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Hot Chapters from Re: Evolution Online

Re: Evolution Online is a thrilling novel that combines both the elements of a fantasy and science fiction, revolving around the expedition of a young boy as he operates a life inside a mysterious battle royal game formed under the virtual reality, in order to alter and survive the apocalyptic future that would soon befall upon the world.

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Part 1: Storyline of Re: Evolution Online

The story starts when Liam-the main protagonist-found himself transported to three years before the present, back in the day when everything seemed normal, devoid of chaos, and where Evolution Online hasn’t yet taken the world by storm.

Unsure how time served as his passage to exit Evolution Online and return to his old life, Liam formed an alternative plan to come back and enter the game once more. Not just to pick up what and where he left off, but primarily to expand his chances of preserving his life and his sister’s welfare against the upcoming blood bath that would tear the world in pieces if nothing is to be done.

Unlike his first time on Evolution Online, he logged in to the game fully confident, and equipped with functional experience.

It’s the prime reason why on the earliest stage of his second stay in Evolution Online, troubles became elusive, beasts have become easy to defeat and he was able to soar up as one of the top and remarkable players, magnetizing mounts of unexpected admiration and impeccable attention from every player.

Liam isn’t content and ecstatic about that, though. If anything, it worried him, as fame in Evolution Online might attract the prominent individuals running it, and might put his sister in jeopardy more.

Re: Evolution Online -


That became the least of his concern as time slipped by and he faced mysterious occurrences that baffles him to the core.

Now that he holds a second chance to redo everything from the beginning (thanks to that phenomenon that enabled him to reincarnate) with no room for mistake, he must do whatever it takes to survive and win to become the next conqueror in Evolution Online. Even if it means sacrificing those he cares about and exterminating his boundaries.

This is a new illustrative novel to be obsessed with!

The entry of Re: Evolution Online to the world of literature is a miracle and a blessing, to say the least. Re: Evolution Online will grace anyone who’d have the fortune to read it with an extraordinary experience that rarely happens when finding a good book. To say it’s magnificent would be an understatement and probably an insult because no word could ever level up and describe Re: Evolution Online’s superiority.

Part 2: Main Characters in Re: Evolution Online

1. Chang Liam (the main protagonist of Re: Evolution Online)

Re: Evolution Online - Chang Liam

The creation of Chang Liam didn’t root from the cliche types of a main protagonist. You can see how the author thought of this much. Instead of granting him an already-formed strength, Liam started as weak.

Not just in the game, but in the real world, as well. He was an orphan. His parents have died tragically, leaving him alone with his sister with an unstable form of earning a living. These subsequent adversities gave him a bleak outlook on life, the reason why he doesn’t lean too much on optimism and was able to put his rationality in check.

He’s cold and ruthless, rarely giving a damn about everything, which makes him stand out from all the rest of the characters.

Though, he could appear arrogant sometimes, it would still be impractical to not fall in love with him. Re: Evolution wouldn’t be as fascinating as it is without him being the anti-hero.

2. Rey Thornwood

Re: Evolution Online - Rey Thornwood

Among the male side characters in Re: Evolution Online, Rey is one of the most entertaining and laughable ones. His carefree and light aura always brightens the ambiance in most of the scenes in the story. The set-up of his character is remarkable because as opposed to the deadly theme in the game, Rey doesn’t possess any single fiber of pessimism in his body.

In fact, he took Evolution Online as a thrilling way to get entertained. His dynamics warranted the whole storyline of Re: Evolution Online with a comical overlay, flourishing each chapter and making the main protagonist shine with his hopeless jokes and antics.

3. Alex Thornwood

Re: Evolution Online -Alex Thornwood

The mother of the legendary trio and the first playful nemesis of Liam. (not that serious, by the way)

As an elder sister of Rey, she took the responsibility of taking care of him and their cousin Mia. Her first instinct was always to guard both of them against any possible harm and prioritize their welfare much more than anything else. She’s a kickass heroine that never displays herself as a liability to their group and always comes up with ways to carry herself.

Her constant skepticism benefitted their adventures and bond together, as she was able to discern those whom they can genuinely trust. She’s a perfect pair to Liam as she could match his intellectual and physical prowess.

4. Mia Hofstadter (side character/potential lover of Liam)

Re: Evolution Online - Mia Hofstadter

When talking about a female heir of a prominent business chain, people often stigmatized every single one of them as brat and painfully spoiled. Mia, however, exuded those stereotypes by staying low and humble, despite how full her bank card is. She’s mostly taken for granted with her usual kindness and soft personality, all for her money and status.

Thanks to Alex, none of the sharks that tried ever accomplished anything. At first, I thought Mia is a weak character, and couldn’t be reliable as her name sounds, but as the story progressed, Mia also stepped up in all aspects. To discount her from the rest would be a grave mistake.

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Part 3: Hot Chapters from Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 15: One Hit KO

Re: Evolution Online - Battle with Liam

In this chapter of Re: Evolution Online, Liam, for the first time, showcase what he can do and how far he had already reached, knocking out the assailant that chased him to the woods without a sweat.

Reading this chapter is invigorating, and at the same time, satisfying because Liam made another milestone, and once and for all, beat up his bullies. He also received upgrades after the fight and discovered an important key in the game.

Chapter 46: World Famous

Re: Evolution Online - Liam's fame

Unlike the previous chapters of Re: Evolution Online, this is quite monumental for the characters and the main plot. Liam just defeated a terrifying beast, and as far as the game is concerned, that’s remarkable and peculiarly rare. And in just several days, Liam had managed to build up his name, being recognized by almost all of the players as a high-powered beginner.

Part 4: Evaluation of Re: Evolution Online

Re: Evolution Online deserves a five-star rating!

The plot and word building were superbly constructed, it felt so natural to read it. The author didn’t even have to go to extreme lengths in naming the elements in Re: Evolution Online, he went for the simplest form of execution. No detectable fillers were also embedded in the story, each chapter bore a certain significance to the progression of the plot.

Above all, the characters were fleshed out properly, and their backstories were so natural, it wasn’t hard to empathize with them as it also tackles some of the terrible realities we have in society today. Also, the foundation of their structure wasn’t weak, I like how the author didn’t easily grant them powers.

He let them steer the plot of Re: Evolution Online with their understandable weaknesses and miraculous strengths.

Re: Evolution Online already has millions of reads on Webnovel, and has taken the community by storm. Loved by many readers because of its consistent diversity, and captivating universe. If you haven’t indulged yourself in this novel, then you’ll miss out on something phenomenal in your life. Don’t waste time, and click it at once. Or you’ll be the same as me who had so much guilt about not discovering it soon!

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