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Overgeared | Fantasy Book Review

As a story with a rating of 8.4/10 points from 2,382 votes on Naver, topping the fantasy story chart on the Kakao page, Overgeared is an excellent choice for those who are wondering what story they will read next.

Talking the genre of over geared, as the name implies, is a Korean term, precisely this is the genre of stories about virtual online games. The report’s main characters will transform into players and begin to travel and explore the virtual world. Hammock stories are often set in the future. There, modern technical technology helps players enter the game world.

A completely new and unique theme has contributed to the success of Overgeared. Besides, the story’s setting is the backbone to bring the story to the climax. The story’s setting is based on a game, and the main plot is the main character’s adventure. It is this setting that makes the story develop in a new and not dull direction.

It is like a long-term adventure for the male lead, the mysterious and mysterious space is constantly changing, along with the appearance of many new characters, and the male lead’s body also alternates.

The development of the main character parallels the development of the plot. Overgeared is a story worth reading as much as the achievements it has.

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Part 1: The Main Plot of Overgeared

Overgeared revolves around the character Shin Youngwoo. He has not had a good life. Passionate about games, falling into debt, he had to sell his labor as a manual worker to have money.

But his life turned a new turn when he became a Legendary Blacksmith in Satisfy – a famous virtual reality game with more than 2 billion participants in the future.

The story is Youngwoo’s journey of adventures to explore the world in a magical game, through which the main character’s growth process is depicted!

Overgeared novel

Part 2: The Main Characters of Overgeared

The main character of Overgeared is Shin Youngwoo. Carrying an unhappy life, Shin Youngwoo had to shovel dirt and load bricks at construction sites. He even had to do manual labor in a virtual reality game called Satisfy!

However, luck appeared in Young Woo’s hopeless life. His character, Grid, during a quest, discovered the North End. Young Woo accidentally found “Pagma’s Treasure Book” in that place and received a legendary job. It was the day that marked the birth of a legend.

This is the story of the adventure of a “talented, handicapped” boy on the way to conquering his life’s achievements.

And more than that, this is also the journey of a grumpy boy who is dissatisfied with life, a selfish child who only thinks about himself to become a man who cares, loves, and gains the trust of everyone around.

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Part 3: Overgeared Hot Chapter

Generally, each chapter in a story is an indispensable piece and carries a separate mission. The opening, the knotting, the narration, and the ending chapters. But besides that, there are still chapters that play a crucial role. The climax in Overgeared it’s chapter 4, chapter 7, and chapter 94.

Overgeared 4:Chapter 4 is called an S-rank quest, just like its title. When Shin Youngwoo fell to a harmful level and was forced to accept the quest to level up again at the yatan temple, Shin Youngwoo also met a strange man. The man introduces himself as Doran, a secret assassin protecting Earl Steim. He said that a day or two ago, while I was on vacation, the Earl’s beloved daughter was kidnapped, and he tracked her down and found her imprisoned in the cellar of this temple. At the same time, Dora offers Shin Youngwoo to help him and give him a decent reward. And so this became Shin Youngwoo’s fundamental mission.

Overgeared Yuna.

Overgeared 7:Chapter 7 is called the fall of Yura. Yura is a solid player and opponent – Shin

Youngwoo ‘s mission. At first, she looked down on Shin Youngwoo, but then she failed him again. A catastrophic failure.

Overgeared 94: Chapter 94 is titled eating with sehee. Sehee, Shin Youngwoo ‘s younger sister. When he was still fantasizing about life in the game, about becoming the richest man in the world or all the girls would surround him, Yura killed his in-game character. Shin Youngwoo returned to the real world and offered to take Sehee out to eat. His sister quickly became the center of attention. Then Shin Youngwoo asked Sehee to change his style.

Part 4: Overgeared Review

Overgeared Reddit is always a hot topic. There have been many reviews about this story on Reddit. Prove how hot it is.

Although the overview is excellent, over geared has fatal minus points:

  • The plot is too cumbersome.
  • The later Grid produces items in an industrial style that causes an imbalance in the worldview.
  • The equipment still needs to be exploited.

The above inadequacies make Overgeared lose competitiveness with another manhwa of the same genre. But Overgeared is still a good manhwa and has many new points, different from other series. Be patient and watch Satisfy, Grid, and Overgeared – you will find it worth watching.

Overall, it’s the opposite of the current super manhwa solo leveling. Overgeared establishes a world with the virtual reality game Satisfy, where 2 billion people around the world participate in the construction and exploration of the world through various and varied occupations and quests…. behind that exciting and massive world is the SA Group, President Lim Cheolho, and the supercomputer Morpheus whose mission is to monitor the progress of the world, develop Satisfy, and at the same time keep the balance of the game in perspective neutral score – something every gamer wants.

Therefore, this is the old storyline because the stories’ virtual reality game genre is not rare, but the main plus point is quite logical, tight, and engaging. And last, the better the story and the more unexpected details, not duplicated, boring and predictable like many other stories.

Shin Youngwoolife.

At the same time, it is also the story of the development of the main from waste to vigorous. But the Overgeared plot has a prolonged effect; although sluggish and slow, it is a huge minus point because it makes readers feel bored and frustrated. It is generally perfect for showing the process of growing up. Shin Youngwoo.

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