meantime, a group of heroes came to the kingdom to help with the ongoing war with demons, and among them was the silver-haired girl who sought to restore her powers, a dragon who would do everything to protect his beloved, a king in hiding and his best friend who could make the earth move, together with a demon spirit with no filters and a mage whose heart was broken by a demon…

7. Her Ruthless Alpha

Zerra was cruelly used by her stepmother as a payment for her crime and sold to the most notorious and ruthless Alpha of their Region – Erdy Vermonth. She was only 19 years old when sent there as a slave.

The Alpha hated her so much for being the traitor’s daughter and vowed to make her life a living hell. But what if it’s not the case because the moon goddess has other plans for them after all?

8. Triplet Lycan Kings Beloved

Known as the youngest doctor to graduate from Medical School at 20, Aurora Black was said to be a model child. She lived with her father after her parents went their separate ways when her mother claimed to find her true soulmate. With just the occasional visits and numerous gifts during any holiday or celebration from her mom, she didn’t have much of a relationship, despite craving one. Little did she know that once her father died and she was forced to move with her mom and her new family, she lived her whole life about who she was and why her mother stayed away from her was all a cover and lie.

Thrown into a world where multiverses exist with werewolves, vampires, wizards, witches and Lycan kings, she comes to know that she is half Lycan. She is also the ‘soulmate’ of the drop-dead gorgeous heartthrob triplet Lycan kings: Tristan, Lucas and Hayden Whitlock.

Having looked for their mate for years, the triplet lycan kings began to lose hope and had decided to take a chosen as their Luna Queen. Little did they know that the same ceremony for choosing the chosen would lead them to collide head-on with their fated mate. However, there’s a slight problem; something is suppressing her Lycan, so she doesn’t know they are her mates. With all their escapades stories going around, Aurora seems to run farther away from them than being putty in their hands as they expected. Will Aurora connect with her lycan? Can the triplets earn her love? And, when things go south, will they be able to protect what is rightfully theirs?

9. Maverick’s Mate

Aspen, a nurse in the local community hospital, cares fiercely for her patients, friends, and family. Despite a tumultuous upbringing, she’s a strong, independent, and progressive woman. Even during the pandemic, she remains a devoted nurse and caregiver.

However, when Aspen meets the (devastatingly handsome) grandson of one of her patients, a new supernatural world starts to be revealed. As a normal, will she be able to cope with all the changes? Will she embrace this strange, but sensational, new world? Can she fit in? Is it possible to set aside her pre-conceived notions of how the world works? Can she accept the unforeseen passion that’s walked into her life? Is yes possible?

10. My Abuser, My Mate

CandiAnn Amberson is a senior in high school. She has been bullied all of her school years, and believes herself to be a worthless failure. However, on the night of her 18th birthday, when she shifts for the first time, she discovers that she is the white wolf, the first one is over a thousand years. She also discovers that her mate is none other than future Alpha Cody Jacobs, who has been her main bully all through school. He wants to reject her at first but his father the alpha forbids it. Cody is horrified when he realizes he’s been bullying his mate for years. He changes his mind and determines that he will do whatever it takes to woo her, and sets out to make her forgive and accept him. But CandiAnn is just as determined that she will never accept him. Who will win, and who will give in? And has Cody truly changed his ways?

11. Surviving the Storm

An alpha is supposed to be strong. A leader and protector that a pack can look up to. He is supposed to be the one member of his pack that can be counted on no matter what! But what happens when your alpha is a monster? And worse, what happens when that monster is your father?

Running from my pack and my father, I turned rogue just to give myself a chance to survive. Then I met my mate, only to discover he hated rogues more then anything else.

I ran for my life again trying to stay alive, but there was just one problem, my mate wasn’t about to let me escape!

12.Blind Dating the Alpha Prince

It was the best news of my life, and the worst. Seconds after I found out I was pregnant, my whole world fell apart.

One year later, my best friend sets me up on a blind date with a mysterious man that everyone’s talking about. I don’t expect to find true love again, but I have to admit I’m intrigued. Who is the man behind the mask, and why is he hiding who he is? Is there a second chance in the cards for me after all?

13. The Alpha’s Secret Miracle

Charlie Dawn Black is the daughter of Alpha Luther Black. At seventeen years of age she has spent her entire life sheltered by her father who doesn’t allow Charlie to date or socialize with any pack members other then his closest Elite. Charlie’s mother died giving birth to her and as a result her father kept her close not wanting to risk ever losing Charlie. But instead of protecting her he ended up smothering her instead. Charlie cannot wait for her eighteenth birthday which is quickly approaching. She cannot wait to finally meet her wolf and is hoping she will find her destined mate and he will take her away to his pack so she can finally be free of her fathers smothering. Little does she know that her wolf, and mates won’t be the only gifts she receives for her eighteenth birthday. Charlie’s life will soon be changed from a boring life stuck in her pack house over guarded to a life of power, lust and adventure. Which Alpha will be chosen to mate with Luther’s precious miracle

14. The Lost Princess’ Second Chance

Raya was made into a pack slave when she was eight years old. The alpha had killed her mother for trespassing into his territory. For the last ten years, the Nightshade pack has tried to break her. On the night of her 18th birthday, her chance to find a mate rises as it is also the night of the annual mating ball.

Raya prays for a mate that could set her free from this pack, or a strong wolf that could help her run away if she does not find her mate. What she doesn’t account for is her wolf not showing and her mate not only rejecting her, but using the mate bond to make her suffer the worst pain any werewolf could feel… The pain of their mate’s betrayal to the bond.

Once she is finally broken free from her first mate’s torment, she becomes cold and emotionless. When she meets her second chance mate in the near future, would she be able to accept him over the pain of her past. Things start to become clear once the secret of her birth comes into light.

15. Rejected Luna

Clara Black is an orphan omega who dreams to find her fated mate. Unfortunately, this one turns out to be a powerful Alpha who hurts her and pushes her away. However, it said that someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure. And she is a treasure. She just needs to find it out for herself.

You are welcome to join Clara’s journey to get strength not just to survive but to find her happiness and complete her true destiny, including a sweet love.

16. The Witch’s Temptation

Clover Harrison is a rare, triple affinity witch. After refusing an arranged marriage from her family, she went to Oregon to run her great aunt’s potion shop and teahouse. There’s a fearsome beast that all seers see in her future and Clover is driven to live her life to its fullest before she encounters the beast.

Stanton Bruinwald is looking for his Ursa, the woman who will help him run his sleuth. Even though he’s starting his search for her a year or two before most Alpha bears do, he feels the time is right. All he needs is some direction.

17. The Three Alphas and a Choice

When Elizabeth turns 18, she finds her mate…or, mates. She’s known them her whole life, but that still doesn’t prepare her for what is to come. Will she accept all three mates?

The Triplet Alphas could not be more different. Though they always knew they would have to share a mate, they never expected it to be HER. Well, one of them didn’t. Will the actions of one brothers ruin the chances of the others?

18. Hiding with her twin babies

Eight long years have passed after that night. Jennie, the nerd, does not exist anymore, only Jennie, the mother of twins. They are naughty on the plane, and Jennie is afraid they will disrupt the other passengers. It is a long flight from London. Jennie, a silent partner in a tech company, is moving to Houston, where they are moving their gaming company. The last thing on Jennie’s mind is the father of her children. She has not seen him since that night she slept with him when he thought she was the love of his life. He was angry when he saw in whose bed Dante was, and as he was Jennie’s brother’s best friend and her cousin’s fiance, she left the day of his wedding to her cousin. Knowing she is pregnant, she broke all ties with her family in Russia. Her mom and dad adopted her anyway, and Andrei was always their favourite, although they treated her good. Leaving her old life behind, Jennie started working at a big-tech gaming company and made lots of money, so much so that she is now a silent partner in the company as she does not want her family to find her. Jennie and the twin walk off the plane. Her blood turns to ice as she sees the father of her children standing close by.

19. The Alpha’s Abused Mate

Skylar and her mother just moved to a new pack to escape their crazy ex-Alpha. Almost 17, she’s afraid of finding her mate because of her past.

Devon is the future Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. What will he do when he discovers that the new girl is his mate and will he be able to save her from what’s to come…

20. The Alpha’s Secret Daughter

Bethany Yearwood’s life is about to change when she discovers not who, but what she truly is. Bethany is a typical 17-year- old that just began her final year in a private school her mother weirdly enrolled her in over the summer.

It’s not just any private school; it’s a school for special students with high privilege backgrounds, but Bethany got accepted for some reason with all expenses paid.

Why is everyone so interested in her when she first arrived? Why is the leader of the popular boys share the same color eyes as her?

What happens when she accidentally sees someone transform into a creature she thought was just fictional which her mother made up when she was a child?

Will she embrace these new changes or run from them?


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